#1392 – HP HD 5210 1080p Webcam Video Review

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The HP HD 5210 1080p Webcam is really in a class of it’s own since it has a H.264 video processor built in. This means a true 30FPS at 720p & 1080p. It comes with HP TrueVision for clear images in low light, noise cancelling microphones, auto focus, glass lens & capable of taking 13MP stills.


ScalezX says:


HAWK says:

Does this have like a motion blur when you move fast? is it fast response? 

Lewis Hollings says:


gaianoob says:

Great review!

ScaleCarModels says:

Cool product thanks for the review!

yapchagi says:

I’m not talking about the price. I’m talking about the camera itself. What it can do.

megakiller999 says:

He uses Opera web browser 😛

elliekoon says:

Just because of that it destroys this one? And this one was $35. Over 50% cheaper than yours. Can’t beat that!

leslie dean brown says:

What’s the difference between this and the HP 4310?

naadsk says:

It costs 3 dollars in Holland….

lhaveAfoot says:

what happened to the wispser test

setite says:

This camera has the same problem the C920 has but worse. The onboard encoding is super economical meaning its fast but really blurry. My C910 on a good computer looks better than the C920 on any computer. It’s basically like encoding a video with a super low bitrate and getting a fast encode, but crappy picture.

Viltsu25 says:

so is this good for streaming? like is the frame good enough so when i raise my hand it does not go slowly and lag and stuff and the quality is it good?

PredPlaysOn says:

Mine is really laggy 🙁 ive got the 4310…

iPointNLaugh says:

really nice webcam and review.

metal571 says:

so you’re going to tell me that a video, encoded at 1920×1080 with youtube’s obvious video compression still looks NO BETTER THAN a 720p video on youtube? you’re blind.

Saman Perera says:

Hi. Wonder this will work on Samsung smart TV,,,


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Naala says:

so far this seems to be the best cam ive found for that price is there any other suggestions that might have same audio quality and maybe better video quality?

Kumail Al-Qadi says:

is the webcam work in linux


It is compatible with Windows 10?

AtomiicPC says:

im suprised i didnt see any comments saying “1080p? then why is highest quality 720p?”

BobiFromTheHoodJeLud says:

No motherboard tray? Cmon man…

khaled khayat says:

I bought this webcam but there seems t be incredible lag and frame is very slow. what can I do to fix that?

G0odm0rning says:

does it work on windows 8?

Esa Jonne says:

C920 nuff said… No one likes hp abnymore

yapchagi says:

My logitech C920 destroys this one. Full HD 1080p Video Chat over skype!!! Can’t beat that!

hemeon says:

Your argument, though formidable, is losing.

MrMut74 says:

сука, заебал это форекс. дебилы

Naala says:

c920 is not as good as many thinks huge focus problems and very slow focus

metal571 says:

uh, yeah it is, you obviously haven’t watched something like a movie trailer on it yet

Guanjaman1 says:

I just bought this, should I have got somthing different

mark palmos says:

nice, enthusiastic review… the audio sounds good, better than the Logitech 920HD which has AWFUL audio. The HD video however is very soft and definitely not 1080, not even 720… it is lower than that. I dont know why, but the live footage is way softer than the still shots of the webcam itself towards the end.

TwiztedRandom says:


KoWey says:


ultramancer says:

1080p looked worse that 720p

utubehater666lol says:

i bught the c920 ;lol it has very low crappy color..and vibrance and other stuff not good at all i mean very washed out colors n settings doesnt look good i took it bak.to best buy.n got muny back lol and went home hooked up back my microsft hd 3000 cam..and the colors and contrast wasss booosting and was good right off the bat thats how i no…microsft is better then logitek lol

BOTZing says:

I saw that you reviewed the Quickfire TK Red switches keyboard, and i was wondering if you bought it yourself, or the company sent it to you as a review product. If you received it from the company, could you tell me how to proceed to get the company to send one to you, i would like to review it on Tom’s Hardware but i do not have the funds to purchase such item. Thank you!

TrantaLocked says:

That wasn’t an insult. Toby Turner is a very cool guy at heart.

metal571 says:

tests 1080p webcam -> uploads in 720p. really?

TrantaLocked says:

During the drawing part, 3dgameman seemed like an older Toby Turner, anyone feel that?

Денис Антіпов says:

Can you connect several HP HD-4310 to the same PC? I mean will there be ane problems with hardware identification and using them simultaniously?

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