Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review + 60 FPS Video Test

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Pete Coventry says:

I “Was” going to buy a C922 tonight – but then I found the C930e with a tripod for £30 less on amazon.co.uk so I got that. I need it for business after all.

Kristian Diaz says:

bought it and it isnt compatible without avx support on the cpu

Nerd on a Budget says:

If that 1080p was 60fps I think that would be a reason to buy it, but since it’s not I’ll keep my C920 until the next iteration. Good video Matt!

Mike Houghton says:

I’d call it average

Bruticus says:

“Where should I point my webcam, how about so it cuts off the top of my head.”

Felmay says:

My birthday is in November and I would like to make a birthday request for you guys please, can you do a black and red build of the S340 Elite under $1000?

David Lee says:

Hey can you give me the settings
My camera sucks
I can’t take a proper video
It lacks the color
I use OBS Studio

Soplox says:

What about the C922x?

American Gangster says:

You can chat with this right?

Adolf Hitler says:

plz someone tell me, i dont know how to go from recording with 60 fps or 30 fps , is there an option in OBS that allows us to do so ? thank you very much

SergeantBlake23 says:


Mike Studmuffin says:

Send me your C922 and I’ll trade you my C920.

SergeantBlake23 says:


MrToastly says:

Did we just become best friends?

Trevv says:

How do I replace the background??

Andrew Santos says:

Saw Luke review this.. I think. Let’s watch Toasty’s review on it!

RoyalTracks says:

What is the product number if I may ask? I want the exact same of this one 😀

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