Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcam Hands on Review – Compare Lifecam Studio HD

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In this video I unbox and review a pair of Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcams I purchased from NewEgg to replace my existing Microsoft Lifecam Studio HD and my Lifecam Cinema. This camera produces stunning picture quality that I didn’t think was possible from a webcam. It rivals my big Canon 5D Mark II for video quality in many respects. The only down side is the software doesn’t handle configuration two cameras connected to the same computer. The cameras work but only one is configurable by the software. I also thought the audio quality on the microphone was beyond crappy by anyones standards but I’m not worried since my audio source always comes from somewhere else. In this video you will get to hear a comparison of the audio quality versus my rode video mic and the Lifecam studio.

I use OBS (open broadcaster) to display the camera video in a controlled way to give a good comparison. I also test focus and light conditions and found that the logitech beats out the Lifecam in both of those areas. But don’t get me wrong the Lifecam is no slouch and does a fantastic job. The lens on the Logitech camera is Carl Zeiss and he doesn’t put his name on crap so you know what you’re getting.

I plan to use these videos for picture and picture and rear view of my 3 screens while gaming in future game play videos and also use them on my Ultimaker 3D printing videos to give better time lapses of prints I do overnight. Overall I’m very impressed with the build quality and the video quality of these cameras and can’t wait to put them to work on my future videos!

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Faster, smoother video in Full HD (1080p), which works on more computers thanks to the H.264 video standard.
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Warrington Assembly Of God says:

How did you get the microsoft software to work with OBS Sir? My last question got deleted

DecoyFTW says:

which one is better

Guillermo Gomez says:

Great video!!!!

Dreamy says:

damn those monitors make you look so small! so awesome

Syndiball says:

8:09 back the fuck up

ncdv47 says:

Great review! Just picked up one of these on sale…

sigh yawn says:

lol that third camera you put on the branch tripod reminds me of my wiener… dog.

Spammals says:

Did you find a work around for configuring 2 Logitech WebCams? I have the same issue.

James Rice says:

you have a potty mouth sir.

Antacs says:

Stayed for the TriPod review

Angel Rocha says:


FitGirl says:

Buy 2 webcams so you can run it in SLI mode, am i rite?

KittyCaTz56 says:

Just got this camera and there is no mention anywhere that it has a Carl Zeiss lense. The image quality isn’t as good as my old 3.3mp Nikon CoolPix 990. I wonder if it may have been damaged in transit because the image quality is not good at all.

Shogun Gaming says:

still recommend this cam? i mean you still use it?

Sean Walburn says:

Did you ever solve the dual 920C webcams control issue with the Logitech software?

me and my bro says:


Norm Zeb says:

Thank You

AaronLow1 says:

10:44 LOL
I don’t know why the zoom is so funny

salamander says:

so when did you get married? how did you convince her that you were a catch? i mean youtube people are easy to convice, but real life people are hard. =) also thanks for the review mang.

Jamal says:

but it on 2 speed and try not too piss your pants XD

Krusty says:

i bought this cam because it had a 60 euro discount on amazon

Lianababy says:


Tobiasz Karoń says:

Can you lock the focus on C920 so it won’t adjust automatically all the time? I hate cameras juggling with autofocus when there’s no need to do so.

2bits.in says:

A child in africa could have eaten that box

Jim123bcb HD says:

I love your personality and thank you for the review

Sherlock Hohms says:

Love your content

Jmetal797 says:

just subscribed very helpful video. picking up this camera very soon

Tomas Dahlgren says:

Are you that small? Or are your screens that big?

MarvelMerc says:

just wanted to say hey. new subscriber here, nd your review on the new Logitech slayed it for me…. unless you have a “secret” better preference… than ill prob lean that way… the came will go on my ASUS desktop which has no cam or mic. mainly for chatting and doing reviews. I love tech myself bLogitech C930e Webcam – 30 fps – USB 2.0 lsut i review a lot of things a long the comic route… specifically Legends and certain comics. any suggestions for a new up nd comer please dont hesitate to let e know. thanks, and keep killing those vids!!!!!

carh12007 says:

11:05 the arrows move’s were it zooms in at and follow you face make in zoom and move the zoom to track your face.

LowerO says:

Great review mate, thanks.

Lauren McGrath says:

does it have a self timer??? plz

lloyd007100 says:

Hi i have canon vIXIA hf G20 which capture card shall i use in order to make as a live streaming thru Laptop, and my operating system is Windows 10 (64 bit)…can you help me out in this

Does this Logistic c920 compatible with windows 10(64bit)…..thanks

TheAverageDan says:

I think we have the same wedding ring… almost identical in design

joel T says:

how come you have such a crisp image everytime my image is fullscreen its so blurry?

James Rice says:

Say can the Logitech record audio without video?

Tobiasz Karoń says:

About the exposure-framerate thing:

When you change exposure to get brighter image, the webcams change the time they let every frame to collect light on the matrix.

The longer they keep their virtual shutter open, the brighter the image. If this time exceeds 1/30 of a second, the webcam will start reducing the framerate to get more time to expose each frame.

Marc Hankel says:

Great review! Thank you!

Jake P says:

barnacules review the solo-shot camera


It is compatible with Windows 10?

3 Değişik Kafa says:

Ecipman beatıful man

DawnOfDiamonds says:

Who else couldn’t stop looking at his setup while he was talking?

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