Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review

A review and video test of the Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080P webcam!

Get it here: http://amzn.to/1ac578h

Logitech 4K Webcam review – https://youtu.be/7f8P-Pyejjg

Check them out at: http://www.logitech.com

Great Deals on Tech! – http://amzn.to/18XUEcc

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Jon Saw says:

Is there any software coming with it to save and process?
Is there any way to capture60 fps in 1080 mode?

Awesome Edward says:

How much does this cost

seafan25 says:

I miss 2013 2012 and 2011

HedgehogandRabbit says:

I was simply looking for a smooth video. I have a $25 microsoft cam that’s really choppy and weird. I’m hoping this camera solves that issue. Looks like it will. Thanks for the review.

RoachLAB Multimedia Enterprises says:

Thanks bro, good video. Was wondering about the quality of video. Audio sounds pretty bad, but the camera looks excellent

Victor Velocity says:

GUYS, It’s currently 64% off on the UK Amazon store! 3 Hours Left.

HumanDie says:

Logitech web cam SUCKS!

RangoPlaysGames says:

Nice video!

Celi Aparecida Mecatti says:

please how can I make the mic work ?

Gabry delle 【ガブリ】 says:

does it works on PS4 ?

Yueh Chang says:

Very nice video , wanna buy one ,too~

Vocylis says:

Thank you! Seems like the picture quality is better than your Mac Book, but your Mac Book’s internal mic has better quality. I subscribed.

kaskraker says:

Thanks for the clear review video, I’m getting one now 😀

PropaGanja says:

That’s a big ass calculator.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Great review man!  I was looking for a new camera for Hangouts on Air since my Intensity Extreme no longer works with HOA.

Alex Johnston says:

Thanks, Great review.

errorproxy says:

Ew, the mic.

MarkyLikesPixels - MLP says:

Logitech done good. It’s like perfect. Obviously the quality could always be better but wow.

Here Comes a New Challenger says:

pug it in!

Justin Tse says:

Hello from 2017!

Here is my review of the Logitech BRIO 4K webcam – https://youtu.be/7f8P-Pyejjg

Ai Bunny Aya says:

Will this work well with live streaming
( twitch)?

andry gunawan says:

damn that webcam look very clear. unfortunately I don’t have a girlfriend on Skype, so I won’t buy

Leonardo Feelckins says:


SnazzyO says:

Do you have any recommendation for a PC microphone that isn’t a stand? Like I want a microphone that isn’t in front of my face that just sits near my monitor but still clearly picks up my voice.

Tushar Sharma says:

OMG look at that Calculator.. :O_O

Oatie Pea says:

this kid must love maths, look at the size of his calculator!!

Libasse Diop says:

How much does your microphone cost?

Farah T says:

awesome cam

Harrison Games says:

can please someone please tell me how to use this with an elgato

The Adult Contemporary Music Channel says:

I have this, it is the best quality!

Groudon 510 says:

#asianteam I’m Asian as well lol

Laurent de backer says:

Well, i think the audio from the Macbook sounds better, but the video quality of that logitech webcam is lots better of course 🙂

Keith Nisbet says:

Very helpful and informative thanks. I will be purchasing this camera!

Shawn Powrie says:

Bought one of these, as per this review, the video is fine but the audio is very disappointing (considering it’s all “sterio” with two mics) — thinking of taking it back for that…

Kirilov says:

When I saw he was a Asian my pants fell down.

Tommy Le says:

Thank for the demo man. Save me time and better buying option.

Shaynya Harvey says:

Where the microphone on the webcam is NOT great that is something that you can just switch off after you plug into the USB port?

Neell HD says:

wow man, dats recording from the webcam is awesome 🙂

Al Balma says:

I like the C920’s audio better than the laptop, of course, your microphone is a more professional sound.

Isaac Saldivar says:

Good quality for gaming videos

FPSBroski says:

I am gettin this one, cuz everyone hates my current facecam xD

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