We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..

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We found a manufacturer called Kingspec on Ali Express, and decided to give one of their SSD’s a shot. Here’s what happened.

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TeamHansen19 says:

Plz never think vids like this is wasted time, i learn so much, thank you!

Shane Johns says:

So what if it is slow? It’s not nearly as bad when combined with an M.2 device that is working as the buffer/cache.

Mahesh Thakur says:

I bought KingSpec 64GB drive for $25 in Nov 2017 and still running fine. I was cheapest SSD at that time for me. Other brand are too much expensive. I used it as windows C drive partition. I m using daily 12 hours my laptop and it still running fine. 5TB data written done. Its performance is also great.
I would recommend if u have old system ans u just wanna upgrade it.

Jody Bruchon says:

I recognize KingSpec because they are the only company that makes cheap PATA SSDs. Dropping a KingSpec 32GB PATA SSD into an old Pentium II laptop is nothing short of amazing. You can get KingSpec drives from U.S. sellers so they’re not really that odd.

IRoastU says:

I’m a designer and the their logo is a stolen one from Derrick designs lmfao

Jack Gookler says:

Linus must love marketing aliexpress all the time.

Nightwave Radio says:

Wow man you really explain this stuff in a way that is idiot proof. I’m learning a lot from your channel. I also love all these weird hardware experiments you do. Very fascinating stuff.

rawux1228 says:

I bought P3-512gb version for about 80$ (branded same capacity ssd price’s were from 140$ in my local stores back then) and it increased my laptop boot times from 5 mins to 20-30secs. had it for 1 year and had no problems with it. Today its not worth getting an unbranded drive and risk your data, but back then it was worth trying since it was 2x cheaper.

MultiTelan says:

“I recommend it…” I could have sworn was going to be followed up with, “to be thrown directly into a dumpster fire where it belongs.”

BetaWolf47 says:

7:17 – 7:23 There is no way anybody will ever take this out of context. Ever.

Shorr Kan says:

fuck you and fuck your sponsor

DarkSoul3092 says:

hey i got a ssd called a OYUNKEY if anyone has heard of it before but i plugged it into my pc and when i try to install things or play games with it. it randomly turns off when i mean off i mean the pc doesn’t pick it up any more until i restart my pc is the ssd a fake or is it just a broken ssd they gave me?

Callan Brain says:

2:48 haha Linus, I do like that one.

Domah Haadil says:

watching this vid from a kinspec ssd. For the price i think it works well, its not for tech savy beings, it works fine for average users and people on budgets.
Anyway it is not made for connoiseurs.

Jason Mraz says:

well my 128gb kingspec SSD just destroyed itself and took my hard drive with it. The SSD is not recognized anymore and the hard drive is unrecoverable

Joon Park says:

Haha Karma work!! Fxxk yea!

2fast4all says:

Picked up 2x 500GB Crucial MX500 SSDs for $57.99 at microcenter. Man what a deal and their fast in a Dell T3500 rigs.

Karol Rolbiecki says:

I usually despise utubers but ur good 🙂

TomBot says:

Uh oh. I have a KingSpec mini pcie half card in my laptop.

Andrew Atkin says:

Most of the reviews for this product are legit (only 2 fake reviewers on there) but watch out for fake reviews on amazon for brands you’ve not heard of before. It’s happened with many products that I’ve seen floating about amazon so I’d recommend to not trust the total rating from reviews as much anymore.

Anton Kovalev says:

Поiiiёл ты на +уй пиздабол)

damon-st says:

If you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it … Hitler ! get subscribed… Why would anyone want Hitler as a subscriber ?

DJ D3PR3SS3D says:

I bought a kingdian 32gb SSD and it made a huge ass difference.I really don’t care about what happens to it but it works!

FarmYard Gaming says:

Ha, did you say SSD?!

nextFauzindo says:

but does it still run faster than my 5400 rpm hard disk?

Jonas Simkus says:

I got glass wire it blocked battle field 5 cuz

It was made from EA

FeinesFabi says:

Hey folks: Is there a way to block channels so they don’t show up in the recommendations?

simplex says:

I would like to get a 60gb but I’m hoping it is a good price for the answer? https://www.ebay.com/itm/283328324519

Matthew Gaming says:

just buy from amazon and buy from name brands like samsung or even adata

John Gregory says:

I used AliExpress once. Never again. I can pretty much get the same things on Amazon and other sites without getting screwed.

V UK says:

keep assuming the drive is bad but stats and your tests seems not too bad, if you claim that if it will slow down when drive is full then fill it up then test it again then instead of talking long with loud voice, just show the data


nands can write data only certain number of times….Thats Disturbing. Then how long do the best SSDs last before causing loss of data or when would a replacement be required?

Comp Wiz2007 says:

It’s chips are made from Chinesium, what did you expect?

systemBuilder says:

These have been around 5+ years, from the dawn of SATA-1 Specification. So not exactly a fly-by night company.

Boy Ipis says:

HAHAHAHA good idea… hmmmm nice gift hahaha

Corbin Nielsen says:

Did you just assume my LBA?

SysPowerTools says:

Revisit this topic with the falling dram prices.

James Ryan says:


ShqTth says:

Long time ago I was looking for an SSD for my laptop that used IDE. Kingspec had both SLC and MLC versions at 16/32/64GB size ranging from $60-$200. Obviously the SLC version was either 2x more expensive or half as much in size. At the time I read that initial SSD’s had studer issues, so I never bought one. anyways this was back in 2007/2008 i think.

jamie goode says:

See my first n only build last February I used my Amazon Prime….was budget hunting for ram and storage and came across GLOWAY, managed to grab 16gb 2400hz and 2 x 128gb ssds for a fraction of the price of others, all have been working well since then…..nearly a year later!

Starcraft And Caffeine says:

I got one off amazon a year ago and it’s been working good. Using it right now.

hristoskof1 says:

I had a computer that could not run any game from the 21st century and now I can run this video at 4 K… Don’t see much difference from 1080p though… I’m using an old analogue monitor with HDMI to VGA adapter, so maybe that’s it, or is the problem somewhere else?

Max vd Berg says:

Is the OS running faster on the Kingspec SSD than on a Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM?

MuggZie says:

has anyone noticed, when you close your eyes, and listen to Linus, he sounds just like Steve Carell =D love and respect, love your content <3

veron ricci says:

I hold a different point of view about LTT channel editor’s opinion . Biased opinion . I bought a wonderful reasonable price level SSD from Taobao. Read more chinese product details under the “Header”. All depends on your “Choice”. Ask more and pick one you trust mostly. If fail, return your purchase to the seller.

Lars G# says:

But what if you do it RAID0 ?

Hang Yang says:

but can it run crysis

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