The FASTEST SSD Technology Explained – M.2, U.2, and MORE

M.2? AHCI? NVMe? With the knowledge in this video, you should be able to comfortably pimp out your storage setup to the next big thing.


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wacio says:

Samsung 950Pro will boot even on very old motherboards. I run mine on X58 mobo.

Zouzou Baveur says:

I hate you

Love Kush says:

120 GB SSD for boot Drive + 4 TB internal HDD + 4 TB external HDD best combination
M.2 /U.2 /PCIe is not for Home users

Abraham Lincoln says:

I really don’t like U.2, their last few albums have been dreadful.

RealTuber says:

Actually AHCI is the protocol of the SATA controller not the drive so there are SATA M.2 SSDs, there are PCIe AHCI M.2 SSDs with there own controller that act like a sata controller and there are NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs which use the newer NVMExpress protocol.

Eric Witte says:

when I was on z87 I was able to pull the z97 nvme bios module and inject it.

Chris says:

ROFLMFAO He said SATA Express is basically dead. But seriously, you will see SATA “indirect connection for at least the next 6 years… and in computer time that’s long. It took 20 years plus to take PATA off. Even after the floppy connector still was present.

meowow says:

by the way
if you are unfortunate enough to have an z97 motherboard like me most z97 motherboards only have support for an pci gen 2 x2 m.2
the samsung 960 evo runs at pci gen 3 x4 so if you were looking to buy one you’ll have to buy a new motherboard or get one of the the cards linus shows at 5:13 ,or it wont run at full speed so it’ll just be a waste of money

and I’m not 100% sure about this but if you are going to get a new cpu with that motherboard you should get one that supports more as 16 pci lanes because I think otherwise it might slow down your gpu

WRHobba says:

you can boot nvme from an x79 mobo if you have the technical know how 😉

Eric Green says:

Efficient and informative so thanks 😀

Ankit Singh says:

where is msata and ngff dx1 and ST1 ssd form factors?

JC Jacquet says:

You know what? I’ll just stick with standard SATA drives. They’re easier to deal with and hold a lot more room.

Picard FTW says:

Where do i get one of those hoodies

SuperCookieGaming says:

rip sata express

David S says:

When he said, “That product already exists”, I was tabbed out for a moment and started thinking, “Wait, someone’s made a USB to coathanger adapter?”

Dhruv Kr. Singh says:

can i use M.2 SSD with my Macbook Pro 2015 ?
what accessories would i need?

djcrooked1 says:

Im confused on if my motherboard supports NVME or AHCI. I see nothing in the manual or on the motherboard itself. I have a GA-Z97X-Gaming 7.

babybesner says:

Interesting video very educational! Wish I had known all of that a while back…

Michael360Katrina says:

i have a M.2 in my Asus Maximus Formula IX if im using a 4TB hybrid SSD+HHD….do i still need to use M.2???

Seroga07 says:

I had to dislike it to change it from 666 dislikes. Ill change it once it moves up or down.

Tomas Zakrocki says:

Will my p8z68x lx support nvme

Alex Camilo says:

You CAN boot off of an PCIe NVMe if you have an older computer. I’ve got a precision T7500 i got for 90 bucks and I have it booting off of a Intel SSD 600p. You DO have to chain-load bioses. I’m booting off of a flash-drive with clover EFI on it. I copied NVMe EFI drivers onto the flash drive (with clover) and installed win10. You need to remember to boot into clover and then use it to boot the win10 install media or it will refuse to install. CrystalDiskMark says drive is operating at full performance. I’m pretty happy with the setup. No stupid fast boots but its super snappy.

Nicky McCann says:

will this work for my Gameboy Colour??

Mme. Hyraelle says:

Better than my sata3 ports in ONE pcie lanes, with a marvell controller that can’t even work to speed with the crucial C300 i have. X57 times are over 🙁

FuglyDuckling says:

I have c602/x79 board (Older motherboard that doesn’t NVMe) but a year ago I followed this guide and installed a NVMe intel 750 ssd and it works perfectly.

Inachu Ikimasho says:

What M.2 adapter should I get with a samsung 960 M.2?

le4848 says:

Thanks Linus! You answered all the questions I had regarding m.2

EdWilsonPhoto says:

lose the hat

MrMilkyWay says:

I bought the samsung 960 evo, my pc turns on in about 23 seconds. And in the witcher 3 the loading screen are so quick i didnt even realize there were any untill i was 4 hours in to the game.

whiskers says:

i understand the words….but i have no clue what the hell you said. oh linus you know how to confuse people so easily! man i thought get a m.2 adapter and plug m.2 ssd in and go nuts but nope xD or plug in mobo…now i quastion everything

robert stout says:

building new computer noted, new computer case class needs to be made . atx mid tower case now outdated.
do not need 5.25 bays. do not need any drive bay.(m.2 on board). with a redesign for the power supply. the power supply could be mounted to the back(think power supply 3 inch x atx motherboard size.) of the motherboard and the case only needs to be as big as the motherboard + gpu.

goldeneyeforevercom says:

A teacher that talks so fast they are assuming the student knows what they know. Dial it down. Can’t learn if you don’t speak clearly.

King Bramble says:

I’m looking at my motherboard x99s sli krait, it says turbo m.2 up to 32 gb/s using gen3 x4 .. i’m lost, now i might be dumb to ask for help here while searching elsewhere as well .. but I do hope someone can explain what turbo m.2 is.

Hera Aswan says:

is it ok to make ssd m.2 as primary boot option? rather than using harddisk

LycanHD Entertainment says:

Samsung EVO 960 m.2 NVMe 256GB here


I have an Alienware 17 R4. What M.2 SSD can I upgrade it with? It has a stock 256 GB SSD. I’d really appreciate if you responded to me this one time. Thank you.


Am I the only one more confused than when I started?

Reform3d says:

After watching this video, I (like many others) was more confused than when I started. I’m thankful for droid monkey’s which cleared up my confusion. However, my curiosity still led me to watch more videos on SATA express, M.2, & NVMe. Now I understand a whole lot more than I thought was initially needed to know about SSDs and I’m thankful for it in the end.

Diogo V. Kersting says:

Linus, you’re THE man, man.
This was really clarifying!

tigerfanman says:

2 videos and you still haven’t fucking explained how to tell the difference between an NVME or SATA SDD M.2 drive



Wrathlon says:

You CAN boot them on X79 with a simple mod of the BIOS to add the X99 NVME UEFI boot ROM.

I’m currently using the 960Pro in that Silverstone adapter that has both AHCI and NVME on my Rampage IV Extreme as my boot drive and it reports and benchmarks at full speed as well.

jerkus freak says:

hi mr linus do u have an idea with m.2 samsung 960 pro 1tb adapter or enclosure ? i have to clone my default 256 pcie nvme plss reply thanks

Aaron Warren says:

I plan on using nvme m.2 as my boot drive and a regular hdd door my games

dafuqawew says:

4:11 linus u bitchh asss niggu i was on fullscreen, now im scared 🙁

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