Logitech C920 Webcam Review

Logitech C920 Webcam Review http://youtu.be/DggGTyfYkOs
The Logitech C920 Webcam is probably one of the best live stream webcams you can get for under $100.

This is probably the Best Webcam for Live Streaming that I could recommend. But if you have a smaller budget I have some other recommendations further down.

Logitech C920 $70 http://amzn.to/1GjYgTD
Logitech C310 $30 http://amzn.to/1GjYkmf
Logitech C930e $95 http://amzn.to/1LfkVHl
Logitech C270 $21 http://amzn.to/1GjYydc

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Michael Barrow says:

What capture software did you use for this?

Steven Van says:

great review, have seen tons of big YouTubers use this. I’ll probably get one once I make more commentaries.

Ben Simon says:

the cam will not work with my windows 10 it does that windows 10 does not recognize it. Can someone please help me???

Reda storoe says:

I bought this to make yt vids and its still in the box. Smh somethings wrong with me, gotta get moving.

Chocobacca says:

Would this be good for console gaming?

joseph raj says:

can I connect the Logitech c920 with premiere pro to capture…..
please suggest me how can I record using software

Eric Kim says:

Hi Roberto
what a awesome video!
Btw, what mike are you using in this video? Could you tell me the model ?

Jedi Revolution says:

Awesome review. I might have to looking into getting one of these. A little off topic though I was wondering if you were able to do a review on the surface pro 3 like the i5 versions of it. I’m really looking into them and considering it for a laptop/drawing tablet replacement.

Jarhead6 says:

cool bro!

Justin Thomas says:

looking for C930e reviews

Dihelson Mendonca says:

And you didn´t show a simple video made with it…

Steven Burgess says:

What is the camera or webcam you were using to record yourself in this video?

TaeHoon Kim says:

If That mic that good, why you have Another Mic on desk?

Fantasy Couch says:

I think I might get the Logitech C922… seems to be a newer, slightly better version of the C920. Found a new one on ebay for 80 buck free shipping so not bad. Thank you so much for this review video brother!

Positive Plug says:

I like your info on the Logitech C920…I just purchase the Webcam but i am having problems with delay in the video…Did you experienced any such problems? and do you have any suggestions? I also saw a Nikon on your desk, have you ever used it in your videos and so, can you tell me how to hook it to my laptop? by the way i am using wire Cast.. Thanks, Wendel

Andrew Covarrubias says:

Seems like most reviews of webcams don’t include footage taken with that webcam. I wonder why this is; seeing the video quality in action would make all the difference IMO.

Real Edit Line says:

i do live dj from home on facebook so how do i get the audio through while using this webcam on Facebook live? thx.


great video now am definitely getting this ! thanks alot

Yugo pyro says:

70$??? in my country 120 eur….

Zachary Brooks says:

I just bought this cam. I’m sure its going to be a good purchase.

adriyantodimas says:

is it good to take video outside home???

sandroray gaming channel says:

Hi Roberto, do you recommend this to record gaming videos (I mean recording me playing video games)? Thanks man!

TONYLEE16 says:

thanks Roberto from australia

MCCFGG's Gaming Source Central says:

Hey Roberto! Wonderful video, I do livestream however since you know I’m a gamer, how do you think it would work for me recording gameplay? I have currently the I think its the C270 its 720p but you can see whether or not I should upgrade. I livestream mostly from hitbox or twitch I have tried out the new livestream set up from YouTube….maybe you can do a video about that! Hugs!!!

'Kimberly Medrano says:

My phone is being super slow so it didn’t let me watch the whole video so I have a question. Does it come with a mic or is the mic good? I’m going to start making more videos soon and I’m thinking of buying this.

Carmela Cattuti says:

Can you use it for facebook live?

Mike Studmuffin says:


David Souza says:

When you are streaming live, is there a big lag? I’m a music producer and I wanted to go live with fans but the tests I’ve done shows a huge lag between my moving/talking and the time it happens on the live screen

Semas VYK says:

Hi Roberto, Thank you so much for your great channel!
I’ve a question about the best mice to use as a graphic designer, I’m using the touchpad in my laptop now, but I’m looking for faster and easier way.
Waiting for your advice 🙂

SnapUpShorty says:

Hey so I will be picking up one of these bad boys tomorrow! I do twitch live streams and since I don’t use my laptop anymore I have not had a webcam. You should check it out with the glory of this webcam 😀

Jarhead6 says:

how do you control the settings on a mac?

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