Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test

Logitech C920 review HD 1080p test
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This is my Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam review and test video. So I’ve had this webcam for a year and I believe it is the best HD webcam you can get because of the value and quality. It has full 1080p HD video recording with autofocus for less than $70. It has a nearly perfect 5 star rating on Amazon, and the link to the best price on Amazon will be at the top of this description so you can click that and order it for yourself whenever you’re ready. Let’s quickly go over the features and what I like about this webcam, and then I’ll show you some test footage. First off, the Logitech C920 is small and lightweight. It comes with a 6-foot long USB cable, and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows right out of the box. To record HD videos with the C920 on a Mac you can use QuickTime, and on a PC you can download the free Logitech software. Some of the main features include full HD 1080p video recording, Carl Zeiss optics with 20-step autofocus, H.264 encoding for faster and smoother HD, dual stereo microphones, and it can capture 15-megapixel photos. So having all those features on this compact webcam is awesome. It is universally tripod-ready and can be mounted to any tripod that has a standard tripod screw. It also has a fold-and-go design, so you can fold it in many different ways depending on how and where you are mounting it. It has the ability to be mounted on different size monitors or laptops and the folding arm has a rubber surface to increase grip and prevent it from falling off. The camera can be tilted back and forth to customize the angle as well. I love the HD video quality that this webcam produces so let’s switch over to the C920 so you can see what it looks like. Alright so now I am recording the video and audio through the Logitech C920 webcam. You can see that the video looks great. It’s got great detail. I’m recording in 1080p HD through QuickTime on my Mac, but you can use this with Windows as well. But the audio is a little lacking. I’m not a big fan of the built-in microphone on the C920. That’s why I do recommend using a USB microphone so you can get better quality audio. And I will leave the link to my favorite USB microphone in the description below and I’ll leave a link to my review video of that microphone at the end of this video so you can check that out. So once you pair up a good quality USB microphone with the Logitech C920 webcam you’ll have a great looking video and a great sounding video. Full 1080p HD video as long as you got a decent amount of light coming in. This is a great camera to use for recording videos or going on Skype video sessions. And here’s a quick look at how well the autofocus works and how close it can focus. So if you produce web videos or participate in Google Hangouts or make a lot of Skype video calls, I highly recommend getting the Logitech C920.

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Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Review + Test
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Deyaa Taha says:

nice review Andy thank you a lot

but I have a question what is the distance between you and the webcam in the second minute ?

Néopla So crade says:

Light your fucking camera instead of showing all the angles of view
You are sellers or it’s from the pub or what
sorry, but it’s boring at the end…

Jonathan Sweeting says:

The clarity is bonkers damn

Forc3_Sim says:

great review, i’m going to buy this cam now for my twitch streaming as I already have the blue snowball 🙂

mysticalredbeanie says:

How do I get it to shoot/record in widescreen?

David Scher says:

subbed, nice vid

Devrhoid Davis says:

Awesome review. What are you using for your lighting. I am looking to start producing YouTube videos and I would really appreciate some tips for seeking up the environment and some budget equipment recommendation.

Elin Engvall says:

Can you vlog with it?

Thane says:

Very good, but it lacks a lens cover. You never know who’s gonna hack into your cam and watch what you’re doing. I ended up covering it with a cloth when not using it.

Mr. Whoever says:

Still hesitating if I should buy this for my facecam videos…

Alberto Salvia Novella says:

Hey, that’s mine!

Sovereign Rebellion says:

Apple discontinued QuickTime Pro, what can you use to record in a 16:9 aspect ratio?

Football 4Life says:

i have install skype on sony android tv..but i don’t know if it will work this camera on skype?is it plug and play?or want drivers?

Yazeed Smadi says:

Does it contain the tripod with it?

experimenter19 says:

i would get it at best buy even though it will be a bit more expensive i can get a two year warranty with it i bought the warranty for my seagate 5 TB hard drive and my ICE snowball mic they were a little more expensive but i wanted the warranty more encase shit happens and it always does

Ostap Kucherha says:

Would you need a extra mic like the blue snow ball if you have the web cam?

Siddhesh Nagale says:

can i use Skype on my MacBook with this camera ?

Christo Van says:

Hi Andy, l have the above Logitech webcam and a blue yeti usb mic. My problem is l can use them individually but can’t seem to record with mic and camera together. Can you please advise? Thanks.

Deutsch mit Marija says:

Hi Andy, do you have an idea how to adjust the colors? I look blue in the videos 🙁

Haitian X says:

definitely need this webcam as well if I wanna make quality videos in the future

Andy Slye says:

Buy on Amazon ► http://geni.us/Logitechc920

Chimpey says:

how did you make it full screened?

WeGottaSituation says:

Great review! Quick, simple, right to the point 😀

Nitin Kumar says:

C270 is better, even though it’s not HD.

Alfonzo Russ says:

Is it good for porn websites or what bruh bruh.Thanks in advance bruh bruh

Micah and Modesta ASMR says:

Can someone please help. This webcam keeps resulting in little ‘rattle’ noises that occur every now and then. It’s a little bit like occasionally hearing the cam getting fiddled with for 0.5 seconds. I really want it go stop and I have no idea how to.

CR250RidR says:

Im new to this stuff obviously. Can you set this up for motion detection recording? And can can I open an application on my phone from anywhere to turn it on and start viewing?

Nicholas Agustin says:

Anyone know if I can use my apple earphones/headphones as the mic while I use this for skype or streaming twitch?

Michael Woodward says:

What is the camera viewing degree? is it your normal camera or does it have a view of like 60 degrees?

SliceOfGreninja 5582 says:

Can you use this for Recording not face cam?

M.P.ENTertainment says:

can you hook it up to your tv?

roxartnat777 says:

Hi Andy, do you have an idea why my C920 Stop having imagen and I only could hree people over? 🙁

JustKb says:

just got it on cyber monday in 2016 for £30

Pittsburgh Artist Studio says:

what software would you recommend for editing?

Bob Farty says:

ayyyy andy can you help me out???…I have aa question……..I have a blue snowball mic and i want to do stream and have good quality and sound quality…. i know webcams sound isnt the best but i was wondering if i can do my mic sound instead of my webcam….idk if that made any sense

Mason says:

I use this at work and have set up conferences Skype/Zoom for my whole department hundreds of times. This product works great and have recorded videos with it on YouTube. It is a large step above any built in webcams in laptops or computer monitors for both video and audio.

NappstarTv says:

nice video man

Serrano says:

best review thst i have seen of this camera, i will buy it, thank u so much

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