Razer Stargazer Review: TRASH OR TREASURE?

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The Razer Stargazer webcam looks amazing on paper, but does it hold up in reality? It has some impressive specs, such as 1080p resolution at 30fps, and 720p at 60fps, a higher frame-rate than you’d normally see in a webcam. It also boasts dynamic background removal using Intel’s Realsense technology to separate you from the background with depth sensors. It kind of works, but isn’t anything to write home about. So is this webcam perform as good as the specs suggest? Not so much, due to major software issues.

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dmjjasb7 says:

Why do you look like Jesse Eisenburg

Chris Haight says:

whats a camera you would suggest?

Mahtaran A.K.A. Luka says:

OBS has implemented realsense now

ProZypher says:

hey joe you know of any lights that can be mounted on top of a monitor i dont have room to place lights anywhere else

Manithral says:

I recently got one and gotta agree. It is a good quality camera but the software is a bit lacking. Basically the software just needs to catch up.

Tarik A says:

Wait this was not a troll review wtf this looks like a genuine review of a webcam from ThioJoe???????????????????????????????

chriscringly says:

what did you use to record yourself? More interested in that.

/r/waffletv says:

I think that Razer’s Synapse software could use a lot of work, and not just for this webcam. They could make it look more professional and maybe less buggy.

Stefano Ferri says:

0:42 what kind of camera do use? (don’t use the razer… impossible lol) thx

CrafterÐazBg says:


gNightrow says:

I don’t Understand the sarcastic joke you usually do

faishal rocks says:

which camera do you you bro for the recording ?

DoctorsGaming says:

Trash, c920 is better

PowerBurger says:

I just bought this I am thinking about taking it back now…

jrhibner says:

This camera requires the additional drivers and a gen 2 or later Intel processor to work.

Trowa Barton says:

what cam do you use for this video?

Miss Spark says:

Have had zero issues with it! It’s incredible! 5930k GTX 980.

单鸿富 says:

What kinda of camera are you using to record your sessions?

Daniel says:

The C992x Pro webcam is the best. It has a 720p option which is a great 1280×720 resolution with 60 FPS which is super smooth and incredible. If you want to downgrade your video quality to 30 FPS but increase resolution, you can get an even better 1080p resolution or 1920×1080 resolution with 30 FPS. It is only $99 and is better than a $149 Razer Stargazer.

PackageIsHere says:


Paul Democritou says:

Great video and saved many ppls pockets that expected.

ThioJoe says:

I had high hopes for this webcam, but it was sadly a disappointment because of poor software. Luckily the Logitech C922 is arriving soon, so hopefully that will be better. Stay tuned.

MinecraftLogan says:

I got mine for $50 brand new from ebay, so either way I am happy.

PeterMacPL says:

microphone sound much better than this in Logitech C922

Sammy Hauguth says:

When I plugged Razer Stargazer to my pc it installed the intel drivers automaticlly.

JUFFY says:

Serious question.
do you have chickenpocks

Son of Anarchy says:

Thanks for this in depth review, it deterred me from buying, so you saved me money… which in turn translates to a +sub and a +like! 🙂

PandaGaming89 says:


NoobaGutt says:

how do i know what video i should take seriously?

Judah SG says:

Linux ??

Green RS says:

Well you are supposed to use the pro version of razer cortex gamecaster tho, and the controls in there and the software itself makes the webcam much more customizable and better.
Its much better than xplit and you wont need all those other programs you mentioned

WJTG Aiden says:

hears is it worth 150 dollars…

Clicks of video

Jago God1979 says:

Would have been nice to see an update to this using Cortex and Razer’s game caster software. I have been slowly purchasing Razer steaming peripherals. All i have left is this camera to purchase. I noticed in other videos where reviewers had issues with the Ripsaw and Seiren I had nonoe of the same issues using Cortex and the Razer streaming software. Thank you for the review. I doubt i will ever use OBS or any other game caster since moving to a full Razer ecosystem.

ArticusSpartacus says:

I wish project breadwinner was real

Krazy Kalib says:


Ootlander says:

I use a green screen, looking for vid quality, bad experiences with Logitech, recommend the Stargazer???

LoneAlphaWolf23 says:

Use a Kinect 2.0 with the windows 10 adapter. It beats this one in every single way.

Willard Stevane says:

#OurMine Plz let me join lmao

Bman_Playz is DEAD says:


JustJordan says:

What camera did you use to make this video???? 😮

Devin Rood says:

Hey ThioJoe – What camera are you using for your video? Looks really good.

J.R. Broadbent says:

What camera did you use to film this video, it has amazing image quality!

Koala Tux says:

I think the back round removal was kind of gimmick but I think it would work really with with a green screen

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