Logitech C922 Vs. Razer Kiyo Webcam Comparison Review

I take a look at a pair of $100 webcams, the Logitech C922 and the Razer Kiyo.


Aurel Gergey says:

Looked lots of vids about the Kyio, like this one most

F/A says:

C922 gives you a more accurate color

Diego Hiroshi y sus Videos says:

C922 WIN!

WanchanPlay says:

NIce comparision man! You covered a lot of aspects that youtubers / streamers loof at when choosing a WC. I’m currently thinking on changing my Logi C920, and the LED lighting, that the RAZER includes, is THE reason why I’ll take it instead of the LOGI c922. thanks!

Yanko Dimitrov says:

Holy shit batman it is Aquaman. Great video man.

BorisDG says:

Where did you adjust the cameras? I tried like two Kiyo and I still can’t run them in 720p60.. they just froze..or the OBS hangs.

Ged Agnors says:

Thank you! This is exactly the video that I wanted to see for weeks!
These cameras are so good by the way!
I remember web cameras in 2000…)))

loren2b2tMCPC says:

i have the kiyo but id take the c922 anyday

fturla says:

The Razer Kiyo is currently on sale at Frys.com for 90 dollars, and sometimes it sells on Ebay.com for around 80 dollars plus or minus 10 bucks. The Logitech c922 has been around for a while, and the pricing can drop below 50 dollars new.

VantaBlack says:

01:30 uhh what? Both of them should be able to run 720p60, c922 has 1080p30 why did u not compare them on the same resolution so they’ll have the same fps? It’s misinformation to say c922 doesn’t have 60fps.

Tallulahhh Ker-Oldfield says:

Cross your eyes during the side by side comparison for instant budget 3D

DarjeelingJelly says:

hah kiyo looks better to me

Dash _ says:

I feel that both look great off camera and when your live.

Laplasta M says:

Good video men, quick question you didn’t mention that the c922 can do the green screen for streaming? does that work fine or should I just go for the Kiyo?
thanks in advance

ipKonfig.com says:

that green screen attached to your chair looks ridiculous when your chair/you move. Good Lord mate, detach that goofy looking thing

Sassagrass says:

I feel they both seem to do a very good job for the cos, I may go for the c922 though. Great review!

Ron Craig says:

Kiyo has some strange blurring going on in the software. The 922 is much sharper in detail. The Kiyo is oversaturated exaggeratedly. Those blemishes are natural textures in your face. You might try looking in the mirror. 😀 Are you a girl? You pay way too much attention to your complexion rather than the camera’s performance. Kiyo I cannot see the hairs, only a mass of brown. The 922 I see individual hairs! Are you CRAZY! 922 is way better! Get over your blemishes!

mario ramirez says:


Scott Thomas says:

Love it when people post reviews for equipment and state that it can only do something c922 at 30fps at 720 just because they can’t get it to work. This is misleading to people that come across your channel looking for solid reviews. This is a terrible review and I highly advise people from taking this information legitimately. The Kiyo actually has a much better sensor in it and if you use the right amount of lighting and set your exposure and gain properly with a proper light setup then it will always look better. Just sad.

Labananainformatica says:

good video like 🙂

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