Logitech C922 Pro Webcam Review/Test

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BlackGalaxie says:

nice video i take it or c920 for youtube

Smokey Productions says:

is the 922 a new version or has it been out. it’s the fist time i heard of it. Great vid though!

FragaracGaming says:

hey podcastage… i bought a bm-8000 awhile ago and there was a ton of white noise.. i recently bought a neewer phantom power supply to take that away and lower the gain… but white noise is still there even with 0 gain.. anything i can do? and im using a usb sound card (a saberent one)

Stereotypical 12 year old says:

Maybe if you have solid wall for a background it’ll look nicer. I wonder how the background replacement works though

Althewahyu says:

hey, can you give me your setting while the webcam on lights off? ..

Jayden Lee says:

Mixcder power gaming setup review and test

Models Workshop says:

Can you run this and the 920 at the same time or is there driver conflict? Wanting to run a 2 to 3 camera set up in ManyCams


review the Logitech ClearChat USB headset please!!

you’re awesome Bandrew

Sean McDonnell says:

Wow such a difference between this and your normal camera.

JustADecoyy says:

any plans of checking out the Auna 900 microphone?

the3dvideo says:

Don’t use rightlight.
Set up the lighting settings in the logitek settings panel.

FragaracGaming says:

nice to see a video with 0 dislikes

ItsBasicGamer says:

Hey Bandrew, great video as usual. I’m looking for an xlr microphone under 100 dollars that I can use for some voice acting work, any suggestions?

The Memestein says:

Can you review the se electronics x1 xlr

Adrian Gaming says:

Thanks so much for the review Bandrew!

Definitely excited for this guy.

Jarhead6 says:

great vid man!

Mattchu says:

c920 is $50 3-4 times a year.. and pretty much the same.. not worth +$50 for the c922. green screens are cheaper and look way better.

Reza Molavi says:

thank you for the review.

325Radio says:

Nice! I could afford the c270, not bad… at least for a complement to my HD camcorder..

Gar_ee says:

The background replacement wasn’t really the selling feature, it was just thrown on as an afterthought because the Razer Stargazer had it, and they needed to remain competitive with the marketing. And even though the Stargazer has a 100 dollar Intel Realsense sensor added on, it’s background replacement is just as shitty as Logitechs.
The real selling point was just the 60fps, again, really only pushed out because Razer made the Stargazer. It’s also pointless for 99% of people.
But at least the C920 got a price drop.

John Gabriel says:

I’m not sure if I’m using the term correctly, but the footage seems overexposed – large parts of your face come out completely white. Were you recording under harsh lighting?

dance4ever79 says:

u lost weight? good job!

El Duke says:

I have the 920 HD ProWEBCAM, the sound is not very good but I have professional MIC for that.. I think is not worth change the webcam… yet. What do you think sir? Thanks 🙂

Christian Hyde says:

that low light is actually really good. i bought it for the background remove hopefully i have better results. i also have a greenscreen so maybe that will help

Nicholas Ten says:

Over Exposure………

KaseFX says:

why did your voice echo when you used the background replacement feature?

NW says:

Thanks for the review. 🙂
I’ll be sticking with my c920.

NeoGamer33 says:

the c920 is waaaaay better

ShyTieGaming says:

For the background removal could you just wear a hat so the frames wouldn’t drop?

CJS Games says:


Von Shredster says:

C922 dumb ass

Edo Dijkgraaf says:

I love your reviews, but cannot sit this one out. The sound is horrible. I am not giving you a thumbs down, because I like your channel.
I will never buy a Logitech C922.

Guitar3000LP says:

Did you buy 2 of them? xD

DannyReevze says:

I upgraded to this little beast and the quality is awesome 🙂

Hzla says:

Big thumbs up!

Mize says:

I think your channel is underrated for the content you provide

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