Logitech c270 vs c920 Webcam Review – Which Is Best For Youtube Video?

I picked up this little c270 Logitech webcam from the carboot for just over a fiver, with the idea of using it as another camera to give me an alternative angle in my videos.

Unfortunately the .wmv files the c270 produces are only really good for editing in Windows Movie Maker, so if that’s your editor of choice then the c270 might be an option, otherwiase save up for the C920 HD.

Thanks, Rob.



Ross Kelly says:

Yashica 35ME?

Holistic-Healing UK says:

This might be a stupid question (please bear with me, lol), but does the quality of the computer you’re working on make a difference to the quality of the picture? Thanks

lwarriorofgod says:

Hmmmm  multicam recording…..  Look up VMix  might be something.
Nice vid thanks

Pete's 3D Design says:

Hi Rob. interesting video and I hope you can give me a little advice. I am in the market to buy a webcam as I want to make some videos in my home recording studio, these will be tutorials and videos of me playing various instruments (synths, guitars etc) Now I was under the assumption that with a webcam such as the c270 or 920 you reviewed, I could record the video with the camera and simultaneously record a high quality audio feed of my instruments, mics etc through my PC’s audio interface. Yet on your video you record the audio with a zoom standalone recorder and mic and sync them up in your video editing. I assumed I would just be able to choose my audio interface as the audio input in the video recording software and it would record that with the images instead of the webcams mic? If you could shed any light on this I would much appreciate your time. Kind Regards Pete.

MDkid1 says:

Your audio sounds weird in both unlike in other youtuber c270 videos….strange.  Also,
is there any time limit to the videos you can record for youtube? I’m using it only for youtube videos.

Bob Wareham says:

Very good review of both cameras but I am looking for a camera to do a bird box that is just outside my window on the fence but don’t want to use VGA that bird box cameras use I want a better quality to view on my laptop.

Any recommendations would be good, Many thanks Bob

sirtinycreep says:

C270 is better

SuperFly says:


Daniel Burke says:

Stereo sound from a single source is the same as mono hahahahaha!

Baldnold says:

C920 for streaming on twitch ?

David Fox says:

The 920 definitely softens the lighting

Brandon Emmanuel Niebla Sandoval says:

i think C270 looks pretty nice, even better than C920

Oliver Andersen says:

What Cam does you use?

scantsquad says:

dude turn your bananas down! lol

Hezbollah Longlive says:

wat cam did you use to do this video it looks good

pcfreak1992 says:


Grownaz Gamerz says:

Have you tried using HandBrake to convert your wmv file to make it easier to edit? Might be able to make your 270 footage usable for your multi-angle project

Rob says:

I’m getting an c270 has they are only $40 and i like it has i need nothing fancy.

Calin B says:

Hy, nice video! the quality is good and there is no flow. the webcam performs depending on the system configuration so can you tell me pls on what configuration you recorded the video(processor, ram memory, video card and if you have ssd or hdd)? it will really help me decide to buy the c270 or not. By the way cool british accent.

Hieff Engine Company Ltd Hieffengine says:

I just purchased a C270 yesterday and it is now in the rubbish can. What a complete heap of rubbish. Runs in its own environment and overrides the windows functions. Expensive as well. Cost me $70 and the company would not give a refund. So I am happy to have it in the rubbish can. Don’t buy Logitech. No software with it, no instructions, just a webcam in an enormous box four times it needs to be. Does not allow the windows function to maximize the image. Gives tiny images in an high resolution screen. What else can I say. If you run windows it is not compatible.

TellNoL437 says:

With headphones on, the 920 has an echo from right ear t left ear that is able to be picked up… the c270 didn’t have that.

scantsquad says:

(hands towards screen) = Donald Trump, (hands away from screen) = just fine for box recording on livestreaming

praNNkii says:

dude i am not gay, but i like your voice, you can be really professional and get tons of subs, you should keep it up

and make thumbnails with ur face, the videos get a lot more views and attention 🙂

sirtinycreep says:

Good picture. You look like Norman Wisdom. Thanks.

tia'rani Marsh says:

*I loooooved>>>**t.co/BsTAOLmPVg**   that there was a screw at the bottom so that you can mount it on a tripod! I use it all the time for my Twitch Streams in the Creative section for my traditional art. I thought I had to buy a new camera to shoot downwards but I realized there was the screw on tripod option and man it works wonders. The camera overall is great, I am in love!*

Hoddyy says:

i have a c270 and i use the logitech software to record my webcam, but when i try to put it into hitfilm 4 express it says invalid, do you know why?

cotozazwierzak says:

sound seems to be better with 270

Paulo Parreira says:

I use C270 but focal point is locked to about 60-80cm (+- 3 feet), is there a way or software so it can be able to just local distance?

MDkid1 says:


Denis-Carl Robidoux says:

FYI digital (or electronic or software) zooming is actually scaling which means screwing up the resolution and the detail, it does NOT have its place in a device review.

kamata93 says:

Is it me or the Mic on the 270 is better?

Nikos Batras says:

Hi and thank you very much for the review. I have a question. If you turn off the auto white balance, does the problem with the green colour go away or it’s still changing every time a new object comes into the frame? Seems to be quite annoying. Thank you.

scantsquad says:

sorry to spam your vid but C920 audio sucks compared to C270

CornwallKate says:

Can both be used to stream ‘youtube live’ via wirecast play encoder software? Just learning live streaming on youtube, laptop built in camera is rubbish, looked into the option of using DSLR but saw a vid saying after 20-40 a DSLR will turn off due to battery/heat/or technical limitation and so for longer feeds its of no use? not sure of this? I do need a camera that can focus into the distance I want to stream views out the window as well as close up pet streams. Please can you advise. Driving me mad all this tech. Do any webcams focus further for landscapes, I’m guessing no?

Enjoying Lifes Journey says:

 Just got the C270 on sale, needed a webcam for Google hangouts but I love the idea of using it in addition to my DSLR for more angles in my other video’s. Thx for the review!

Kranz Fafka says:

Which microphone where you using in 17:55?

MarvelExtra says:

What a nice review and comparison! THX

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