Top 5 SSD’s 2017


SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB
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WD Blue 250GB
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Crucial MX300 275GB
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DREVO X1 Series 240GB
Amazon US:
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Crucial BX300 240GB
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

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Samsung evo 850??

its jjack says:

damn you have grown so much i remember when you had 100 subs

keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Peter Teahan says:

Good Video. So, the Crucial BX is better than the MX? Thought the BX versions were more budget?

Pc ColdWar says:

did put a thumbs up because you have a brand i was not aware of always nice to get new little thing to check out.

Elvin Xelilov says:

Where’s 850 860 evo???

They are worse ?

Pedro Nunes says:

Recommend you to watch tech deals to understand that what matters is the random read and write speeds.

Frederick Dunn says:

What about the SanDisk SSD Extreme Pro internal SSD? isn’t there a difference?

Julio Zuñiga says:

And samsung 850 pro???

cerevor says:

Read and write is unimportant (the primary standard types), as long as they are close to each other and “not bad”. Read and write of an SSD is only 2-4 times faster than a HDD anyway! (A 7200RPM HDD is 130MB/s – 190MB/s.) That’s not why an SSD is fast. It’s the “slowest” part of it, in fact, at least in overall impact. The other factors are 10-30, some 50 times faster than a HDD. And that’s also where all the difference between SSDs is and why people pay more! You wouldn’t notice anthing else.

Michael Kampf says:

what about the Samsung drives?

칼인오조슈아 says:

I’m wondering why the samsung ssds (Samsung 850 pro in particular with 550mBps-520mBps read/write) are not even on the list. Also, are those speeds sustained when writing multigigabyte files?, because many if not most of the SSD only have this burst speed from its cache and dramatically slowsdown once write cache is exhausted.

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