Logitech C922 Webcam EXCLUSIVE First Look!

If you’re a streamer, or if you’re familiar with webcams in general, you HAVE heard of the Logitech C920. And now, they finally have a next generation model…

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Khaduran says:

So bought this Camera yesterday and the background replacement feature is a super cpu hogger. From 8℅ in OBS to 50℅.. there is no way running in 60fps.. had to pull it down to lowest quality and 25fps

Mutahar Farooq says:

Damnit, I have a C920… Also, it says 920 comments XD

Braŭljo says:

Are those “1 482 323 ks” kiloseconds? 0:48 If it is that would be very Unixy, I like.

UndercoverBanana says:

god I still have a pro 900 I feel old

Giorda's Place says:


Joey says:

I’m sticking to my c930e.

Mist says:

Does anyone know how to turn off lowlight on the c922 on the mac? because for me it makes me look so dark when I use 720 60 fps as when I use 1080p 30 fps it looks amazing

Prosim.no says:

Microphone is important, so running to another camera. Do’nt want extra microphone

TippleFishNEM0 says:

Honestly, I was happy at first with the camera – played with it a little & thought wow… no green screen?

Then it got to actually streaming….

Even with a better light set up (that I paid for after issues) – the camera will eventually throughout the steam, slowly lose every part of your body until BAM, you have an eye left on the screen & that’s it.

Countless crashes whilst playing games & my rig is pretty decent, camera malfunctions..

Bearing in mind you get what 3 months free xsplit? That eats your CPU like no other? Then you add this camera and it’s hell

Not as good as this review made out, works (every so often) & may cost you more in the long run to get things perfect …

Gabry delle 【ガブリ】 says:

can I use it for PS4 and PC as well ?

[Insert Name Here] says:

That part of the video when you realise the c920 is better than the c922.

Lars Lööf says:

Haha, Testiculum..?

Charlie Alexander says:

what external mic do you subject?

Maxwell Edison says:

With the c920 being 60$ now, compared to the 100$ c922, is it still worth it to get the c920?

TNG PC says:

one problem with the c922 label pro streamer right?…..not quite pro streamer as the cpu usage during gaming goes 100% whilst using it making FPS games pretty much unplayable and even most basic games struggle with it

Kriegalex says:

The background replacement shown here is still somewhat ideal conditions considering recent other review videos 🙁

100percentmobile says:

Background removel is useless, i literally bought this webcam after checking this review but its crap. Then started watching other reviews and found out its not even near as good as this review makes it look like.

efcos says:


ericktube20 says:

What drivers are you using?…
I use the logitech driver and it does not allow me to record to 1080 … and to 720 it allows me to record at 30fps

staiain says:

The drop in sharpness on the 60 fps setting is because it is pretty obvious it’s upsampled 360p or something, not the marketed 720p which is a really big letdown

Extol Eugene says:

About time. Hopefully it will be better than the Razer Stargazer.

John Bartlett says:

My experience with the C922 720p@60 was fairly terrible quality wise and was far inferior to the C920 & C930e at 720p. The camera also does not support 720p@30. I had far better results setting the C922 at 1080p@30 and downscaling to 720p via the Livestream Studio app.

Miles Moore says:

C922: Any Zoom ?


Thanks for this video, very interesting.
I’m French so there’s no much test like english ^^ , you speak very very fast , difficult to understand all the video :/ but I understand the important part of the video.

toysareforboys says:

You need some high cri 95+ lighting in that studio!

Decebal Zalmolxe says:

C910 was 5mp. 920/930 3mp. Now this 922 is 2 megapixels …… Wtf Logitech. C930e is way better then this 922.

virtualguitarist says:

Thanks for the review! I am looking to get the C922 and it will be a upgrade from the C610. Im expecting to see a big difference. Does the C922 software come with filters and or effects? Thanks!

Liryn says:

This camera has very nice features, i am very excited i bought it today.

bad1080 _ says:

you should have mentioned the huge hit personify has on the cpu… 🙁 my cpu goes from ~10% to ~60% in the most extreme case with personify on… this is just borderline unusable, instead of coming up with a hardware solution logitech just let your cpu and the personify software do all the work… this is just bad!

No Name says:

Looks like ass

Mohit Mhapuskar says:

Testiculum. I’m dying.

Ardissa Puji Susanto says:

sony should make webcam

MSWindowsinside says:

Why do people cover up their webcams while keeping their microphones enabled?? A lot more information could be gathered from conversations.

GalacticEmi -Watching account says:

So ahem… Where is Linus?

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