Webcam Comparison: Razer Kiyo, Logitech Brio, C920 and C922

Comparing 4 webcams for their low light performance, ease of use, compatibility, sharpness and microphones.

I mostly use webcams as mouse cams while gaming (for testing purposes shown in reviews), and for that, the Razer Kiyo with its light is awesome. Sharpness isn’t much of an issue there so I don’t mind it’s a bit soft.

I think as a standard camera for streaming, assuming you have a separate microphone, the Brio might be the best due to its sharpness and resolution. However, the Kiyo is softer so won’t pick up on so many blemishes (if that matters to you), and will light you more, which could help distinguish you from a green screen.

The Brio audio is clearest but doesn’t sound as nice as the C922 in my opinion, I like bass in people’s voices. The Kiyo audio is too low but maybe I didn’t have it set up right (I tried to use defaults).

But I’ll give a special mention to the C922 because while mine doesn’t seem to like me, it’s meant to be one of the best choices. I encourage you to check out some other videos on it to see if it will suit you.

Hope that helps!

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Razer Kiyo
Logitech Brio
Logitech C922
Logitech C920


Razer Kiyo
Logitech Brio
Logitech C922
Logitech C920

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King Solrac says:

this is how reviews should go, going to purchase the razer kiyo! THANKS!

Peepo says:

Really good video!

nanomyou5 says:

Thanks for the review. Was hoping that Razer Kiyo would perform, but the blown highlights and incredible loss of detail (esp. in low light) are the deal-breakers for me. Brio looks ok(ish), but the quality is nowhere near the the price Logitech ask for it.

Paul Mendoza says:

Now that I’ve seen you talk on camera my brain has made the connection that it’s you
Good video

NZvorno says:

The Razer looks like it is constantly blurred?

Paul Shaw says:

If the Razer does not come with software how do you use it outside of OBS…. for example with Skype and other cam based sites…. i mean how would you adjust zoom/brightness/colour/gain and so on…… thanks.

Kevin O'Quinn says:

C920 seems to have pretty bad contrast and color.

BTC says:

I understand you’ve wrote some books, are you planning on making audiobooks from them with you narrating them? You got the voice for it.

- Sensei - says:

Pls review the logitech g513

Andrés Åberg says:

Maybee try out the Beyerdynamic MMX300 (2nd gen) headphones. For those interested in high grade gaming headphones. They arent wireless tho for your taste, but for the plebs. And maybee some soundcard alternative and 7.1 surround sound software for gaming if you wich to buy headphones without built in surround driver. Mainstream headphones usually delivers quite bad sound, from my experience and by looking at the opinions from the community.

Good sound is King!!

Louis says:

Hey Zy, Could you help me in picking out a good mouse? I’m looking for one that is lightweight, small, has good feeling buttons that are light to click, good comfortable shape, good build quality, top of the line sensor that can not be made to spin out even at 7+ m/s, and a flexible cable. I’ve had many mice before and never found one to meet all these requirements. Thanks.

Supadupanerd says:

Keep going on the reviews your in-depth coverage is great

Dave Diggz says:

Not only the best mouse reviewer on youtube but the sexiest.

Hengbok says:

thank you! I have been looking around fly decent reviews and comparisons but you do it all and at once. I can now come to a conclusion of what to get!

kittawat says:

you actually need more sleep tho. that panda eye

Sowa Sexmasterki says:

1. logitech brio
2. razer kiyo & logitech c922
3. logitech c920

rozi erza says:

I think i chose logithec brio

vApocalipto says:

How can I buy the logitech g303 in 2018? :O

Stigmata Martyr says:

hey RJN, could you review the newly released logitech g pro gaming headset? with the other 2 g pro peripherals being really good I’m looking forwards to this new headset. thanks!

Kytes93 says:

Zysim definitely knows de way

Angel Arroyo says:

You look like a non American version of Steve carell

Anıl Harbi says:


Harley Plato says:

What Do you Think is the best mouse for clawgrip?

BoostedRaptor says:

I’ve been looking for a good mouse for my grip. It’s hard to find a mouse because I used my pointer for M1, middle for scroll and ring for M2. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I also used a mix between palm and fingertip. If anyone here knows a good mouse for this kind of grip please let me know

Efinn says:

I need some help, I currently play at 1300 dpi and I would like to switch to 800, how would I edit my in-game sens for this change?

Ash Scott says:

They all look and sound horrible. But I guess if they didn’t, they’d just be sold as cameras

arkadiusz switaj says:

Logitech Brio

MrSpwn says:

Just FYI, you’re not the only one with C922 issues, the cam is terrible. Constantly resets it’s settings, and when it does introduces a ton of lag into the capture… awful awful camera 🙁

AvengingEnder says:

OBS has known major issues with 3 or more simultaneous webcams. I suspect this is why the C922 had problems for you. It has nothing to do with the cam itself, simply that OBS happened to have the C922 as the last link in the chain and thus received the issues. My friends and I had an ordeal with this a few months ago running C920s where we couldn’t get the last one to work at all, I’m surprised it worked for you at all. To verify this is the reason, you could swap the USB inputs around or run it with fewer cams.

AnnaK Entertainment says:

Can the C920 go to 720p by 60frames?

furries are gay says:

Brio wins

Rokutasaka says:

You have the most dead face ever

arse says:

price to image quality ratio c920 is still the king

Lulu R says:

what is better c922 or razer? i dont know 🙁

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