NO GREENSCREEN NEEDED?! Logitech C922X Webcam Review & Comparison Vs C920

In this video, I test out the background removal on the Logitech C922X webcam, and compare it to the older C920.
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Zero Followers says:

All Start + Casin?


EmeraldAnthony says:

*M Y G O D T H A T I S T H E B E S T I N T R O M U S I C E V E R*

Inverted box says:

*I K N O W*

RantPie says:

The chilliest review ever seen

TheSlender Robot says:

YEESS CRINGY INTRO MUSIC!!!!!! Am I allowed to unsubscribe because of that?

Caleb Millard says:

When he said Logitech crashed his computer my YouTube crashed and now I’m an a n g e r y boi

LikeMikeSIKE says:

When you waste so much money that you buy a webcam for your dog….

A_Internet Person says:

You should do more reading your comments or durability test

Eyyy I’m slowly dying says:

Yub is a murderer confirmed

Reaping Webber says:

YuB gets ,like, 3 cents? Because I got a camera? Boy o boy!

SiegeAnimations23 says:

Wow, double the YuB

Mikey says:

Don’t mess with Charlie she is vicious

mudkipbro96 says:

Ok so…you just wasted a butt-ton of money

Daya Mukherjee says:

c922x is better

Spazternaught says:

Hey thanks for making this! I was actually looking into it recently cause having two C920s running at the same time only works about 50% of the time for me. If I need to adjust something on one camera it kinda has a heart attack trying to read both. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t seem to be a big improvement in comparison to the older model, but maybe I’ll pick it up one day when it’s on a huge sale.

krish samajder says:

do a pokemon origins fan made 3d game play

KellitubbyTV says:

you say your a christian. but your always saying oh my god. doesn’t it say in the bible not to use gods name in vein?

-CJ Boom- says:

4:28 *We have successfully cloned YuB*

Jon Kolta says:


KINAT14 says:

Haha I’d kill for a normal green screen XD

Joefrey Hijara says:

C920 it is

Bender not from Futurama says:

I am personally looking at mics and I found a $70 Samson mic with pretty good reviews but I was wondering if you know what would be under $100 dollars and pretty good

From the Game Throne says:

Which way around is the room for real?! My life is a lie!

CreeperTheMiner says:

I have a pocket knife just like that lol.

Ferret The Goat says:

YuB, what softwares do you use? (editing, game recording etc.) i make beats on my youtube channel, and I would like to start a gaming channel. Also, please play fortnite battle royale, that’ll be amazing.

William Wynn says:

That was a great video I was going to give you a thumbs up but I did not want to be the one that made it 666. I have watched several of these videos. Odd thing I have the 615 it was about $50 and mono. But from the videos I have watched the quality is almost as good. And if your using another mic. and I am using the blue Yeti so it is pretty close. Your green screen looked great. I got to give that a try.

Penguen says:


meganelizb says:

Double YuBle trouble

Swift the Dog says:

The C920 looks darker…

Cassie T says:

I can’t get my C920 to synch when I’m live streaming. Any recommendations?

Rowen Lee says:

I have that one. cool

I looks bad. I think

Moon Kekki says:

Your microphone is crisp

luckytheblackkit says:

2:23 i’m gonna test this **RAWRFH**

i think she’s worried you’re using a knife, YuB.

Smashing Ivy says:

My moms friend has a goldendoodle named Charlie. They get VERY BIG-

Jon Kolta says:

I got my 3ds on Friday, I’m watching on my iPad and mah 3ds

Simon Moore says:

Does u still rap

UltraSans 57 says:

Plz play moar overwatch

Bloo Toonz says:

Such a cute pupper ^-^

Jonas Ronkanen says:

Yub! Try the Elgato green screen, super easy go put up and i recommend it fully!

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