Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcam – Best Webcam / Facecam ever ? Full Review [HD]

In this video we will review aLogitech C920 HD Pro 1080p Webcam I purchased from amazaon to replace my existing creative webcam. This camera produces stunning picture quality that I didn’t think was possible from a webcam. It rivals my big Canon 5D Mark II for video quality in many respects. I also thought the audio quality on the microphone was beyond crappy by anyones standards but I’m not worried since my audio source always comes from somewhere else. In this video you will get to hear a comparison of the audio quality versus my rode video mic and the Lifecam studio.

I plan to use these videos for some gaming videos ( Minecraft, GTA V with oculus , oculus rift gaming and more)

Fluid Crystal Technology. A Logitech webcam better than the rest. Smoother video, sharper pictures, richer colors and clearer sound for people who live in the real world.
Call in HD (720p)
Enjoy widescreen HD 720p video on most major IMs.
Video recording in Full 1080p
Record video clips in Full 1080p is possible thanks to H.264 compression for fast, smooth uploads require less of your computer.
* Download the latest version of Skype, Skype 5.8 for Windows, which offers 1080p HD video.
Faster, smoother video in Full HD (1080p), which works on more computers thanks to the H.264 video standard.
Video in Full HD (1080p) on Skype *
Your loved ones will surely see through the breathtaking clarity of Full HD only on the C920 and Skype.
H.264 video standard
Enjoy faster, smoother video and better image quality, which requires less of your computer thanks to H.264 encoding: the industry standard for HD video. **
More information about H.264.
HD 720p video calls
Take advantage of 720p video calling on most major IM services, including Windows Live Messenger.
Video recording in Full HD (1080p)
You can record video in breathtaking widescreen Full HD (1080p) at 30 frames per second (fps). And with H.264 encoding your computer does not have to work to get. Amazing video so hard
The autofocus in 20 steps is responsive, sensitive and intelligent. Do you want children who can not sit still or capture your latest dance moves, then the C920 provides sharp images (from 10 cm and above) for any occasion.
Carl Zeiss lens
Enjoy razor-sharp images from a lens designed with the help of one of the pioneers in the industry.
Learn more about the benefits to you of our collaboration with Carl Zeiss.
Natural stereo sound
Your loved ones will certainly hear thanks to the two stereo microphones.
Stable mounting clip
Versatile clip with rubber bumpers to attach the webcam securely on the screen of your desktop or laptop. You can even mount it on a tripod.
Photos of 15 megapixels
You can take brilliant photos of 15 megapixels (software enhanced) send to the people you care about.
For HD video faster and smoother is:
H.264 compression Logitech HD webcams
System Requirements
Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 8
For video recording in HD (1080p):
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
2 GB RAM or more
Hard disk space for recorded videos
USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0)
Recommended requirements for video in Full HD (1080p and 720p) *:
(Requirements for H.264 and MJPEG formats vary)
Go to the website of your provider of video for precise information on system and performance requirements.
For Skype in Full HD 1080p
Part Number
PN 960-000767


Gilzor says:

500th like! 😀

Headhunter736 says:

can someone recommend me a good webcam like this one but cheaper ?:)

GaMerAlEx_KyP32 GaMeRAlEx_KyP32 says:

the webcam is profosinal

YoloCubez says:

How much is it?

AsianEyezRAH says:

Thank you for a very useful review! I think I found my webcam!

Best In Class says:

Hahaha! this webcam sucks do NOT buy it! Its quality is gross and it glitches a lot after a month or so. I’m not the only one to have this problem with logitec. Faze rain also did. Take my advice 🙂

MattPlayz says:

does it work for obs

High Hat says:

Dude I wasn’t ready when you switched mics, your second one has awesome quality!

garfeeld888 says:

lol… you have a sniper? i hope it’s only for gaming… not anything live…

Jim Shannon says:

Don’t know much about webcams, thinking about buying one though. Does a web cam operate independently from a video card, anyone? 🙂

CD Fitness says:

It was decent until I upgraded my RAM from 8 to 32. Now the camera wont work anymore and trying to install the software again gives you an error that says your specs might be to LOW to install properly. This camera and its software is now garbage.

PunchBag Plays says:

Might use this for my videos

[PLZ]-Muschelmann says:

Nice Video dude°!!

RichardHunslet1963 says:

I might get this at some point, but could I turn off the Webcams mic?

Alon Shoval says:

you never showd it on the dark /mid dark(mid dark means your screen lights on your face)thanks for the review after all

MattPlayz says:

do they have this at bestbuy?

TSanimations says:

Nice intro

Psychotic Digitz says:
Dia Trap says:

Bist Deutsch^^ hört man bei deinem Akzent:) außerdem sieht man ja das du es in Deutschland gekauft hast 🙂

royalkiller2 says:

I have a Logitech orbit. Which has an almost 360 turning angle. The follow my face feature is great for it. If your moving around a lot it’s very useful as it will track your face by turning the webcam. Sadly the c920 does not move mechanically. That’s why it doesn’t track. 🙂

MattPlayz says:

does it work for obs

Code Play says:

come see my channel

K_H-B 0bTaiNNN says:



Thanks man great vid

Alejandra Acuna says:

Is the Webcam compatible with an iMac?

sssssjjjj1 says:

Great picture.

Anna Maples says:

Is there a way to take a nice looking pic, when you only have 3 seconds to get into position?

Hamzah Batha says:

I thought you were Chinese until now

SiR Gray says:

can it work on ps4

Luksenburg00 says:

I got it today!!!

TheFacelessMan says:

Can this mount on a laptop?

CentralCoastBoyz says:

Why does it not work on a fucking Mac?

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