Best Webcam For Streamers & Gamers?

Razer Stargazer vs Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam… Both want to be the Best Webcam for Streaming, But who wins when it comes to Gamers / Twitch Streamers? Which one will be the best webcam for twitch?

Recorded at EBExpo 2016


Alternative FACTS says:

And Trump kingdom has become a true prophecy now.

Blair Inmenzo says:

trump kingdom? not yet and god i hope not!

KiddsockTV says:

I wonder if others will throw their hat in the ring. Sony? or Panasonic?

Hero says:

This is probably the biggest tease I have ever seen you do Blunty. I Thought you had these webcams T_T. be waiting for the reviews.

Elmunso says:

I watched a few demo streams from razer when they were at a convention showing off the Stargazer. Watching the webcam though twitch gave a good field test on it. I am really looking forward to your breakdown of the product. The “On the fly greenscreen” worked well with their stream even with a lot of people walking past it in the background. They said it works even better when it is a static background. I personally think Logitech have a big hurdle to get over to beat out the Stargazer. I will be waiting for your comparison before I make my final choice.

Pigzit says:

The “New Trump Kingdom” XD

GadgetGamerTV says:

“The Trump Kingdom.” Don’t remind me.

Ultra Mag64 says:

personally I’m excited for the stargazer especially with only a 50 bucks price difference but yeah I wanna see which preforms better in the real world before dropping any cash

kdanh712 says:

nice comparison!

Kouta KnifeEMOji says:

“Trump Kingdom” That’s scarier than any horror movie of 2016.

Frostbyte says:

I think the stargazer is a great piece of tech but I believe needs a 6th generation Intel processor. I think the C922 tickles my fancy alittle more due to my i7 2600k.

Nathan Peot says:

definitely the razer

Eazi Dollaz HD says:

this video just made me order a upgrade for my current c920

Absurd Tiger says:

Luke from linustechtips reviewed the Logitech C922 a few days ago. Seems alright. Looking forward to the Stargazer review, though.

BinaryKode Games says:

Oh there’s me 1:14

Wily Bandittoe says:

Well, the stargazer has windows hello, and i hate typing my password.

Jerzyslugga says:

Blunty u should invest in audio bed time stories I’d buy em your voice is quite pleasant lol smh

yummdiddy says:

Not a fan razer. I’m gonna go with the logitech, because i know it will work well and for a long time

Spinosaurusking875 says:

Trump Kingdom? Oh dear…

Xtrememaster Pokemon, Minecraft and more says:

I really want that stargazer webcam

...Since Spacies says:

I’m a big Logitech fan from a long time back. But seeing this new effort from Razer has got me curious!

Daren Sirbough says:

Thanks for the info!

Gar_ee says:

I’ve yet to see a test of the stargazer’s background removal that wasn’t absolute garbage. It was shit 8 months ago during the demos at conventions, and it’s just as shitty with the few people who have it now and have put up test videos on youtube. A 20 dollar sheet and a 10 dollar lamp can make a far better green screen experience, and considering the price, cheaper too.
The quality hasn’t been any better than the c920 either, just improved framerates in well lit scenes. You’ll only get 60fps with bright lights shining in your face on either of them.

Considering the Stargazer is double the price of the c922, it’s not much of a stretch to just outright call the c922 the winner.

matthew forsyth says:

If i had a need for a webcam i’d pick the razer stargazer for its design and features.

BeyCinema says:

Trump Kingdom? xDDD Great video!

Laminou Bendaas says:

I think linus made a review

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

At the EB expo,, did you see the thermal take booth? Imfacerollgaming was there and all the water cooled custom PCs were on showcase

Friendlies Plays says:

Nice vid Blunty! This was very helpful!

Typhoonproductions says:


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