LOGITECH C920 v C270 WEBCAMS Unboxing & Review

LOGITECH C920 v C270 WEBCAMS Unboxing & Review
review of the C920 and C270 Logitech HD web cams


Letícia Souza says:

Oie, very good video I bought this webcam c525 over her image is not smooth as she gets her noise in the picture I put the option antitremulação more did not help much, it will be come defective? or something in the configuration? you can help me or someone see my review required she is noise in the picture

Patrik Floding says:

Hi! Did you use the built in microphones for both cameras? The 920 sounded ok here, as opposed to most other reviews. Seems excessive audio compression may have been used for some reason with the 920 in some cases. Thanks

Nguyen Ngoc Ngan says:

Please what microphone and how far is it to your mouth? Thanks much!

HimselfXD says:

I am planing to get the C270 so what I am wondering is how much fiddling with the settings I would have to do? Could you possibly tell me what you changed to make it look nice so I can have a reference point for getting it working well for me when I buy it?

rodyruss says:

Thanks for the video helped with my decision will be getting the C920

JorgitoYokiro says:

wow very helpful video!! Thhank you. The 920 is a good choice.

DAXZ says:

How can you compare this 2 webcams to eachother The C270 cost like 30 Dollars and the C920 cost like 80 Dollars

BulletRain says:

please write me the intro music <3

Quest Milfs Grayinggreen says:


Georgie Fresh says:

 i Like to buy Logitech c920 but i dont have budget ..

MuxawMusic says:


Davey says:

buy it on amazon its 30 for c615 an 60 for c920!

Robby TheWonderCat says:

filmed in wind tunnel

Dan Magoo says:

THANK YOU for pointing out that the auto or default settings are horrible, even on the C920. I was going to return mine as defective, but your vid helped me to realize that the “right light” feature (and in fact all of the default settings) need to be ignored, and each setting must be fiddled-with, as you say. That done, it’s not bad — although frankly still not great.

Pedro Leon says:

here in Brazil the c270 cost R$90 reais (1 real = 3 / 4 Dollars) and c920 cost R$ 450. In the end of video the two cameras do it the same thing but the c920 lose his focus one time. Nice video. Thx and sorry my bad english.

LeviIsKindaCool says:

on febuary fourth 2017 this was made 1027 days ago

Martin Crespo says:

wtf the intro

Nilanjan Mhatre says:

sure u kept both the cams at the same position?

Which has a wider field of view?


you can see that the C920 is better quality, but me, as a kid of 12 years old, would recommend the C270 because of the price. and I will only use it for streaming, for normal video, I have a normal camera.

et bilu says:

Brazil obrigado pelo vídeo !

Kikematamitos says:

Thanks for this video.

Gouden Kiwi says:

Note for any new users getting the c270, this color and brightness setting is NOT what is supposed to be standard. thebarnineffect’s pc uses different drivers that ups the color intensity which makes it look like the way it was shown for default.

If anything, i only lower the Exposure and raise the Gain to keep the framerate, thats all

IridiumAxle says:

Absolute best review I have found on this, I have been needing a webcam for making tech videos and I think based off of this review, the c270 is better bang for buck at about a third the price of the other. Thanks!

Happy Farmer says:

C270 HAS A FREE ALIEN FILTER on default.

CruelLion7 says:

they both look bad in my opinion. wow. the first one looks worse than my default camera

TheLinkzGamer says:

Can you turn the C270 left and right? Say if I wanted to put it in the corner of the monitor can I turn it towards me?

thebarnineffect says:

I would say yes, I use it to stream.

Ayudas Para Todos says:

Great video

Hieff Engine Company Ltd Hieffengine says:

A complete waste of money. I purchased a c270 and it is in the rubbish can now just 15 hours later. $70 to purchase in our country, no refund available, no software with the webcam, no instructions with the webcam and worst of all Logitech does not talk to windows. It overrides the windows function. So if you run a high resolution screen the C270 will only give you a matchbox size image that cannot be made any bigger. Simple answer is don’t buy Logitech. They are rubbish.

LifeWithStephan says:

Thanks! You really helped me making a decision with this video.

Random Gamer says:

I only have the c270


A c920 jó és árban is. Csináltam róla magyarul bemutatót, nyugodtan nézzétek meg ha vásárlás előtt vagytok! 🙂 Üdv, Sarkadi Roland

Wicked Gamer & Collector says:

Thanks for this compare video, Really helps 😀

MuzdaHD says:

nice intro

Alyosha Zeifman says:

absolutely fantastic review.

Knutowskie says:

is it just me or is the video captured with the “almighty” C920 blurry and fuzzy? i bought one of them and sent it back because of that. It’s the best webcam in the most tests, but isn’t this dissappointing? Webcams do not got better the last years…

ItzZebHD says:

does it come with a mic?

jedrula77 says:

The best comparison webcams thank you.

forlives live says:

Thanks my friend. Would you subscribe my channel please?

Alberto Moriconi says:


-TyPlaysForLife - says:

hey could my pc run the webcam when streaming???

Gamepc :
Processor:AMD FM2 A8-7500 qaud core 3,1GHz
Moederbord:MSI A68HM Grenade
Graphics gtx 750 2G
Ram:Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR3-1600
Hard drive:2000 GB Sata III Harde schijf
Voeding:600 Watt Cooler Master voeding
Koeling:Cooler Master Hyper 103 koeling

W4V3MAKER says:

c920 default looked perfect.

AltairPlay says:

Ty dude!

TheGokey says:

I am Spanish and I do not understand much, what is the best camera? I have the C270 and I dont know if changing to the C920. Thanks for your answer.

StefanS02 says:

That basic settings on the C270 tho.. Threw me of so hard after seeing that.. Good review, thanks!

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