Logitech C930e Full HD 1080p Webcam Review (vs C920)

nVc checks out the C930e webcam from Logitech designed for business use. How does it stack up against the C920 as a Twitch streamers webcam though? Should the general consumer consider it? Why is it even a business webcam anyway? The increased FOV is certainly tempting, but is it worth it if you’re not just using Skype or Microsoft Lync for business?

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Thanks Guys!


Solitaire Morales says:

I am taking an online teaching job that requires you to move your hands a lot…. this is a great review

tacos says:


Sandeep says:

great video

Angroid Games says:

Man, If i had reviews like this for every product I buy.. Keep it up, thank you for your time!

Desmond Bradley says:

Sir you need to increase your Volume you record at 🙁

Raqib Zaman says:

How are you taking these video shoots? The are very smooth! What video camera did you use to record this video (not the webcam)?

Martin Gomez says:

Need more knowledgable reviewers like this on Youtube, more like this please

Paulo Vinny Dias says:

Is 60fps ?

Patrick King says:

So it’s black friday 2016 and the question is…C920 for $50 or C930e for $100?

dani ribero says:

can u recommend a small, cheap, good microphone that could be used with the c920 since the audio is so bad? id need to be able to move it around so do usb ones exist? like one i can clip on to my laptop and walk around with it not falling off. thank u!x

Jaukize says:

I know its very very late but what camera did you use to show off the box and everything on the c930e

Party Bot says:

thank you for the very useful review. I’m working on a project where being able to turn off auto gain and similar features is important. You rock!

fuego966 says:

You talked about the very things that were critical in making an informed buying decision. This is a very, VERY good review! Thank a lot !!!

dj ShadowReD says:

Good review!

nixonec says:

What microphone are you using for the video?

Art Altman says:

Very helpful comparison, thanks!

THS5STAR says:

Hi, thanks for this video. Was very helpful to take the right choose.  By the way what shop system you use? I like it. Thanks for the answer.

Paul Anabella Lewin says:

I am considering getting the C920 and will be standing about 4 to 5 feet away. Would you recommend what I need to get better audio than the camera’s built in mikes? Thank you

ElDuderino502 says:

I’ve never owned a webcam. I think I’m going to take his advice and go with the C920. I’m not looking to put all of my eggs in one basket. I really just want a camera for video conferencing. I like the fact that the C920 come with a tripod. too.

David Alvarez says:

Hi man! Thanks for the info. I’m about to buy 3 of them for a proyect and I just wanted to ask if the 920 has the same zoom capabilities as the 930 example you showed on the video 2:40 sec

O Fenômeno HD says:

You should take that condom off your head , otherwise very good and useful video.

Paul Taylor says:

Great video – very well explained. Thanks a lot.


Great shirt m8

David Maximus says:

Must be cold in your house because that hat looks like its baking your head.

DefyantFox says:

so it seems like the C920 is the better one?

Barron Walker says:

Nicely Done

Al Kaholic says:

1:47 it includes an external privacy shitter? dam, nice..

Brigitte Coffman says:

Greetings from Tulsa Oklahoma.

I was wondering, do you know how to use OBS for live streaming via Ustream?

I’m using the Logitech 930 to stream live feed. However I want to use OBS to set up the best quality of the cam. I can only find OBS Studio, and the settings are different from your video.

Thank you for your help.


CoriolanoDF says:

Hi, is it blurried on border? How many mt is your room? Thanks

BPolZ says:

how much framerate is it on 1920×1080

priz says:

you sound like my dentist

Brice McRae says:

he looks like pewd’s friend michael

Devika Sanchit says:

hi very nice video but i really love to know how did you download the webcamcontroler for it doyou have maybe a llink for me or do you have a nother alternative for it because ass they put the link on the fabric books it do no works!PLEASE NEED HELP IF ANY OTHER ONES NOW THAT PLEASE SENT ME THE LINK!THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Trent Apple says:

I was able to disable automatic exposure with the C930e using Logitech Gaming Software (under advanced). It doesn’t do the light adjustment anymore with that “Auto” checkbox unticked — this sounds like it was your main gripe with the C930e?

JVX says:

Thx for the tips. It helped alot.

edmer barrios says:

i love the description. Great job! perfect.

Karamel's TV says:

you look a bit cold bro – let me know if you want a free jumper xDD

Christopher Vanualailai says:

great video..

PvtC-G Sgt Elis says:

Does it still miss all the options the c920 has in its software?

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