Logitech C270 Webcam Review / Test

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AngryDuck says:

Did you reupload it again?

Zaber Ansary says:

Please review the Logitech C922. The New 1080p60 one when its available for buying.
I know you use the C920 daily.

Milliardo5 says:

I’m using a much lower model than this, and that’s the C170 I think. Adequate for Skype though I’m looking for the C920 or else Razer’s new Stargazer (whichever would be cheaper).

RaD_BraD1738 says:

can you do a giveaway for one of those mics plz

Emi #krtx says:

Can you please reviewing the miktek procast sst?

a says:

impressive audio for a $30 webcam

ByTheTimeYouHaveFinishedReadingMyLongUsernameIHaveTakenYourBagel says:

Nice video mate! Can you do some more headset reviews like the Razer Krakens, Steelseries Siberias etc

Gerardo Balduvin says:

reupload, lol

California 323 says:

Good review! I needed this.

Ryan Watts says:

WhAt was the external mic you used in this video?

Tas Dalius says:

Hello, great cam eks d.

325Radio says:

I just love the C270! I’ll begin to use it as a complement for images, to my HD camcorder. A little post word here and there and you’re done! 🙂

♔ King Jay ♔ says:

What is best wireless mic for karaoke?

GreekGameworld says:

you reupload it?

RubLox says:

webcams are pretty useless

Jayden Lee says:

G9000 7.1 surround sound headset pls

MaxN says:

Can you make a review of the shure pg42-usb?

Will Mayo says:

Why did you reupload this

iNfAmOuZ zErOo says:

Hola amigo no hablo inglés pero veo tus videos y gracias a ti me eh animado a comprar xenyx q502 usb y micrófono bm 700 tus reviws me ayudaron a elegir buenos accesorios para mi canal de twitch, felicitaciones por tus 10 000 subs

yuyao sun says:

do astro a40 please?

OMNI Fake says:

Please review EUROSOUND Compact-502 mixer, bcuz there is only one left in my city and i’m about to buy it

austin coody says:


Misquito73185 says:

You know, I’d really like to see a video on running a multi person podcast.

Dragon lover Dragon says:

Review the creative fatallity gaming headset

Horsman4James says:

wtf i swear like last week u had 1000 subs

Ayad Anas says:

wht the app r u using for editing

Acquisition Disorder says:

Interesting that internal mic on the C270 seemed to sound better than the C922.

Leonidix says:

can you do a Logitech c920 web cam review

Antonio D Ford Sr says:

Hey I’m going to be using this for my guitar tutorials and homework submissions for my online course! Would this work good for it?

McScruffy- says:

Wait. Didn’t you just upload this like 1-2dayd ago? Is this a reupload? Because I remember watching this before the upload time on here.

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