Logitech C310 HD Webcam Review

In this video I review the Logitech C310, a 720p HD webcam for a reasonable price. It features a 5 megapixel sensor for taking up to 5 megapixel still photos and 720p video. The C310 is compatable with many video chatting services such as Skype and comes bundles with the Logitech Webcam Software. I also do a HD test of the C310 in normal lighting, a low light test and a audio test of the Logitech C310 microphone.


Sekryld says:

Austin Evans? OMG! btw you didn’t said “hey guys this is austin”

gamernomad3 says:

at 720p 30fps for $30, great deal

XX_ATinyHorse_TV says:

What frame rate does it record at??? From this video it seems very very poor

tofugoat says:

yup. all the info is there: to the point, very little waffle, useful, thanks !! (^__^)

Movie Games says:

Turn RightLight off. That fixes lag on my Logitech cam.

Haymkarran S Bhalla says:

robotic noise? do u notice it sometimes?

MrJ0mmy says:

lol my cheap 720p webcam from china i got for $15 free shipping is way better

AlexanderArts says:

I bought this thinking that the 720p HD would be a big improvement over my old Logitech webcam – Seems that the old one was much better because it allows me to focus and the actually quailty of the c310 is still grainy and motion blurs a lot. This may be a good budget Webcam, but if you are expecting it to really look HD, it sure as hell doesn’t.

Fwiizone says:

Wait, can you stream with this device? Like on xsplit or OBS?

God says:

Is the sound record good with this camera? Good enough for lets say acoustic guitar and singing recording?

Dingus Bingus says:

It says 30 FPS on the box, but you can force it to do 60 fps. It’s a perfectly fine, cheap little webcam.

p0k3sMoT42o says:

Bad framerate


2018 Anyone ???

Rishab Bajaj says:

fps is horrible quality is fine if i’m watching on mobile app on pc its just ok

Dimitar V. says:


quangluu96 says:

30$ right now on BESTBUY

Durin VI says:

lol you look different

Gonçalo Esteves says:

that webcam sucks

pramod ranpariya says:

Can you tell me which is best webcam in mid range?

Tsudz says:

Can you take photos with this…. Like for stopmotion. If u can does the photo look good??

Rama Nuriawan says:

test with greenscreen bro

muvidz says:

Why the frame rate is so low?

Goldark FR says:

HD my ass! i have the same webcam and the quality is sh!t

m.A.A.dVillain says:

does it have a build in mic?

Mubashir AR says:

When I clicked on the video i was not expecting Austin. It’s great to see how far you’ve come 😀

Zantier Ta'sa says:

The framerate seems a lot better on the C270 (which I recommend).

Roy Torres says:

I tried using this cam with Tango , but couldn’t hear anything during video chat.  My girlfriend could here me ok.  Anyone experience this problem?  Any one know how to fix this? thanks

SRAVAN S says:


KSN Vlog says:

I am buying it today in Cambodia cost $32.00

WookieCookiee says:

That might be because of the program he was using

koban4max says:

Well…what do you know…the new max headroom!

Joshe Martin Sy says:

hey guys

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