Best Webcam: Logitech C922 vs C920

Which is the best webcam for PC & Mac? Check out the Logitech C922 vs C920! (C922: ; C920:

– Logitech C922:
– Logitech C920:

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— Best Webcam: Logitech C922 vs C920 —

The Logitech C920 has long reigned as the ‘top’ webcam for video producers and gamers alike, but it’s been years since an update. In 2016 Logitech finally released the C920’s successor, the C922 – but is it worth the upgrade? Is the C922 better than the C920? And in what circumstances should you choose one over the other?

In this video we take a look at both webcams for video producers, and which one is the best webcam for PC & Mac: it’s the Logitech C922 vs C920!

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Sundeep Kataria says:

Great video. … always.

Ry Naylor Guitar says:

Very helpful video. Think I’ll be going for the C922 for my Skype lessons and possible future streams.

RedEyeJedi says:

what’s the difference between the business logistic camera and these.

XxDeViLBrInGeRxX says:

the c922 is a piece of shit, mine just breaks the image if i go with 720p or higher resolutions, i tried OBS and Xsplit and no solution whatsoever, also the drivers are total crap and not even the logitech webcam software is 100% compatible with it.

Stay away from the c922, get the c920, im so pissed with this stupid buy i made, and worse thing is that i can’t return it cuz i got it on an international trip

juggernautxtr says:

never liked logitech, everything i have owned from them has been junk but everyone and their mother, brother and sister says these are the thing to have.

Robert Collis says:

Guess I’ll hold onto my 920. For my needs it’s definitely more than enough.

ck bhall says:

justin u gona reach your 20 k subs really soon . am damn ha;ppy for you , keep kikin the hut.

Amin Anvary says:

what about c930e? Can U please check and review this one? Thank’s alot

Gud says:

i’m returning my c922 today because the controls don’t work, among other things.

Douglas Anthony Cooper says:

Which software are you using to record with the C922? With Quicktime, using the Logitech Camera Settings software, I have no option (that I can see) for switching between 1080p and 720p. My results are softer than yours, so my assumption is that it’s defaulting to 720. I’ve tried a third party software called Webcam Settings — it has a sharpening function, which seems to help.

Both programs pretend to offer Zoom, Pan, Tilt functionality; I can’t get this to work with either of them — have you had any luck?

Sweet Angel says:

Dear justin what light do u use? Awesome quality of video.. Pls tel me temperature colore of ur lamps. Thanks a lot.

xRaizzer59 says:

Sorry i don’t understand english very well ^^ so if i want buy a webcam C922 have good upgrade and are very better than C920 or C920 are very good to it’s not indispensable to buy the C922 ? ty In advance ^^

Alonso Andrés says:

but what kind of a mic which I can use to a better audio quality with this webcam?

NicheWebVideo says:

Hey Justin All the best for the new year, a question for lighting …….. when using lights to enhance the image if you are a person who wears glasses what is the best way to position the lighting or camera to stop the reflection being shown. This seems to be a problem even when you are using a green screen setup with other cameras or trying to front light the subject as you showed for the webcam shoot. Regards Russell

JediSpectre117 says:

Any idea why both the C920 and C922 are crisp and focused for you while for me, trying out both the webcams resulted in grainy and unfocused/ blurring video’s?


parce dos preguntas:
una seria cuanto seria la velocidad de subida necesaria para hacer streaming.
dos seria en caso de que me alcanze la velocidad de subidad si ya tengo esta camara le puedo bajar calidad por ejemplo que quede en 720p

ElDani19 says:

Testing at 60 fps and the video is rendered in 30 fps xDD

xodrinker says:

thx for a good review, made it clear for me which one to choose

Deyaa Taha says:

thank you justin very much I have c920 and I was thinking to change it into a dslr camera but i have a money issue .
after seeing this video U showed us how awesome the quality can be .
so I have a request for you that you make a video in how to set up the settings to have a quality like this such as what to change in the software settings ,lighting,sound etc ….

and again you are the best justin 🙂

Adarsh Satyam says:

how can i make good content ?? what is contect!!!

Nige Reviews says:

Hi Justin – can you lock exposure on Macs with this? I am using Wirecast to stream to YT and Facebook. I have 4 LED panel lights in my studio, the FaceTime Camera automatically sets exposure so it doesn’t matter how bright I have them, or how dark, the exposure stays the same – over exposing on face in order to expose darker areas which I don’t want bright…

T Rachelle says:

Did you use any additional lighting for this video? Quality looks amazing

Benny Schapero says:

Can I connect the c920 to a Nexus7 tablet? Does anybody know?

Stewart Craig says:

What if I spill my milk on it. Will it survive. Very important


I just bought the Logitech c920 and the videos looks a lot better that my Canon vixia hf r600, especially on low light.

Megan Mays says:

Is there an option for horizontal flip?

OblivionSlayer says:

To me the Logitech C920 is a more bang for your buck!

Seba Hida says:

i Need to now if c922 works with Logitech Webcam Software and also conected…c920 same time. you tried this ??. I have conected…same time Orbit , c910 , c920 ( all with Wirecast and controler LWS) and….i dont now if buy this product. Tanks!!!

MisterMiller says:

Thanks for sharing. By the way you look like Chris Martin 🙂

Michael Krisa says:

Justin any plans at looking at the C930e also?

Andreas Andersen says:

Hello Justin 🙂

Im still dont know what i want to buy…
I only need one webcam to make a good and nice stream on twitch 🙂
What will you choose?

– Andreas

TheFernow says:


Miles Moore says:

C922: Zoom ? Same at “Claimed” 4x as the C920 ?

famale says:

and what buy?c920 or c922?i use hromo

Mello Multimedia says:

What about Facebook live? Is it better than using the mac camera?

Nanette Floyd Patterson says:

Thanks Justin!

A Poison Pie says:

Quality doesn’t look like a web cam. Looks like a dslr

shivendra solanki says:

this was very helpful justin, thanks for theamazing video , i myself will be buying c922 for making video content .
your content was helpful and to the point , best comparison video between these cams in all the videos i have watched

Thecheckmate777 says:

My c922 isnt working seemes to be no available drivers for windows!?

TheAirheaded1 says:

Keep in mind folks, this is an old video! Logitech BRIO = WINNING!

Jianing Yan says:


KevJYT says:

How did you get such clear and sharp video quality? It doesn’t compare anything to the C922 I got at all. Can you share a few tips?

The MindCracker says:

Can you make a video how to film a video using Logitech webcam..?

redlabl says:

Justin bro thanks for your knowledge!

Katherine Shadwick says:

A very helpful review – thank you! Could you please advise which of the three: C920, C922, or C930e, would be best for teaching online? What is important for me is: 1. being able to have video in HD on Skype and Zoom. 2. Being able to record HD video for Youtube and Facebook, also going live on Facebook and Youtube. Or is there yet another (better) alternative to the 3 Logitech cameras (I don’t want to spend too much as I’m only starting)? Very, very grateful for your help. Kind regards, Katherine.

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