WD FINALLY do an SSD… But How Much Faster IS IT?

Blunty checks out the new WD Blue SSD – it took them longer than I’d have guessed but WD FINALLY have SSD’s – so lets see how much faster they are versus the WD Blue HYBRID drives which ALSO have some SSD storage (sitting atop a mechanical HDD).

Lil’ Anvil Build video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5PzdrTK0o4

“With read speeds up to 545MB/s, write speeds up to 525MB/s and a massive 1TB capacity, WD Blue SATA SSDs deliver fast system boot times and less load time. With superior performance and leading-edge reliability, the WD Blue SSD offers digital storage that is optimised for multi-tasking and ready to keep up with your high performance computing needs. Backed by a 3 year limited WD warranty.” https://www.wdc.com/products/solid-state-drives/wd-blue-ssd.html

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Anilea Noriel says:

lmao =P go sugar free when making youtube videos. =)

BlackCat2 says:

I was given an SSD drive not too long ago but I still have not put it in my computer yet. I don’t know if I will. There isn’t anything wrong with it. The former owner of said drive was just upgrading to a larger SSD and no longer needed it. I think I would rather have a new one though over a slightly used one but time will tell if I do decide to use it or not. :p I would mainly have it for the OS only. – Heidi

Atheist Avenger says:

LMAO, that was unexpectedly hilarious.

winchyy33 says:

Great video Blunty 🙂

Mitchell Denham says:

About goddamn bloody time Western Digital brought out an SSD… But, it’ll hard for them to convince me to jump ship from Samsung’s Evo/Pro range… Unless they are stupid cheap.

Dima Gurevich says:

This is basically a re branded SanDisk Ultra II.
I want you to answer this: Would you have bought this SSD in SanDisk branding?

andy plays says:

slow clap

i can English

cool vid man

Xzarfna says:

Very nice, Prices for this look good as well. Looking at £70 cheaper for a 1TB SSD getting it from WD than samsung. As I only buy drives from companies I trust and have experience with, a WD SSD upgrade might be coming my way soon!

Simon R says:

Wow, I had no idea that SSDs had such an effect on texture pop in like that. I thought it was just the GPU’s VRAM that affected such graphical irritations.
Good video, Blunty.

dash8brj says:

Nice work Blunty – SSD for any computer is a major improvement over spinning platter or even hybrid drives. And yes switch back to the sugary ones – although the neurons misfiring did make this video even more entertaining than your usual style 🙂

Calman102 says:

Liking this video for the sheer wit that took place. The Windows joke was just brilliant! Keep it up! 😀

Oh, and very informative as usual, but that bares not repeating.

Nerd Spark says:

1:28 Did you just take a swipe at LTT LOL?!

Alvin Dela Cruz says:

i enjoyed watching you videos. not so serous but full of details. 🙂

NuttyToucan says:

Great video! Just added one of these to my new build and love it!

Guilawless says:

Oh look it’s my case! Love the SG13

Luca Maistre says:

hahahaha this is a really good video

steven kutschat says:

LOL i’m 2 minutes in and I’ve already laughed a few times Subbed!

Eugene Kirscht says:

I just read an article recently and basically what Western Digital did was buy the Sandisk corporation. I’m not sure if they will keep both brand names or what. But having both leaders in high quality media is a good thing. Good review!

Boxing Gamer says:

I’ve had good luck with Crucial and Mushkin SSDs so far, and they’re cheap. Good to see WD join the ranks. I’ll always use WD if I need a regular HDD but not sure I’m convinced to go to them for SSD.

I might ConTroll You says:

What, I liked the sticker !

Nature King says:

I have always been a loyal buyer of Wd drives,they seems to have have really build a great reputation with their products far more durable than others which have failed me quite a lot,well i just got to get me a Wd ssd anytime soon,hope the price of this drops a bit though since there is the M.2 & NVME SSD’S on the market gradually picking up.

JustThaor says:

Weird day today hahaha, great

Mic Mule says:

this answers my question without me looking for it. how to fix pop in

Those Hairy Gamers says:

Nice work! I really need to pick up another couple of SSDs for game storage and video editing. I usually go for the Samsung 850 EVOs myself. These seem to sit around the same rough price point, do you know how these ones compare?

Also, don’t stress about the sugar, man. You still come across 10 times more coherently than myself. 😉

Vin Jak says:

Nice built man!!

John Connor says:

Love this channel. I always learn something new every time. I knew games load faster on SSD but didn’t know they also loaded textures faster.

Mok' Dabu says:

finally! i was fed up listening to idiots say ssds do not improve gaming experience!

Immanuel Ben Hefer says:

great video

Lime Icing says:

I have got to give myself an SSD for dedicated game storage. The 50-ish GB free space I have available on my Windows partition just doesn’t cut it.

John Mijo says:

I liked your video but I still prefer Samsung SSD’s.

Using an M.2 as my main OS/BOOT drive on my X99 motherboard.

I like how many mainstream products are getting to market however, this is only going to help get more of them into more computers, not just Laptops/Notebooks but Desktops as well.

Nathanael K says:

A satisfying amount of information and entertainment via your personality. +1 subscriber for you! Keep up the great work!

delinquentJACK says:

My next rig is going to nix mechanical drives. My WD Caviar Black is LOUD and so much slower than my 840 Pro. 1TB 850 Evo for storage and a 950 Pro M.2 system drive should work pretty well, yeah?

Nick says:

The start made me instantly subscribe. Awesome work, dude!

Domonic Viviers says:

yay i have master the art of reading English 😛

Misaki Mori says:

you may think the video wasnt that great, but it earned my sub and like.

i found this video funny in many more ways then one, keep up the great work. weird is good.

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