Turn your DSLR into a Webcam – Elgato Cam Link Review

Elgato Cam Link – http://geni.us/Seia
Green Screen – http://geni.us/OBzz
Sony RX100V – http://geni.us/RvYe
Microphone – http://geni.us/tRba8M
Edited with FCPX – http://geni.us/8mrfAY
All of my gear – https://kraigadams.com



Alexandre De Sousa says:

You is a fuking! Your mothers fuking! You used boot for get subscribers, shit

Iz Harris says:

Yesssss! Getting one now. You’re so good at showing behind the scenes mixed into your videos. Really awesome vid.

Mark Holtze says:

Kraig Adams! I’m not sure i’m interesting enough to ever stream anything without heavily editing the SHIT out of myself……BUT this was a brilliant video done in your outstanding style so have a LIKE and a comment and a looking forward to your next video from me!

I have to wash the floors now, do you think that would make good livestream content? I may have to pick this up just in case I change my mind on how interesting I am or not.

Seriously though, nice work mate!
PS: I will order through your amazon link cause support where I can support.

Jesse Pamintuan says:

Thanks Kraig! This is the thing that I’ve been looking for all my life! Definitely gonna use this for my Skype calls.

Wes Blair says:

Short, sweet and too the point and the perfect solution!

John Zahorian says:

just went to your live streaming podcast video less than an hour ago to see what you used and now here’s this video all about it! live streaming, so hot right now

Harsimran Singh says:


Victor Hernandez says:

I like how you only promote actual useful products.

The Linthicums says:

Massive latency while livestreaming with that device.

Aaron Wilhite says:

“This is Green Screen Kraig”

Andy Feliciotti says:

Okay I am buying one of these


I always learn so much on this Channel, short but very informative content on a very useful product thank you.

Dan Purcell says:

2:08 is such an aesthetically pleasing shot of the camlink omg hahahaha

The Post Color Blog says:

Thanks man! I didnt even know this existed. Sweet. Good price too.

Miguel Calderón says:

Thanks for the tip!

Michael Cunningham says:

I heard that there are issues with the cam link on the MacBook Pro? Have you experienced that? Your stream with Sara seemed okay tho

Andrew Power says:

Now I want one even though I have no need for one.

Adriano Barboza says:

This is amazing!
One day I might buy it.
Let’s start gathering some money!

David Shawe says:

boi is a pro.

Marlon Cabrera Oliveira says:

Awesome! Which video settings you are using on RX100?

Geoffry Gerrie says:

I constantly looking at the living room expecting something might pop up

Thom Gibson says:

Thanks for this. Was using this this hodgepodge of two different apps (CamTwist and some other thing) before I was even into OBS which I think accounted for some of my lag. Super glad to have found this.

Pierre Blais says:

Thank a lot for this information my friend !!!!

plexus says:

you make me wish I was doing live streams… 😉

Lucky Braxton says:

Oh on that!! thanks Kraig!!

Ultrarmx says:

Will this work on Canon that doesn’t have clean hdmi out?

Spencer Tetik says:

Love it. Short and to the point. Great green screen transition!

Dan Deleon says:

Anyone know if this works with a g7x Mk 2…? *edit* looked on some amazon reviews, it DOES NOT work with a g7x mk 2.

Jacob Carlson says:

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a way to use my DSLR as my webcam. I did see these Elgato devices but ultimately chose to download Sparko Cam. The reason was that it was less than half the price. I think that the quality is maybe a little less, but it’s still very good.

Артур Нурудинов says:

Привет) спасибо тебе за позитивные видео, очень люблю твой канал)

Dan Green says:

If your looking to use your DSLR for streaming then the best method is to use Eos Utility Live Shoot and capture the window via OBS Studios! +it’s free

BombayBlonde says:

Interesting! I wonder why their website says you can’t use the RX100? Are you using special settings?https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/cam-link/camera-check

Product Prodigy says:

I want one but damn $113 is a little ridiculous for one little plug in

Chris Brockhurst says:

I get the impression you like the Elgato.

MRInuzaki says:

I’ve really wanted one for a while but I’ve been waiting until I get my own space

Ronnie Funke says:

dope tech! For dem twitch streams.

Luke O'Neill says:

Thanks for sharing! Did you end up using premiere pro to edit this video?

The Young Filmmaker says:

I was just looking this up – and then this video came out. Pretty much sold it to me Kraig!

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