Logitech C922 Review: Hail to the King

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The Logitech C922 is the follow up to Logitech’s famous C920 webcam, and boasts some great new specs.
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The Logitech C922 webcam has huge shoes to fill, being an updated version of the incredibly popular C920. This webcam’s specs include 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps, as well as automatic background removal. I found the video quality to be excellent, though at 60fps, the C922 seems to use a strong noise reduction filter that makes the video look strange. The background removal is nice to have, but I didn’t find it to work very well, and it kept cutting off my limbs. Overall though, Logitech’s C922 is certainly a worthy successor and I’m sure will be the new best webcam for years to come.

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K. says:

Can I disable the LED light indicator like on the C920?

Bill Farnham says:

I bought one. The 1080p does not work when trying to use the camera alone. There is no software to drive/operate it. The background replacement chroma key simulation only PARTIALLY works. It has good lens and focusing. But since Logitech released it with no software to make it work at 1080p, I’m absolutely sticking with the C920 until and unless Logitech comes up with a software version that will adequately drive the C922. The Logitech Webcam Software can KINDA work the camera. But it will not let it go to 1080p, and when you set it at wide screen and 720p, the settings are lost when you exit the software.

Not worth the extra money.

adam heeley says:

Does it stutter when you are just using it to record videos and not as a webcam?

MRjustinKCKS says:

I just bought the camera

Gvault2011 says:

Do you cut the video after every sentence?

Franklin Clinton says:

never trust this dude always make fake videos

Parth shah says:

Please make a video review for Logitech Brio!

Gaming with MCTyyyy! says:

What camera do you use?

Honest Jason says:

Be carful buying this if you plan to use it for OBS. At 720/60fps YOU CANNOT ZOOM OR PAN and it has a fairly wide angle so my 6×6 green screen is usuless as the cam can see on both sides of it. I can use 960×720 but then it cam is stuck at 30 fps then all of sudden the cam can zoom and pan etc. Ive researched, uninstalled and reinstalled everything and i simply cannot get it to work right. logitech has offered little to no support to those of us who bought it. I think i will be returning it.

VapeLogic UK says:

hey thiojoe, Can I ask you a question..

You are by far the best reviewer I’ve come across so I hope you can answer me..

I have also a reviewing channel and I really need a decent upgrade… Now I’ve been lookin for the best webcam for recording..
I have been watching the stargazer, the logitech c920 and c922..
Now… I have seen alot different oppinions and I’m not sure what to choose now 🙁
eventually, watching your reviews I made up my mind and I think I have to go for the logitech c922..
I’m looking for a modern HD webcam..
1080p, Sharp for close ups and tutorials.. (mic not important cuz I’m using a studio mic)
Dont care about the background feature as I’m buying a greenscreen.. I basicly just need the most sharp and best quality webcam out there..
Is there something new I should check out ?
Love your work man, really helped me out alot so far ! keep it up !

Luke 14Alligators says:

Does It Have A Mic?

R4zE says:

Where are the drivers for this webcam? I had a c920 before and the c922 only uses Generic Windows Drivers…

Miriam Davis says:

i just bought it for my singing videos and then came here, lol glad its a good one.

Mark Ryan says:

What camera are you using to film this video?

Flykofly says:

3:10 younow???

TrueDrew says:

What camera software did you use

Ocean Moon says:

What software are you using to change from 1080 to 720? Logitech’s software seems very limited in accessing the details of this camera.

alexlaime says:

What kind of camera do you record your videos with? Can you tell me please

studentinho says:

The microphone in this webcam is a joke. It sounds as if you were listening someone through a telephone from fifties. Why can microsoft webcams have decent mics?

PutItAway101 says:

That doesn’t look like noise filtering, it looks like the 720 p 60fps mode is actually shooting at 360p and upscaling it so one pixel becomes four, with blurring applied to make it look less obvious. Sounds like the 60 fps 720p is a scam.

HoneyBeePolan So says:

dude what camera do you use for your vids

GamingTV says:

$100 isn’t cheap?

Samuel says:

is this camera helpfull for recording in the church?

Freya Donna says:

Can this point down. I review cards. So I need one that points down.

The PC Security Channel [TPSC] says:

I thought about it for a while but ended up going for the c920. The background removal is just a software gimmick and can be purchased separately for basically any webcam. Nice video Joe.

Johnathon Ledesma says:

what camera are you using to record your videos?

You-Tube Junkie says:

Why not do a video on…(windows 10) , how it will take over in 2020 ?

Nick Klouda says:

Just found your channel today – thanks for the reviews….you helped me make a choice 🙂

Hustle Hoff says:

What camera were you using while giving the review?

Underbelli Studios says:

I can’t access those properties, nowhere do i get a sharpness option.

You-Tube Junkie says:

Question. If I were to silicone the whole camera except for the lens area.
Would it stand up to the South florida, humidity and outdoor elements ?

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