UNDER $25 WEBCAM // Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 Webcam Review

Today we take at the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000, a 720p HD webcam for under $25 that’s actually not bad at all for the price.

– US: http://amzn.to/22fKT4v
– UK: http://amzn.to/27xO9vT
– CA: http://amzn.to/2049oQp

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: http://geni.us/premierepro

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John E Stone IV says:

Thanks! Super helpful.

Inês Matos says:

I installed the software and when I change the settings of the image doesn’t save. 🙁

RPdigital says:

Too much blue color.

Chuckey Chort12 says:

What should I get, Logitech c310 or Microsoft life cam hd-3000

Tomáš Lopatka says:

is it working on windows10 ?

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

eeeeerrrrrrrrr… There is a giant Tiger behind you preparing to pounce and rip you apart, just thought you might want to know 😉

Yey Boom says:

thx mate i probs going to buy it now and ill use your link coz you need that dollar

snaz pizaz says:

I dont understand what you’re talking about

Antonio Almeida says:

Hi, I have installed the webcam and it only seems to function with skype. How can I access the webcam functionalities independent from skype? thank you …p.s. I have windows 10

J.kub says:

under 25? it’s $35 right now on amazon

inyazserg Sergey Larin says:

Let them send you their Group device.

conorthepotato ! says:

Ur cat is huge

Zivay says:

good lifecam for stream ?

BroGuider says:

Green screen with this webcam?

Sinnergism says:

Great review. Thank you — it’s much appreciated.

Redwolf796 says:

Thanks man, appreciate the video 😀

Hailey Mew says:

Good cam for the price

RocketRaccoon says:

this might be a dumb question, but if im recording 1080p gaming, can i use this 720p webcam? sorry if this is stupid

Sergey Naruzhiny says:

honestly best review i ever saw

jtjdt says:

You have really cool background music 🙂

Kingofthievez says:

Heck yeah Microsoft

TAG says:

Omg it looks so shit though; like a cam from 10 years ago no lie. Where are all the good hi-def webcams? I see people with this amazing video quality in their videos and I’m starting to think they’re not using webcams. I’m thinking I-phones or something? Do you know? What is the best webcam in your opinion? Please don’t tell me it’s the c930 🙁

Aut Gamer says:

i got the Logitech Hd 5000…. It SUCKS!!

ItsHeySarah says:

does it work with macs?

neyaow says:

this webcam’s blurriness hurts my eyes

AddixHD says:

you look so much better with a beard

SwiftyEnergy says:

how much fps she can run?

Ajar says:

If you think about it most games use it as a overlay so the image would be smaller anyway increasing the quality

Comme Lapin & Ours says:

Thanks so much for that video, I was not sure about buying this one but at the end of your review I ordered it 🙂
By the way, this is amazing to see how your tiny lamp change so much the quality of the recording 😮 Does someone know how these are called please and could tell me ?

contactkiller77 says:

nnnice Review! Thanks from all Ukrainian users!)

Millex says:

Your voice is amazing. You sound like the news reporter from the Simpsons. lol Thanks for the review ill probably be getting this for my videos now. The camera i have is extremely laggy and grainy.

Groggpuffar says:

Woah that’s damn good audio for a webcam. Sounds like it could fit well for those who don’t want to waste money on microphones(for streaming).

Deena ElDesuky says:

do you recommend it over the logitech c310?

Comp Trends says:

What progam did you use? I’m using OBS and when i make it full screen its sometime pixelated. Is it because my settings? Please reply.

Cacique Hellscream says:

Nice Cat! Aaaw Men!

gamesandstuffs says:

ive seen other people have it at like lower fps… does it actually do 30fps on skype also?

Ron Manke says:

Looks like it is mostly out of focus on your face

Golden Jamaa says:

Ahh, our old one! We still use it, but I own 2 (Creative Live! and that one.)

Taylor Niedbalski says:

Are you using this with Windows 10? I’m seeing issues with it being compatible or not (even in compatibility mode)– I wanted to buy this webcam as a small facecam for streaming, but now I’m not sure!

JohnnyCarsinogen says:

I saw that t t t 2 poster… I got the same one but its metal i got when i worked at game$top. Anyway, You get a like!

azzip says:

I like the color reproduction more on the Microsoft compared to the Logitech.

Myaquariuminfo says:

good video, but what’s up with your voice…. just talk normal

Skinny Animus says:


Just Ree says:

This helped so much! Great vid!

Edward Martin says:

I thought I saw a pussy cat ,

scott c says:

that is a huge cat!

Agile Aqua says:

what would be better? A logitech C310 or the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000. Please Help me if you can EposVox.

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