WORLDS BEST WEBCAM? – Elgato Camlink Review

Want to know what is the Best Webcam? The Elgato Camlink is the answer… Easily use a DSLR, or mirrorless camera as a Webcam? Or a gopro, or a handy-cam as a webcam… get WAY better face-cam quality for your streams in one simple step!

Elgato Cam Link — A Compact HDMI capture device for live streaming and recording via DSLR, camcorder, or action cam “You want your content to be visually captivating. With Cam Link, simply hook up your DSLR, camcorder, or action cam to your PC or Mac. Set up your shot. And make it happen.”

I use a Panasonic G7 – – with my camlink, works perfect, clean HDMI out 🙂 – Plus a dummy battery,- – so I don’t have to worry about battery power, ever!

Elgato Stream Deck – Review – AWESOME STREAMER GEAR (& other uses)

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Henrik Olsson says:

i think elgato has really nailed down the full streaming experiance with this device and the stream deck. and when you consider the costs for a good visual setup and useage senario it is kinda cheap for a pro look. the real expense is in audio gear. sure you can get a yeti or a siren etc. etc. and it will get you a long way but it is still miles away from a proper setup.

KiddsockTV says:

Great Review. You can keep the Barry White. LOL

The One says:

Are you sponcerd by elgato

Caolan Robinson says:

I like the brighter one

Pabula says:

Blunty, thanks for the video, any chance you could ask a sample of DATAPATH VisionLC-HD2 to see how it measures to what you have experienced with Elgato capture cards.

Terran Qualls says:

I got this as soon as you talked about it. It’s a great device and I use it on my stream constantly with my Lumex G85. But I keep running into a quirk that I can’t seem to fix. At times after a PC reboot or if OBS is closed and opened, sometimes, and only sometimes, the Cam Link does not want to cooperate and does not recognize the feed coming into the PC. But, if I unplug it and plug it in again it’ll pop right back on. Is this a power issue? I’ve got a 1000w PS, but I’m still stumped other than the USB port not pulling enough power? Idk. Any help would be amazing.

Alex Anderson says:

Awesome tutorial. Love it. Can I ask, can you connect multiple DSLR cameras to Elgato Cam Link? or best still can I connect both my DSLR camera and iPhone for different image angles? what about audio, can I connect an external mic to it for better sound quality? Can I show my desktop screen e.g. PowerPoint at the same time? Thanks

DaddytechEnt says:

wonder how far out streaming in 4K will be, i’ve already heard some manufacturers making equipment in 5K & 8K

LLIMIT says:

I’d totally do this if i had a constant power source and an arm to hold it

OddlyTimbot Willison says:

Nice review Blunty! I have been wanting something like this for a long time as well, and I actually have the G7 as well. Ordered!

OzzieTech says:

Great device going to get one to use with my GH4 as I picked up a GH5 as my main camera.

Azzagard says:

Looks crystal clear. Can’t wait for more G/S streams.

VonWong says:

Many thanks. Never knew this was possible. Purchased!

LLIMIT says:

Can you use the audio from the camera as well?

RenaissanceWok says:

This looks awesome.

ColdApollo says:

I like blunty’s voice he is so peaceful I wish he did commentary’s like planet earth

CapsLockKeyon says:

Been using the Cam Link for 2 weeks now, love it. The camcorder I’m using is an older one, but still does a much sexier 1080HD output in comparison to the C922. Only 30FPS, which I can live with for now. Best part is, if I want to I most certainly can upgrade. Cam Link was definitely a smart purchase.

NathanBrutal says:

That’s beautiful!!! Either way I can’t afford a good camera instead of a webcam.

RoliTheOne says:

I’ve had it since the day it came out thanks to your earlier video of it. using it with a Sony a6500 and it works GREAT

Mimolk says:

I’ll have to save up though for this, it’s $130.

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