Logitech Brio 4K / 1080p 60 fps Ultra HD Webcam Review

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/t9k1e (affiliate link) – Logitech has improved on their existing 1080p webcams with a new 4k model called the Brio. See more video cameras http://lon.tv/camcorders and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:37 – Hardware overview
01:54 – Stand and mounting options
03:02 – Privacy shield
03:56 – Image quality and samples (more at http://lon.tv/brio)
04:26 – Audio and video sample
04:45 – Low and varying light example
04:59 – Computer performance considerations
06:25 – Software control panel
08:30 – Windows Hello face recognition demo
09:32 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See more footage on my Extra’s channel: http://lon.tv/brio

The Brio is a nice addition to Logitech’s web cam line. They have, for many years, produced some excellent web cams that deliver image quality that far surpass most computer and tablet internal cameras. Image quality is excellent and the built in microphones have decent noise reduction with clear audio.

This new camera adds 4k resolution at 30 frames per second as well as 1080p at 60 frames per second. One thing to note is that you’ll want to make sure your computer is fast enough to handle the video output of the device. At times even my quad core i7 laptop struggled when it had other things going on in the background while recording 4k video.

All in this is a nice webcam and a nice addition to Logitech’s line up.

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Razor2048 says:

Sadly the pricing for webcams are out of control, consider this, a camera module capable of 4K video, on a device like the galaxy s7, cost under $12 if you look at the BOM analysis of the device. To make matters worse, the 4K video captured by a decent smartphone, looks better than what is captured by the Logitech Brio, in terms of fine detail.. Largely what has happened, is they took a cheap camera module, added a controller and USB interface, and then came up with a $200 price tag. Overall, it doesn’t seem to be good value from a technical standpoint.

59seank says:

Lon, thanks for the great videos. Speaking of video quality, I think the lighting in your studio could be improved. The color of your face does not look natural to me.

Giuseppe Cesarano says:

200$ is too much for regular use

Finn Andersen says:

only thing i do like is the windows hello. havnt seen many that supports that.

runman1271 says:

Great video! Keep up the great work.

Logitech, 200 for a web cam? LOL, not for me.

LapisGoBlue says:

thank you! I was just thinking of buying a webcam too! omg

Jose Caba says:

Works on Nvidia Shield android tv…

Sudhir Kankal says:

Hi, Suggest you to also review car dashboard cameras

Tom Provido says:

What’s the difference between this and logitech c920?

Changing World Project says:

Thanks for the great video Lon. I am looking for a webcam that can record a set with two people on it doing some cooking. Would this work as a bit of a wide angle webcam for this purpose? If not can you recommend anything? Thanks!

XSportSeeker says:

Logitech pretty much dominated this market because it seems to be pretty much dead for most other brands… and I guess they are kinda stuck in a position where it’s not all that much worth bringing new features (like an optical zoom or manual controls for instance) without it becoming too expensive a product for anyone to buy.

Out of curiosity, anyone has a better solution for live streaming, without the need for a capture card/box?

Afaik, the Logitech 1080p cameras are still widely used because of this… hard to find an USB ready solution to act as webcam without having to go through some capture device of sorts.

BasicAverageTwit says:

I can render video, play a game in 4k, capture 3840×2160 game streams, and run OBS with ZERO problems on my current system with 32gb of memory. When I run this Logitech BRIO camera and just try and capture it. Just capture it… IT DIES! It makes literally zero sense.

Viliam Šebora says:

Are there any other Windows Hello webcams that are cheaper?

asdf4455Gamez says:

What are some good camcorders at this price point?

Luis Garcia says:

Hello Lon. Passwords for Patreon website could be compromised: http://gizmodo.com/cloudbleed-password-memory-leak-cloudflare-1792709635 Regards, LE

EposVox says:

They need an advanced settings module to allow us to manually control the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. This is getting ridiculous.

Roopinder Pal Singh Randhawa says:

This does not have Hardware compression. That would have really helped in conference calls based on NUC

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great work

Edgar Lauch says:

hey, one question: does it use h.264 or h.265 ?

thelastmike says:

Camcorder seems more the way to go. It also is doing the recording and so taking a lot of the requirement out of what computer you are using too.

Julio Meza says:

could you compare the old model c950 vs the new one. 4k

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