Logitech c920 Webcam REVIEW (HD Web Cam)

Logitech c920 Webcam REVIEW (HD Web Cam): http://www.jameswedmore.com/ytmktgm01/
Full Review of the Logitech c920 Webcam REVIEW (HD Web Cam)

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Logitech c920 Webcam REVIEW (HD Web Cam):


cc galore says:

love this review thanks!

Debt Free Dana ツ says:

Thanks, James! I’ve been wanting a webcam for months. You read my mind. Ordered one via your link. 🙂

Vicky Lyashenko says:

I have this camera and absolutely LOVE it! Crisp video and so convenient due to it going directly to my computer – no uploads form camera! I purchased it because you interviewed David and he raved about it. Thank you, Jmaes!

Mauro CV says:

Sirve para la TV???

Pesa Shayo says:

I love this camera, crisp clear images, great sound too.

Little Miss Stamper says:

Yes I think so. Depends on how picky you are I guess, but I have no problems with it. It’s very clear. You can hear it on my Socktopus video if you check my channel. That’s using this camera and the built in mic on the camera ….just on my desktop pc .

Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner says:

The video quality of the c920 is amazingly good for the price. However, there was an error in your review that you kept emphasizing. The c920 has built-in stereo microphones, so you do not need a separate audio input source.

StamperDog says:

All my webcams have been Logitech and outperform the Microsoft one. I do want to know how you got your picture to go full screen. That’s been my only complaint for using these for webinars. Thank you James for sharing so much of your knowledge and experience.

Haleybeauty101 says:

whats the link to get the camera on the mac so I can download the program i have the logitech webcam c920

The Money Audible says:

The audio on the GoPro Hero 3 ROCKS!!!

VR Owner's Guide says:

Just got this badboy. It’s SO much better than the MBP Retina which was grainy as heck in certain lighting. 


*I loooooved>>>
t.co/CrLoTA4YIk  that there was a screw at the bottom so that you can mount it on a tripod! I use it all the time for my Twitch Streams in the Creative section for my traditional art. I thought I had to buy a new camera to shoot downwards but I realized there was the screw on tripod option and man it works wonders. The camera overall is great, I am in love!*

Ashley Flores says:

While it’s plugged up to the laptop, is it just using the laptop’s microphone right now? You may have said that and I missed it 🙂

Little Miss Stamper says:

I have this camera, it works pretty well….but the camera has a built in mic, so you don’t NEED an outside audio device. I record video all the time with the built in mic on the camera. Nice comparison though =)

Jeff Bernstein says:

It pays to read all the comments, especially when James totally missed the fact that the Logitech has a built in mic. Not really a “review”, but definitely a comparison.

Ago Cluytens says:


I’ve been using this webcam for all my videos lately – loving it. My setup allows me to create a video, edit and upload in under 15 minutes. Took a while to get it right, so I thought I’d share so others can benefit:

Logitech c920
Webcam settings (must-have if you are on a Mac; set aperture, lighting, …)
iMic (Griffin Tech)
AudioTechnica ATR3350 lapel mic

That’s it – hook it up, record directly into Screenflow, basic edit and upload. See result on my channel.

Ray Naylor says:

Logitech has software to adjust the webcam, such as brightness, contrast, etc. It helps to get the best video.

ProTrader Mike says:

is there a feature that you can hide the background or make it a different scence so looks like your somewhere else – like in an office?

Jack Voorheis says:

I am having some issues with recording with this 920 using screenflow. I am not getting 1080p quality.

Ebn Tanta says:

How did you get the C920 to work on a Mac? Thanks.

Show Time says:

Are is good quality of the mic of the camera ?

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