Logitech C922 vs. C920 Webcam Comparison (1080p 30 FPS) // Pro Stream Webcam

Is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam the BEST webcam for PC or the best live streaming webcam? We’re going to be taking a look over the next few videos.

First, let’s compare the C922 vs. C920 at 1080p 30 FPS along with a microphone comparison!
Which do you think is best?

More webcam reviews & Comparisons:

– USA http://amzn.to/2e5j5jL
– CA http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/c922-pro-stream-webcam
– UK http://amzn.to/2e5i0Zx

– USA http://amzn.to/2dxy1oC
– CA http://amzn.to/2cUDuYB
– UK http://amzn.to/2e5ht9X

How to get the MOST out of your Logitech Webcams // Webcam Settings Guide & Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdorhyiaJwQ

C922 sent free for review.

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: http://geni.us/premierepro

Thanks for watching!
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black cart says:

this helped me make a decision. BTW that mic is Badass!

酸哥Fb【呂奕德】 says:

How is C922 microphone?
Please tell me!!
I really want to know!!
Because I have C920, but the microphone sucks!
I wonder if C922 has a better microphone than C920?

tunnis7us says:

just begs the question why logitech makes the 22 version shittier ?

Emery says:

As others have asked, how,do you get to that settings screen you are on for the webcams?

Ufuk Yurtsever says:

tiesto music good 🙂


Hey man, i need your help. In my country the 922 is 20$ more expensive than 920. I would use the camera mic as im starting out. I feel like 920 has better mic. Whats your opinion sjould i save 20$ or go for 922? Thanks in advance.

Nam Uchiha says:

Wonder why c922 cost more?

Nam Uchiha says:

Some guy showed the c922 looking better o.O

illustrayna says:

I’m super late to this video but, this is the best comparison video of the c920 and c922, thanks so much for creating this! I had no idea about the codec issues and switched my format to MJPEG and noticed a whole world of difference, I wish I knew about this sooner!

Nintendork says:

C922 audio is way less robotic. Seems a decent upgrade, with all the smartphone race, webcams should have a lot more quality given the space vs a cramped camera phone.

Cathy Wappel says:

Thanks for this comparison. I’m about to start streaming miniature painting, which will require focus on the model in my hand as I turn it over while painting it, as well as movement of the brush. It seems like the c922 is what will work best for that, as long as I get my lighting right.

desert-force.de says:

hmm the C922 dosn’t save the settings :/ everytime unplug its on Default settings. is this normal?


you sound like the guy that does the movie intros you sir earned a sub you know the guy that says in a world far away and stuff

Drasengan TV says:

i like your mic, can you educate me on your mic set up (external)

Vortech City says:

How do you connect the mic with a webcam?

Steven Austin says:

C920 Killed it! Thanks for making my mind up on which one to buy in 2018, cheers!

SeveronJ says:

Fantastic video – nicely done!

inviktus1018 says:

Nice review but not an accurate. The C922 is darker because it sees more of the backlighting of the lamp behind you as oppose to the C920 which is brighter mainly because with its angle of view, you are covering most of the backlight (the lamp)with your head. Notice at 1:04 that C922 was brighter when you moved your head to your left and thereby covering the backlight. I see it in your face that you were surprised that this happened too. You should switch their positions and do another comparison. And for your next webcam reviews and comparisons, you should even out the backlighting between webcams to make an accurate review.

공대생네가족 응원 says:

My C920 Win

isitebuild says:

is there a difference in quality between the c922 and this webcam…https://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-1080p-pro-stream-webcam-black/6080602.p?skuId=6080602..If not I may save $50?

Unspoken OUCH! says:

What mic do you use?

JoshGreenAdventures says:

C920 looks better c922 has better audio. I use the 920 for my live streams and am super happy with it although when I get loud everything gets muffled :/

Martin Garcia says:

Can someone help me please? My laptop is only compatible with USB 3.0. Will the USB the C922x comes with work?

JokerGoat says:

Thank you so much for this review <3

Daedrin says:

I don’t even know what else you do but this video was exactly what I was looking for. Great content. Subbed.

Siana Gearz says:

Hey you got me interested in Webcams for some reason. Anyway i decided to buy the C920, because i noticed that it’s only 39€ right now, whole 70€ cheaper than 109€ list price, on Amazon right now, with Prime! So i just take your affiliate link for UK and replace the TLD with Germany, and it seemed to do something, you’re not getting much kickback, given just how cheap it is, but hopefully at least something.

What i’m gonna do with it? I might try to use it to make a laser based 3D scanner – i already have a 3D printer. I’m not gonna stream my face, privacy reasons. I might stream my hands while drawing, building electronics, tearing down electronics, repairing electronics, such things. I don’t actually care about microphone, i’ve got a large membrane condenser and a TASCAM soundcard somewhere with like 20 bits effective and phantom feed, just need to unearth them.

The price is attractive anyway. It seems entirely unrealistic to buy one for less than 60-70€ otherwise, and Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD costs more even used, and it’s worse. Plus C920 is said to run better on Linux.

Spook em up says:

Maybe someone can help me? I have a c920 and when i bring my cam to fullscreen the quality goes to absolute shit i see you have the same cam with much better quality so i cant figure out why mine looks so bad

LifeAsANoun says:

are you recording both webcam streams in premier?

AmiTakeuchi says:

I respectfully disagree with you continuously stating the C922 produces a higher quality image / leverages its features better. Your video proves it does not.

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