RAZER KIYO vs LOGITECH C920 [Which is better?]

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Or preferred the c920?: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006JH8T3S/?ref=exp_coalitiongaming_lv_dp_vv_d
—-So which one did you guys think was the better cam? The classic staple C920 or the Razer Kiyo? Leave a comment and lets discuss!
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JokerGoat says:

This is hella practicle however why does the qulity look so good on you video, but looks almost dare I say terrible on Blunty’s review. you can copy paste this: “Streamer Certified”? REALLY!? By Which TERRIBLE STREAMERS EXACTLY?
and you will find the video, I really want to make the right choice here since the best possible is obviously 1080 60FPS but I need to know which is actually the best, I’m very confused since the 2 reviews seem completely different. please check it out and hopefully be able to explain why it looks better on your’s then his. Anyway great video thank you for that.

SammiiCake Gaming says:

The C920 looks much compared to the Kiyo, but I haven’t got a ring light (Only a rubbish little lamp that makes me look orange if I turn it on XD…). Think I might go for the C920 though and just buy separate ring lights. Just need to find the perfect ring lights now though!

stan kidofu says:

I got both of these cams
your conclusion is BS, how can you recommend the kiyo?
the ring light is useless, the stand is awful, colors on the kiyo look weird…

35692Zz says:

What software did he use to adjust the webcam settings?

Nijat says:

Thank you!


best comparison

Adrian Young says:

razer kiyo wins in my book.

NZ Terrah -ReDi- says:

Thanks fir the video

Maximillian De Stefano says:

I use both cameras for streaming. The Kiyo is perfect for Facecam, and the C920 is perfect for hand cams

Super says:

Lowering the saturation on the Kiyo might help. Good Video

StuFighter says:

I was wondering if I should trade in my c920 for the Kylo , Again you helped me make my mind up, Thanks for the review bro !!!

Joselox says:

How can you say you look the same when you look like Hulk with the Kiyo???

Влад Вишняков says:

Razer может сделать хоть что-то, что не окажется говном?

GibbMetal says:

Nice review. Good work.

Sidney Gann says:

just get the Elgato Key Light for $199.99 that helps with whatever cam you go with. lol

Ms Sammie says:

Now the question is…Is it worth upgrading from the C920 to the Kiyo?

PristineJoe says:

For the extra 30$ that the razor cost you can buy a light. + the C920 has better default colors. I would say get the c920

MrTical91 says:

Great video and comparison. What framerate did you use for both cameras? You stated that you set it to match output fps but it looks like 30fps. Was that what you had the recording set to?

Your hand looks smoother on the Razer when you shake your hand @ 2:52 so Im asking out of curiosity.

Sara says:

This was an awesome review. You spoke on details that I was curious about. Thanks so much!

erythreas34 says:

“Both look great”. Boi. You are yellow on the Razer one.

Jamie Maragenie says:

You look like the Hulk on the right…

Luxcraft says:

is it just me or does it look like the c920 make you look drawn?

Avg Lebowski says:

6:40 when you turn the light off is where the razer shine because that’s the true winner the only reason the Logitech is able to pick your face up is it’s using the razer ring light as well.

Lethal One says:

Oh and great video!

Kenny Kettlitz says:

Thanks for that vid – made my decision easier 🙂

Kolmus says:

The camera can be good , but if the lighting sucks you are fucked

sheek1982 says:

In a totally dark room, the Razer’s light has to become distracting/annoying over time.

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