The Crucial MX300 solid-state drive is a good buy

CNET editor Dong Ngo explains why Crucial MX300 is a good buy.


Andre Beauvais says:

Wtf are you talking about Dong

A.A. B. says:

there is 1tb 750gb 525gb 275gb varianta of crucial mx300

Moar Desu says:

That ending was deep. #Dong2017

Virgil Bouwens says:

is the mx300 525gb good aswel my friend says no becasue he thinks its shit becasue he was seeing the price from 130 euro

Rounak Dutta says:

Drive = Meh.
Dong = Hell yeah!


Thank you mister Ding Dong 😀 lol

DrOneOneOne says:

Yet another godawful “review”. Has this guy actually heard of benchmarking ? How fast is “not as fast” ? Maybe, y’know, provide some numbers from testing ?

ClayDog says:

I have the BX 100 and 200 …they are good

chiging says:

favorite cnet host

Frdrk L. says:

You’re he best!

Richard Denis says:

Awesome dude. I just bought this product today.

Lucy P. says:

anything everything and everyone will agree, your videos are most entertaining

mady bali says:

pity cnet doesnt have question and answer session in all their video

ajtronic says:

Dong is a baller, drive caller.

Tech1Tv says:

So Dong is back haha i like Dong videos lol. He is funny. But a 750GB SSD for $200? Shut up and take my money, i was going to order a Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB for $400 yesterday. I’m glad i didn’t

J4ckCr0w says:

Hi guy, this is Mx300 stiff drive.
He is just out of this planet.

Lee C. says:

Lol. Get this guy his own show! He’s the only one who can make a drive seem interesting.

Benjamin Davidovich Waals says:

Dong is the coolest guy in YouTube

Ivan Kolev says:

the Dalai Lama on SSDs, nice

izziereal2010 says:

Song Ngo is the only one that can entertain me when watching videos about SSDs and wifi modems.

Shan Singh says:

long live dong

videodude2010 says:

The donger lord

Dranamolous says:

fave reviewer. celeb status

WILSON! says:

All of this guy’s reviews are excellent. Very watchable.

Curious Mike says:

The Donger!

Naveed Naqvi says:


OptimisticPessimist says:

Why should I buy an MX300 vs an MX200? Why are the warranties far short of the time it would take anybody who isn’t stressing it nonstop to make it unreliable? Samsung’s warranty pulls me one way, while Crucial’s advertised data gaurd features pull me another. How should someone choose based on reliability if one advertises better endurance but the other a better warranty?

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