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AuroraPeachy says:

Thank you for this great comparison video! Super helpful!

AdventureClass says:

I bought one of these and after 10+ hours of troubleshooting, fighting with drivers and reinstall of various Logitech software this camera has been unable to produce a clear image, i strongly recommend against anyone buying the brio. The driver and software issues are plentiful and the webcam doesn’t seem to work at all with asmedia 3.1 usb controllers. I have tried various light setups, automatic vs manual exposure. third part software and i struggle to get the same quality that my c920 has given me for years. pass over the brio due to poor software support and wait for the next 1080p60fps camera for streaming, i haven’t seen anything close to 4k looking images out of this camera. I will be returning this and waiting for a newer/better camera to be released that doesn’t struggle with so many software/driver problems. if there is some secret to getting this webcam to have a clean feed please let me know! i will be returning it in about a week.

DustyTV says:

C920 is $50 right now on Amazon. Buy it. Brio is a failed version in my opinion and many people have issues with it. Besides, many people don’t need 4k and why the hell do you need it? Do you really need to record anime posters on your wall in 4 k?

Taylor Merritt says:

*>>>**t.co/BsTAOLmPVg**  I loved how it can show a picture clearly and easy to configure I use it on my twitch streams*

Chad711 says:

The BRIO cam is crap. I just bought one to try it out for streaming. I was hoping to get more clarity than the C920. The C920 looks so much better. The Brio has washed out grainy colors. I cannot recommend this camera for streaming

Oussama Boughizene says:

OOP js would be very appreciated

NYX says:

Thank you Sweedish Elon Musk, great video <3

drewmorg says:

The Brio in 4k @ 30fps is VERY good. Especially considering we are not watching the video in 4k. Noticeably better than the 1080 mode.

Flanders says:

The product videos and descriptions are a lie.
These features were all removed. Or outsourced like “ChromaCam”. But that does not work properly.

But they still advertise with it.

envisiotube says:

Nice comparision!

lotius says:

Wow I was literally just looking at buying a webcam. Perfectly timed video!

Gwalargary says:

Thank you for the lighting. I was looking for this. Haha

Frity says:

First 🙂

Kelly The Coach Inc. says:

I have a question. I have purchased a BRIO, ran into issues with it. Purchased a second, same issues. I do not see any options with my camera for anything more than 60 FPS. I see options for various resolutions, however no havd 60 FPS. I have tried it with 3 computers. I had the geek squad at Best Buy try on a PC and MAC and same thing. We have tried it with windows 10 camera (have updated windows and the latest USB and camera drivers. Any ideas? The reason I bought the camera, was it does 1080P with 60 FPS. WHICH I suspect is much better than 1080P with 30??? HELP BTW i am using a Core i-5 8 gen

Political Fashionista says:

hello! this is one of the best vids of brio. finally a realistic comparison between brio and c920.
i have a question, if you don’t mind: does it work with a not so high speed processor? because i had a c930e and it was lagging even in 720p. the c920 doesn’t have that lag. please if you have any idea, help me with that. this cam is pretty expensive and i wouldn’t want to throw my money out the window. thank you!

StephenHeart says:

Lint remover. Get one. lol But thanks for the vid!

Adriano Cardoso says:

Belíssimo vídeo, meu pequeno.

Hassan Usaid Ahmad says:

Love your work and enjoy it. Would it be possible if you could make a video on making an e-commerce website with the clothing in the website and the cart etc thanks

Aaron King says:

Just bought the C920 for our podcast. $100+ less on B&H right now.

lolShitfaced says:

Nice vid but dude, honestly – it’s HD / 4K – get a clean shirt next time 😉

Marcial Heredia says:

I love this channel! 😉 Amazing info…

SWIFTzTrigger says:

Price difference is huge though

궁금해 says:

how do you setting?

NeutronicalGaming says:

It’s a 1080p video, you can’t put 4k in it. clearly that wont work. also the 4k is showing off every little imperfection in every surface because of it’s far higher samples per inch, so if you want perfect footage you need perfectly clean and perfectly lit environments. basically that leaves super hd in the realm of pro-sumer and professional productions. 1080 is enough for average users, unless you simply must have the latest and greatest for whatever reason.

Rtech Ingeniería SAS says:

Hello bro, i have the same camera and i want to make a video but i don´t know what kind of program i can use to record in the best quality video. If you can recommend me the best program to record and edit. THANKS!

Hey, Folks! says:

Fascinating. Your bad lighting example is still clearer than my setup with some lighting. I like the Brio thus far but I’m confused how it would look so good for you in medium to low lighting.

Simple Psychiatry says:

the contrast was actually better in 4k without any adobe editing I think. nice camera for sure though.

Jacob Golden says:

Thank you!

A C says:

it trips me out when theres three of you talking

CassyMonique says:

Very nice review. Thank you!

Dale Cooper says:

So Elon Musk is doing webcam reviews on YouTube now? Is there anything that guy can’t do?

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