Logitech C920 Review-Best Webcam On the Market in 2016

In this video, I review the 1080p Logitech C920 HD Webcam. I show you why its the best webcam on the market in 2016.I wanted to get more crisp video for anytime I use my computer to make videos about breaking news of photo tech or the newest camera etc…

This Logitech C920 is a versitle, easy to setup, HIGH DEF webcam.

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vanoss gaming says:

is this in australia

Anglo Falcon says:

Can I use a headset with a microphone rather than the webcam’s speakers? How would I do this for live video calls? Can I turn off the speakers on the webcam?

Some Thing says:

Is it possible to use the built-in microphone when you’re just voice chatting on Skype or can you only use the built-in mic when the webcam is also in use?

ThisBirchWood says:

How long is the cord?

Garrett Galindo says:

Seems like a good idea to use the C920’s video feed and you Macs Mic for audio, because that thing sounded like garbage and for a top end consumer device meant mostly for skype calls thats a big turn off.

The Photo/Video Show says:

I own two of these. Still the best out there in terms of video.

Vibe says:

Isn’t the 930e better

pgfracing says:

What are you using to record the beginning of this video?

Sandrasartlife says:

Thank you for this 🙂 I have already made my mind up that I wanted this one and now I want it even more so that’s awesome ;D Thanks! ♥ 😀

Zeight says:

Can someone help me with my Logitech c920 I downloaded the software it was fine for a few months and then every time I try to open the software is says Launcher_Main.exe could anyone help me please to fix it I have a 64 bit of and a Windows ten if that helps you thank you if you helped me

TheFacelessMan says:

Can it be mounted on a laptop?

Dmitry Levchenko says:

You see on our market the are two possible variants with Carl zeiss sticker and without. The represantatives of logitech say that they do not put zeiss optic there any longer.

Jaycubing10 says:

Do you know if it will work with sometime like a google chrome book?

Thane says:

It’s very good, but it lacks a cover for the lens. You never know who’s gonna hack into your cam and when it looks shut down, it actually records what you’re doing. I ended up covering it with a cloth. :/

Oliver Mayo says:

Guys, does this webcam have integrated microphones AND speakers so you can have business calls without a headset or additional speakers?

Josh TechGamer says:

I just bought this cam works great love it

Herc08 says:

So, I bought this, and have no clue how to get crystal clear videos like everyone else…anyone has recommendation on the software for PC i should use? not to mention its $60 on amazon

DJ Milez says:

Great video! If the audio isn’t that great, what microphone do you recommend people using? Trying to make some youtube videos. Thanks for the help!

EMIP TV says:

I own one of these as well. It is hands down to me the best one on the market. I forget that I can mount it on a tripod. Thanks for reminding me. Good Review. Mine mounts perfect on my 32 inch Best Buy TV (Dynex). I use it as a monitor.

xxerbexx says:

just got it today, srsly its worth the money. the qualtiy is great, and my monitor is a big tv.

Valarie Craig says:

How good is the camera for using on fb. Is the screen large enough?

Robin Cheah says:

Hi there. I came across your video when I was researching about webcams. I know I’m kinda off-topic, but may I know what camera are you using for the introduction / other vlog that you posted please? Thank you!

a says:

gotta get me one of these for Skype and google hangouts

Steve Young says:

love all your videos. yes, much better video, but I agree, audio was pretty awful. little tip which I’m sure you’re all too aware of, step further back from your DSLR and zoom in tighter. much more flattering and we get to see both of your ears at the same time 😉

Kevin Clements says:

you sold me Eric, just bought one on amazon…with my prime it will be here on Monday

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