Cheap & Easy Facecam! | Logitech C310 Review & Overview

When it comes to setting up facecam or a webcam in your videos or live streams, your facecam is only going to be a very small box. So do you need a super high-quality, 1080p webcam for it?


Logitech C310 Product Links:

Logitech C920 Product Links:

RAW Microphone Test:


Webcam Review Playlist:


Logitech HD Webcam C310 Product Features:
“Fluid 720p HD video recording and video calling in 16:9 widescreen
Vibrant 5 MP photos
One-click upload to Facebook and YouTube
Auto light correction for dim and harsh lighting, and built-in noise-cancelling mic
Works with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Live Messenger”

“Say it bigger. Say it better. High definition video up to 720p, a wide-angle lens and autofocus for picture quality that’s simply amazing. Video chat, blog, stream and upload to Facebook in just one click. The term ‘webcam’ doesn’t quite do it justice. Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology gives you smooth, fluid video. Crystal clear images. Rich colors.”

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ThatAsianOne says:

So U wanna know how to prank

Deena ElDesuky says:

do you recommend this over the microsoft lifecam HD-3000?

Bskin says:

Don’t get this webcam it make your face yellow.

Micha says:

Came for the review, stayed for the voice. Holy shit I want your voice.

YarharALC says:

I know this video is hella old, but should I get a C310 or C615 if I’m mainly using it for video chat, with a little bit of Twitch thrown in?

I actually have a C310, but the camera itself broke, so now I just use it for the mic. so I’m a little biased towards getting one with a better build quality, but the video quality doesn’t seem to match on the 525/615

LORD_ ORiGiNALz says:


TheGamingLeprechaun says:

your voice made me continue to watch lol, great video tho.

Peanut haterzz says:

Does it work for ps4 please reply!!!!

BGBOT Gaming says:

Is there an option if I got right lightning in the room the footage won’t look as choppy as in the example of the Logitech C310?

Valerie Lopez says:

This video answered all my questions! Thank you so much!

Greenlightrambo says:

how do you make the square bigger on your gameplays

Kryha says:

earned a sub!

Aquatic says:

so helpful
was going to get the C310,
but now im getting the C920.

Parol Jalakas says:

Nice video! What game is at 3:57?

Atul Goku says:

thanks bro

Ripley says:

Finally a tech reviewer that has a link not just link!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You literally just earned a Sub for that reason

MarioH1508 says:

$20 on amazon? In my country(croatia) it costs around $80-.-

theeddy says:

i actualy love your vids

MidnightMarrow says:

Eh, the whole point of having said camera is for the quality. Running them in 480p will reduce that. Max res cropped will have that crisper detail that one should strive for!

9MM Rapier Studios says:

Trying to decide between the c310 OR lifecam HD-3000 for streaming ?

chateau7 says:

How do I get rid of the big frame around the image? I can’t seem to do that.

JSF says:

Lucky Americans everything is so cheap

Veezy says:

Why the cringe thumbnail

JSF says:

Btw u have a nice voice

Matt Yeazel says:

This is probably a dumb question, forgive me but with the elgatohd60 can you use a gopro as a facecam?

Ismail Unal says:

is that Danny D ???

Nedim Mutlu says:

Hey which mic are u using?

WhatHappens says:

this is the first video i have i watched on your channel.. gr8 vdo buddy…

Vincentius Ronalto says:

crispy sound lol

Vincentius Ronalto says:

Do use mic to record your voice?
Btw nice voice and video

Ari n Stuff says:

by now they have a 4k webcam just fyi

Vera Lee says:

Thanks for the info. I’m building my computer this week and already spent a lot on parts, I want to start streaming but I don’t wanna spend another chunk of money. Will definitely pick this one up.

Raven Siren says:

YES! Thankies~ :3

PAIR360TV says:


Mubashir Mahi says:

dat voice

grey grey says:

What do you mean by (upscaled)? What did you do?
Great review btw!

The FabBurrito says:



how long is the usb cable

PlayableGamezArchives says:

You look like Linus in your thumbnail

ThatAsianOne says:

Can u make a video of a Logitech c310 vs c270 quality test

Jay says:

Great video you just gained a subscriber 🙂

Kasia says:

I didn’t expect your voice with your face. You sound like every dude on the radio commercials.

Micha says:

Do you might know the difference between the C525 and the C310?

chaz Gonzalez says:

Can I plug this in ps4 and start live streaming from twitch there ? And great video I subscribed

Jem Sack says:

great vid dudester, thanks!

Meno HD says:

by the thumbnail I thought this was Linus Tech Tips

cast cube says:

Yesterday I crashed my Auna 900 B .
So I used this cam … I wondert how awesome this mic is!!!

Symmetrized says:


how much?

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