The fastest SSD for gaming, and one big problem..

Intel Optane promises theoretical latencies up to 1,000x lower than NAND. Could it possibly live up to such a lofty claim?

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Jammin G says:

I thought you stopped using tunnelbear?

Degenerate Scumbag says:

Gaming? Forget it. Databases. That’s where the low latency will be of huge benefit.

Ubeogesh says:

4:28 what the hell is that keyboard

England is my city says:

*disconnects drive while installing windows*

Aaron A. says:

I just got a Intel ad before this video

ivanng 2014 says:

na i will just download more ram

steadfastcoward says:

I’m still not using SSD and all my computers are over 10 years old. This is Geek to a 52 year old who started on a Trash-80 in 1978.

Kasey Rienstra says:

Can you guys post a solo video of the SideFX maelstrom? That rendering is AMAZING

Abitamim Bharmal says:

Why was this made in Taiwan? Doesn’t intel have it’s own foundries in the USA?

Butter Ball10 says:

Ramdisk mate. It’s not common, but some of us (I’m a theoretical physicist) use beyond 500gb of ram consitantly so 2tb of optane is way more cost effective than 2tb of ram. It’s not common I know, but it really helps us fringe groups.

DrBreezeAir says:

Star Citizen… LOL

Asbestosstar Gaming says:

You SHouldAlso compare HDD’s

john wayne says:

help please…so this is what i have…512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage) when i install goes directly into drive C..i believed that is the SSD?becuase it only have 400+ total gb..from my research i think its better to install games in ssd for better performance and faster launch?..but i also have a drive D of 1.81tb so is that my regular hard drive?..but whenever i try to save something to my drive D it says..that its for back up use..? so im thinking if its ok to save pictures music or regular stuff in there..someone pls help me..i dont know anything about comps..

Matthew Smith says:

RIP tunnel bear

Montanakid says:

Hay! Don’t dis the Star Citizen like that!!!

Rareden says:

How does this work in terms of houdini? ( <--Houdini user) Are you writing the sim data to the SSD before going to the main HDD?

J C says:

What people dont realize is even a second saved on one loading.adds up to many more seconds in a day.
And adds up to many minutes in a month and many hours in a year saved.

TeamRIpper says:

long time no see linus hare new project for you Infra Red Multi Touch Table and projector DIY challenge make it

Linus T says:

Hmm. I still have a hard time to give up my 2 74Gb WD Raptor I have in raid-0
How about that.

teddybeerlepel1 says:

This channel’s advertisement policy is totally justified. Ad-blocker proof.

SixOThree says:

Nice segue.

Luc Dupreez says:

I just saw an ad for Optane right before this video. What are the chances?

Hayden Wallis says:

Those Star Citizen Requirements STILL aren’t updated. Last I checked, an AMD A10-7700K is a CPU. NOT a GPU. The i5-1700 is funny too.

David Česal says:

Ideal drive for ZFS SLOG 🙂

jec6613 says:

This thing is going to be gold with vSAN or S2D in the datacenter.

StephaneColibri says:


Guero The Pail says:

i once fell asleep waitng for star citizen to load

Partha Sarma says:

How long will it take for my 5400 RPM HDD to generate 8 frames of Malestrom in Houdini? Can you simulate that Linus?

mong yang says:

Don’t buy Intel Optane memory or anymore NEW products from Intel because they are becoming liars, cocky, greedy, and too rich. I hope they fail when they enter the GPU market.

Allenn says:

I would like EVERYONE gives likes to my comment to He makes a video doing THIS!!!: I’d like you make a video making a [RAID O] on the ASUS’ HYPER M.2 X16 CARD with [4 OPTANE 905P or 4 OPTANE 900P] so that we can see the new MAXIMUM speed today compared to the video that you did using 4Samsung 960, I’d really like to see that!!!! and I bet everyone in This channel TOO!!!!!!!.. AND is a good promotion and marketing to INTEL..INTEL can also support the cause and vice versa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I feel really interested in watch Random 4k Read and write in CrystalDiskMark!!!! ]

viiper says:

I can’t even afford his trash can

Artifex 28 says:

Any chance we’d see an audio side peak on the hardware? Meaning DAW related latencies etc. More info available eg on:

David Johnston says:

I find it works great for my numerical analysis programs that randomly access into huge multi gigabyte files.

Kyllike Mulligan says:

rip tunnelbear

Angry Woofer says:

When did sata SSDs become “old” and “bad”?

Carl P says:

Its awesome for databases ….

Hartson says:

that big rigs reference

Vi King says:

Awesome video

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