WD 1TB Blue SSD Review – Is it Any GOOD?

Get the WD 1TB Here – http://amzn.to/2hpoKmA
m.2 Version here – http://amzn.to/2hi6loX

More information on the Drive Itself:

Western Digital’s Australian Facebook Page with a big giveaway to come – www.facebook.com/WDAustralia

Competition to WIN a WD SSD Here (Runs until Jan 17th): https://www.facebook.com/WDAustralia/photos/a.152674688085613.33990.137782219574860/1545006328852435/?type=3&theater

So today I take a look at WD’s New SSD Line, this is their flagship 1TB Model, which is pretty fast, but more importantly very consistent read and writes, also the drive features the marvell controller, and has some pretty impressive write endurance ratings, not only this it is backed by a 3 year warranty. There is also a nice software package to be included and Acronis software is available for free to clone your drive. Overall an awesome job from Western Digital!

*Comparison of an NVMe m.2 PCIe Vs. A SSD Vs. A HDD Here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdF_aerWcW8

*WD provided the SSD for this video review

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RojasTKD7 says:

at it original price point I would not have considered a WD SSD. It was simply priced to high relative to superior performing SSD. Consider the 1TB version was originally priced at $299 and at the time the superior 850 EVO 1TB was $309. For $10 of take the sanding all day long.

The with the flash storage and the prices having gone up on must SSD and the WD Blue SSD at a more reasonable $250/260ish to the 850 EVO’s $350ish is a valid option.

actually considering a 250GB version for an old laptop before with current pricing the WD is a good value. more affordable than the EVO and just a bit more than the less desirable Sandisk SSD Plus or PNY CS1311.

I look forward to prices starting to decline again in 2018.

pukka5 says:

WD bought OCZ I think…are these basically OCZ ssd?

zionlee1004 says:

Did Western Digital lose their design team? That design looks like it was done on mspaint.exe lol XD.

Lyokha lie-oh-ka says:

I’m assuming that most of you here or at least some or even the mighty tech city him self could help me by telling me if all this will work well together.

ram-4gbs of patriot signature ram x2

cpu-A8 7650K quad core

psu-areocool vx-500

mobo-asus a68hm

gpu-msi r7 370 oc

Liger-Zero says:

even blue uses tlc nand, looks likes the mlc ssd are becoming very rare kind

chrisjam 101 says:

love his accent

CheapSushi says:

Bryan is this a sweet spot for sata 1TB? or is there another drive that has a better price tag with the same consistency?

The Semite says:

Not compared against Samsung’s 850 evos or pros?! How is this more than just advertising video!

FlawlessPro xx says:

Why does it take 36 seconds for it to boot? Is it me or does that seem too high.

Mason Hil says:

WD ssds are actualy sandisk rebrands as sandisk was bought by WD

RinTinMin says:

its from SanDisk. WD buy SanDisk.

alphazoom II says:

Just got 2 Samsungs. Good enough. Plus… they are faster, but not as large.

Max Ramsey says:

what is the intro music??

Travis Mobley says:

Shit faster than my 850 evo…

Vinny Vega says:

I’m rocking 2 WD mechanical drives right now. Love how reliable they are. I may get this model from their ssd line.

Uranium says:

This or a Samsung 850 evo?

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Arent these just re branded x400 Sandisk drives?

Stanley Johnson II says:

I’m gonna have to get me one a them! Right now I have a 1TB HSSD and a 250 GB SSD, the SSD is where I keep games and the other drive is for all my kitten-puppy porn and whatnot but for a few months I’ve been having to either delete a game from the SSD or just download the new one on the HSSD which kinda sucks since I like to keep a pretty large number of games on my pc in case I lose Internet or whatever so I think one of these plus the two other drives I already have would work perfectly.

Nerd Spark says:

I haven’t had the best run with anything Sandisk in the past, probably because of all the Sand (I kid) 🙂 Samsung is my goto with SSDs but hopefully these drives prove reliable. Just in case though make sure you do regular backups of your OS!

SuperN3M3515 says:

Even with Samsung’s ram caching turned on… 500 Mb/s is not likely. So yeah, beware of software tricks. Real numbers are going to be in the 300 Mb /s ballpark which is very fast and perfectly fine for an SSD.

MrBoggy101 says:

I had a boot SSD for years in a gaming laptop. Although that was probably running SATA II, it still showed me the power of SSDs. I’ve spent the past year on 7200 RPM hard drives. It’s been frustrating, but I still can’t see myself spending more than $100 on storage and I want at least 1 TB.

Strider Wolf says:

it is expensive here. i would rather get the kingston, adata, apacer as the difference in performance is minimal but costs less. wd ssd is slightly cheaper than intel/samsung but still there are better alternatives

halistine jenkins says:

good review man. i’m hoping you have one planned for the WD blue m.2 that will be released at the end of Feb.

Karl Marx says:

WD needs to update the branding/logo look.

Mr.Nuclear says:

hey tech city can you over clock a i5 6600k Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P LGA1151 Z170??

Ray Ali says:

knew u were strayan

comptv says:

oooo it’s about time

Dynamitethedrummer says:

Happy new year mate! Hope you get a Gigatons of subs! Keep up the Good work!

iSonikYT says:

Arent the WD SSD’s just rebranded Sandisk SSD’s since they bought Sandisk??

bobsagget823 says:

Awful value and questionable reliability from the world’s worst HDD manufacturer. TLC is junk. 1TB TLC drives should not be this expensive. You would be a total fool to buy a bottom of the barrel drive like this especially near its listed price.

warmaxxx says:

is the western digital m.2 version faster in reading and writing? can it to a gigabit of data read write?

Gelo Ybanez says:

durable? not really…

Carlin Rookes says:

bring back the grey hair

Kelvin KMS says:

Why not compare Samsung EVO 850 ???

James unknown says:

Would you recommend 2 1 TB western digital blue SSDs or a 2TB western digital black hard drive? If you had the money for both

Kamil Tatarek says:

I subscribed

Anthony's Gaming Channel says:

ive always loved WD drives and will definetly buy one

TJrock1414 says:

My computer boots in 20 seconds or less on HDD?

Fantasterrific says:

happy new year brian 😀

Slobbo Video says:

Really want to get an NVMe drive as boot drive but I still use a haswell CPU. And i refuse to upgrade until there’s more PC case and motherboard with USB type C port on the market.

Richard says:

Looks like a good buy. I am glad there is more competition. Thats a pretty good price point for a terabyte.

teeblack06 says:

i like it and the prices are not bad at all.

Cason Clash says:

Fuck Segeate

cobfan91 says:

How good is it compared to the Samsung Evo/Pros? Oh and as always great video 🙂

Fa Vang says:

it’s about time, since they where like 3-5 years behind on sshd drives. Thank god they bought sandisk and can make them now, too bad drives going u.2 and m.2 already.

Stephen Rimington says:

heres the western digital facebook link—–https://www.facebook.com/WDAustralia/

I Scare Sausages says:

what is his intro song?

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John Mellinger says:

I have this bookmarked. Great review Bryan!

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