The Most Cost Effective PC Upgrade – Plextor M6S SSD Review


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scott k says:

Fuck this stupid toyota add.

Giorgos Tsagos says:

Its sure as hell faster but you need mobo to run at those speeds right? What ssd is apropriate to buy if you still run on 775 mobo,like P5Q3?

imraycl says:

I’m running 4 x 256 ssd in Raid0 and I’m at Seq:  1454 read and 900.2 write. Not this brand though.

DoItWithMatt says:

God damn jay, edit the parts where you fuck words up <3

DeadEye says:

is this a good build

Aero says:

I would love to get 100mbps… I get 30mbps max. I really need an upgrade.

James Pond says:

hi I’ve a gigabyte H77MA-G43 and having the same 200mb/s prob how do I know what chipset controller is running and how to switch? Thanks!

Valtteri Valonen says:

around 6 minutes, you recomended a 512 mb ssd, and did not corrdct yourself, i am dissapointed

iyot1020 says:

you watch too much top gear UK im guessing because it happened to me too i cant say aluminium american version lol

Luke Curran says:

Its actually both jay, im from the uk where the most widely accepted pronunciation is aluminium, however Sir Humphry Davy who discovered aluminium named it “aluminum” as its a latin word.

jeff naval says:

dont Buy Plextor, Samsung Evo is available can run up to 1.5mbps compare to plextor only 500mbps.

Kermeous says:

I just ordered a Sandisk Ultra II SSDfor the few games I have: Hearthstone, LoL, Overwatch, HotS, and BF1 when it comes

iGwlbirdy says:

How do you even change your ssd controller? I mean, how does that even work.

Zolbat says:

I have an ASUS Sabertooth x58 and it has the same problem you stated – the marvell controller. But this board doesn’t have a SATA III Port other than the Marvell ones. The marvell controller is actually slower than rhe SATA II ones. So my SSD isn’t significantly faster than a regular hard drive.
If you want to upgrade to an SSD, first check whether your board can actually handle it – not on the spec sheet, but in internet forums

Majola says:

I need help please, i have intel 530 series 120gb and I downloaded disk mark and benchmark only shows 290mbs read and 190mbs write and I pluged sata cable into sata 3 port 6gbs, what I need to do to get that speed to 540mbs read, sorry for bad english, my motherboard is gigabyte GA-PH67A-D3-B3 with intel h67 chipset

Gorim33 says:

I know I’m late to the party but how can you tell which SATA port is 6Gb/s?

NaikJoy Miao says:

Matt Orr Empty box should get this

mamel .juice says:

how dos it work on an AMD board?

Marc Pascual says:

Hey, Jay few questions.

1) What keyboard is that in the background?
2) Are those Logitech speakers good?
3) Building an AMD gaming PC in the next few months and usinga FX8350 (unless you can give me a reason to use 9590) What Motherboard would you highly recommend? There is also future add-on to this rig? such as another GPU etc. But I would like a awesome but cost-effective board.
4) Also what PSU would you recommend? must take into account future add-ons (like another R9 290)  


William Slater says:

5:45 i too want a 512mb SSD

Mitchell Denham says:

I went from a 500GB Seagate Hard drive in my old system (which clicked a lot…), to a Samsung 840EVO 250GB SSD, and my god what a massive improvement. Boot time went from a minute or so, to about 10 seconds.

Glycerin says:

I have a Samsung 840PRO 128GB on Asus Maximus IV Extreme and in CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64 I get this for seq read/write:


How could it be so high?

Minus4Plus6 says:

Hard to believe so many people dont have an SSD for their main drive. I got my first SSD in 2008. I have put SSD drives in 8 year old desktops and they run awesome lol. An SSD is pretty much the best upgrade you could possibly buy if you dont have one you are missing out majorly and after you get one youll wonder why you never did. You can have a 5000 dollar machine and it will still suck if you are using mechanical drives. 

Houndz says:

Z77? I have a B85-m asus motherboard. Will it still be at its fastest?

paperitgel98 says:

240GB or 2TB SSHD, i know that size is massively difference but which one should i buy?

minecraftvideo2547 says:

well any game thats over 15gb is going on a fucking hdd not a expensive ssd if u ask me

Lycosa says:

Nice =)! Aluminum. Aluminium. So cool compact little SSD…. PLEXTOR for lyfe

troyjj386 says:

got my crucial BX 500gb everything is faster now, im planning to get another one soon and put them on raid 0 just for fun..

Cameron ZY says:

Can’t wait until i start getting my computer parts. Maybe in the future and certainly not now I could boot up my OS from an SSD which has a higher capacity and have a low capacity HDD for some games that don’t require a long loading session such as Battlefront two, robo craft, mine craft, smite and have the higher end games with lots of data to read off at one time on the SSD or do a half and half… or just load off the OS form the SSD… Oh well. when 500GB is as cheap as a 1TB HDD i’ll be satisfied.

IndianPrince04 says:

The only people that say “aluminium” are nasty yellow-teethed faggots with funny accents.

StarTrek123456 says:

5:40 512 Megabyte 😀

Fredrik HL says:

When it comes to SSD, is there a brand you should not buy?

Kyle Crowe says:

i just did an ssd review, mind telling me how i did anyone?

Furbloke says:

Jay forgot how to england

Jian Hui Lai says:

can u upload the video of ssd vs hdd rendering comparison and see what the different of higher and lower speed of ssd when rendering

CHiLL PiLL says:

can someone please help me? i dont know how to setup ssd and i just bought a plextor m6s 128gb my mobo is h81mhv3 biostar. and i cant understand what he is saying about it connects on 6gb read speed i need help please i only got 94.27 read speed

Double X says:

Do you even overclock bro?

Chris Mirtsopoulos says:

hey jay what can i upgrade on my computer 
im running 

:GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3 motherboard
:AMD phenom(tm) II X4 955 processor 3.20GHz overclocked to 4.0GHz 
whats cooled by Cooler master seidon 120V
:GPU is a GIGABYTE R9 270X OC 4g
:Harddrives Samsung SSD 840 EVo 120G with a 2TB
:running a 650wtt power supply by auro cool 
:G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB of ram

the fans im running are 3 140 Corsair AF’s front and rear and 2 120’s AF on the cooler push pull 

anything i could do to get a tad more performance out 

love the video’s keep it up 🙂

Vikas says:

I have a SSD installed in my laptop and it boots up Windows 7 a lot faster compared to a HDD

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul says:

I have its predecessor (128 GB M5 Pro) and my Read/Writes are similar (512 / 323 MB/s) althorugh it is already used as my system drive. 

lewis reynolds says:

im english, you can say alooominum if you want i am so used to it from youtube

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