Logitech C922 vs C920 | Best NEW Webcam 2016?

What is the BEST webcam for Twitch streaming in 2016? Today we take a look at the 60fps Logitech C922 vs C920 with an in-depth review.
C922 Webcam: http://amzn.to/2dTnovL
Manfrotto Mini Tripod: http://amzn.to/2dyCneN

Written Review on TopTenGamer: http://www.toptengamer.com/logitech-c922-review/

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Icko Corpuz says:

its uselss to have a good camera if u donbt have enough upload speeds for streaming

Chris Canela says:

How’s the low light comparison?


Razer Stargazer is hands down the best Webcam ever


what would you guys suggest for a fb live photo? Just for a makeup video? would the microphone be good enough or should I get a separate microphone?

HZ-XENOS says:

Anyone know what DSLR this dude’s using? I like it. :]

MarcasswellbMD says:

Won’t have the I5 problem on Ryzen.. Another example as to why the I5 is Dead..

yvo_duh says:

yellow???? I find it more white haha

PainfulMuM says:

I buy a C930e…… WHYYY!?!?!?!?

AgentC2008 says:

does the c922 save its settings? does my head in having to set up the c920 everytime i use it

RoboDanjal says:

Nice review, best one I have seen so far. Thanks for making it.

Saxon says:

Stellar review mate.

Earl Wallen says:

Thanks for making this video! I’ve been using a 720p webcam for many years and I’m looking for an upgrade. The fact that you show comparison video from the webcam to your DSLR says much about the quality of this webcam. Thanks again!

SIME_LP says:

The 720p 60fps quality is so bad … That looks more like 360p than 720p …

The Wonderland Show says:

What video camera did you use to make this video? It looks great.

erypto says:

If I just want 1080p, is it just the same as the C920?

TrumpVerbot says:

What’s your DSLR?

Joselito Pires Gomes says:

Ativar a web cam

Free American Spirit says:

does this camera help the laptop stream faster instead of using the camera that is built in? in other words does having an external Web cam provide faster or better files or does it free up the processor or memory on the. computer? I am trying to live stream with OBS on your be but the latency is horrendous. I only have a about 3mb upload so I’m trying to film in 720p only at 30 frames per second and still it lags… any suggestions? thanks

Chill Will says:

thank you

Danny Jamz says:

what camera are u currently using

Prosim.no says:

920 are looking better. But if the Microphone is so bad, we rather should go for another camera.

owlnonymous says:

I have done extensive testing on the c922. at 720p you can get improved clarity up to 40fps. Anything past that, clarity drops down. I believe this is because the cam is USB2, and must be compressed to transfer 720p 60fps over that bandwidth. I wish they would of made the cam USB3 with uncompressed YUY2 video, like the Stargazer.

David Yeakle says:

You should look into a travel green screen. I have one that’s plenty big enough and that you can take apart in like 2 minutes and put in a small carrying bag to put it in the closet when it’s not in use. It’s really essential for someone like me who lives in a tiny studio apartment. Green screens are “practical” for anyone if you get the right one.

GlideTV says:

Guy actually uses ads , pathetic

Lex Luthor says:


SlayinCheetah says:

So can you just get c922 and set it to 30fps 1080p?

Ayrin says:

would it work well with an amd 8 core processor

Matt Grubb says:

i love that paul’s hardware shirt 🙂

Lionel G says:

how is it in low light? would it show the dancefloor at a night club?

Fezey says:

can it record?

InDoMiNuS says:

holy crap
at 6:00 he looks like an egg
no joke!

Sean Mann says:

The C922 looks like its giving you a black outline like a comic at 60 fps? Thank you so much for this video, I’m looking to start a channel soon and I have a c920 from awhile back and this convinced me to stick with the 920 until I can afford a proper 4k cam. Take my like and sub my friend.

Selena Gaming says:

quick question if you don’t mind responding, I have been meaning to start a YouTube gaming channel, and I have been researching countless webcams and other stuff I need to make good quality videos, since I will be recording gameplay then adding facecam from the webcam, is it better to buy the c920 or the c922 because I do want 60 fps but if it is okay to use 30fps then Im really stuck here so could you please explain to me what you think I should use, also I will probably not be using the green screen if that helps you answer my question.

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