Ausdom AW615 1080P Webcam REVIEW

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This is a video review of the Ausdom AW615 1080p webcam.

The 1080p webcam can do 30 fps and use the standard windows web cam driver. You can also install the driver to get a few additional setting but in the auto mode it’s pretty much the same. As you can see from my video, the video can be a little but dull and not as sharp as I like. I found the audio was fine and using it for Skype mostly I’m pleased with it. I’m use to a high quality Microsoft Cinema cam so when compare to this, it does seems a little bit lack luster. However, for the price, it’s not a bad product and you get manual focus to focus at different distance. The “12 MP” pictures must be interpolated because it’s noisy and doesn’t look that great.

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Ânderson Peroty says:

how many fps?

edmark2 says:

Anyone know why I don’t get the sound when I skype with someone? Picture is fine on my end and one the end that I am Skyping, just no sound. I can hear them but they can’t hear me. Please help! Thanks, Ed

Rhett Rasmussen says:

I’m trying to use it with my video recording software and when the recording starts the window for the camera turns purple plz help.

PuzzleSolver says:

Wondering if you can recommend something that is a true 720p HD or 1080p HD webcam that is under $25.00? I’ll check your channel to see if you have any other reviews.. Thanks!

Miguelendi3 says:

What the camera is so lagged? :/

alanwilder91 says:

In your opinion which one is better between this and the Lifecam HD-3000?

Danny Niederberger says:

The protective lens film is impossible to remove!

Karin Worthy says:

I tried to use my new webcam and found that while the camera worked fine, I have a problem as the person I was contacting by Skype could not hear me. In the end I gave up. Not sure what I was doing wrong. All speakers were switched on.

carnin says:

just subscribe,what is a good webcam you would recomend?

TwentyEightySeven says:

Thanks for the concise review. I just wish you had tested the camera in a brighter room so it would be easier to judge the image quality. I want to get a new webcam and I like bullet shaped ones, I wish more people made them. Just a few extra questions…..Does this REALLY do video chat in full 1080p or is it actually downgraded to 720p in things like Skype? Because the quality seriously does not look full HD…..Once you set the manual focus to over 30cm is says it works to Infinity so can you leave it at that forever and it will be OK? (don’t want to have to adjust it all the time)…… How does the image quality compare to the Microsoft LifeCam Studio which runs at 720p (says its 1080p)? If the difference in quality is huge it might be a better buy. Thanks!

PuffballFlyingCloud says:

glitchy a bit

Thecurt says:

I can NOT get this little piece of shit over 13 fps even 640×360 it goes between 9 and 13 FPS. Do not buy this junk.

Mirrorunlimited says:

It’s so funny how you’re wearing Sennheiser HD 598 headphones but you review a 25 dollar cheapo-webcam 😀

Harold says:

30fps?? CmonBruh

Lefty says:

is there software to download?, to use the webcam?.

Jonny Deth says:

Quality is no better than $4 no namers I’ve bought from China

DV_laeffy says:

Where you from???

Itz Lunarrr says:

that shit is not 1080p, thats 720

Erik Gissén says:

DO NOT BUY THIS IT IS SHIT. Let me tell you why.
1. No auto focus – you have to manually adjust the focus every time you use it
2. IT HAS ONLY 5 FRAMES / SEC when set to Full HD (1920 x 1080) This is why in this video he says “It’s a bit laggy” because it in fact IS LAGGY, and this is not because of his android settings.

You need to change to 640*480 in order to get to 30 FPS which is still not that good.

The full HD is just a trick, it’s only good to take pictures with that resolution. I returned it after finding this out.


Hello, there is a driver for MAC, where can I find it?

Thank you

Elşən Yusibov says:

Thank you for this video. Does it work with windows 10 ?

Zapatista says:

thanks for the info man

KyzeDZN says:

Can u use it on camera and just randomly doing clips to edit or is it just for skype

Anukis kis says:

I just bay this camera, and I have problems with the quality, there is a lot of pixel in the image and i’m not capable of fix it. This camera suppose to rec at HD or at least somethinn likely. you have some advice for the confuguration??

uriahsmusic says:

how does this cameras video look compared to the camera in your computer?…How about the sound.


Hola, existe driver para MAC, Donde puedo encontrarlo?


EternalSmiley says:

idk about other programs but for the program you can download for it.. i figured out you just gotta adjust the sharpness and ‘focus’ manurally to improve the quality.

zx50 P says:

If this video was recorded using your Android device, okay, because, like you said, that was what caused the lagging/low frame speed. If this video was recorded though using a fast, or even a decently fast computer/laptop, that webcam’s frame rates aren’t very smooth at all.

Dubbing Master Studios S.L. says:


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