The Cheapest SSD on the Market! Goldenfir SSD Review and Teardown

Reviewing the cheapest SSD I could find on the internet, straight out of China! The Goldenfir SSD will probably surprise you, so check out the video and see what it can do.

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Fried Rice says:


Dave Day says:

Abbreviations will be the death of us all. SSD = Simply Stupid Demonstration? NOWHERE do you tell us what it means to you.

Dick Martino says:

You look really like Aaron Ramsey even more so with the blue wrist band. Why did you attempt to bleep sh~t and not f#@king?

[ Name Blocked ] says:

It also fails in 29.12 seconds!

mystery chemical says:

AliExpress says if Seller specifies Warranty on Description then they will handle the case if seller don’t give a damn. It is better to ask seller to verify the warranty situation. Otherwise, 60 days AliExpress is there to protect buyers.

Jacob Roberts says:

I don’t know what “old age” means. 8:29

remle ikawura says:

looking at the price with shipping, meh, Ill just buy a cheap Kingston/Sandisk SSD instead., in fact its actually cheaper to buy the Kingston/Sandisk ones rather than buying it internationally. (hence the shipping + tax comes with it).

NYCfactor says:

first off, goldenfir SSD’s are not that cheap.

Nick P says:

I bought a Goldenfir 256 gb M2 SSD to use as a boot drive in a laptop. It worked well for a few days. Then it started not booting sometimes. Then it started not booting at all. I bought adapters to try it as a USB drive and a PCI drive in a Desktop PC, still dead. Goldenfir support was painful, I gave up and wrote it off to experience.

Steve Evans says:

B-grade components…
You might be getting it cheap, but….
1 – You’ll never get a firmware update/bug fix.
2 – As you point out never be able to get a warranty replacement
3 – The chips have either failed testing, or have been out of environmental control (moisture exposure) beyond their shelf limit, and rejected because of that.
4 – You could be getting second hand components (yours looks like one of those). Anyone that’s spent more than a few hours in Shenzhen has seen the booming tech recycling business down the back streets.

Skyloop says:

My samsung 840 evo makes an almost straight line no dips what so ever. My intenso sdd ( exact name not known ) is alot worse. But on the intenso is my operating system and I had ghost recon wildlands open in the start menu. Now i closed the game but the dips are still there. I personally would say the dips are there because of windows is running of the ssd.

Jeagar Tech says:

UPDATE, THE FINAL LINE: First of all, if you are about to write a comment about pricing, please check the current price of these SSDs before you do and stop comparing modern prices of known brand SSDs to the prices in this video. SSDs prices are constantly changing.

Second, the seller failed to maintain contact with me, hence the issue with these SSDs! You have a very low chance of them, honouring their warranty. We all knew this was the risk, but it is not something that bothers me because a lot of the time I can find these SSDs cheaper than I can find used SSDs, which of course come with no warranty. If you can get a better deal used, then I would probably go with that, but at the same time, these SSDs perform as well as any other and actually perform better than some older SSDs.

I stand by that the stigma of these being worse just because of their brand is foolish, the performance really isn’t much of a factor, and you should purchase based on price and how comfortable you are with products that have poor warranty.

As I stated in the video, despite these short comings, I’m still going to buy these!

Aland Mahmood says:


j m says:

i own a pny 500 ssd seems really good

Wail Faridi says:

This video was posted 8 months ago. Can you make an update telling us if they are still alive, if their performance is still good and if you noticed anything worth noting?

Alexis Gonzalez says:

After watching your review, I went to and searched for Goldenfir SSD. They have a 120 GB SSD fore $44.00 USD.

Miguel M. R. M. says:

I bougt arround 8 units of kingfast SSD, sata and minisata, no problem at all from 128 to 512 G. And the speed from 260Mbs in basics SSD to 540 in best and latest versión.
Fantastic video, cheers.

xperiaviper says:

Here is a thing about China and tech.
When a factory sells it’s stuff the bigger companies get the tested high quality batch for a lot of money….while the bad batch that can still work but probably didn’t pass the requirements will get sold to small companies for like pennies

La marmotte des internets says:

My mom used to tell me life is like a Chinese ssd: you never know what you gonna get

SectorZeroOne says:

Good shit. *Subbed*

Bryan Colliver says:

for 3$ more you can get the kingston from amazon with a warranty and 2 days shipping

Ryan Hensley says:

Do one for vaseky !?!?!? has them cheaper than you got. And so far I’m amazed by it but I’m limited to older motherboard

Juan Sanchez says:

If I have to guess they are using nand that failed the QC or was pulled from refurb drives hence why its “old” and so cheap

virus killerism says:

you look like a Gay version of Chuck Norris.

Critical Unity says:


RODE_85 says:

AliExpress lol I would never trust any piece of technology from some Asian website.

Jim Lahey says:

for me its not really about speeds its about longevity

Crimson Harp says:

Inland Proffessional 120GB SSD for $22.00 right now.

Esteban George Núñez Morán says:

Thank you bro, suscribed, good video

Omar Smith says:

Excellently presented channel with clear and concise information on not only what can be expected of these devices, but what the source components are and why they perform as they do. I like this video and am subbed to learn more from you!

latengocomoburro says:

I am sorry but I do not see the savings, at least not in the US, you can buy a Samsung EVO 850 500GB now a days for $89

Critical Unity says:


Ali FZ says:

so is it still working till this day? because im very interested in that particular ssd now

Omar Smith says:

So I bought two 16GB Goldenfir SSDs a year or so ago, purely to see if they were a viable alternative to installing an HDD in an ‘ultra-thin’ client expected to serve a very resource-light task. Quick boot times would allow for easier troubleshooting.
regrettably the drives didn’t seem to be recognised by my host machine. Neither one of them appeared when connected over a SATA docking station – I couldn’t format them, and so I couldn’t use them any further.
Any simple troubleshooting steps you think I should try? I had almost written them off as a failed experiment in cheap technology, but your video did renew my hope in them. I still have them here with me right now!

Rom3 says:


John Pfeifer says:

60 gigs? like as just a boot drive? or do you buy one for each game you play? i wouldn’t trust these to hold any data you care about keeping though. it’s probably fine if you keep a backup on an hdd or something tho. im getting silly ideas of a huge raid 0 array. but since i already have a 4 ssd raid 0 array with pny drives in my rig i doubt it’ll happen

Roberto Ventilii says:

And what about the status of the nand cells? Are these already used and next to die?

Mudhar Hadi says:

I bought 1 KingSpec 360GB (weird size) and 2 x 64GB SSD HDD from AliExpress – the 64GB ones are still working, my 360GB one died after 3 months, with everything just disappearing from the drive & not being able to boot the thing (work was lost because of that)…

I tried to format and reinstall the OS. That went well and everything seemed to be OK, until the second PC reboot, when it lost everything once more, into Chinese Oblivion… I used an external HDD caddy to test the drive on other OS’s and all seems to be OK – it just doesn’t like to work properly or being formatted and it forgets everything, when you least expect it…

■ What do I think?
Well, they were cheap.

■ Were they fast?

■ Would I buy them again?

■ Do I trust them?

DjGodaryD86 says:

I have a new samsung ssd and the system is so fast it boots far before my internet router boots and so fast that I can’t even install discord, gtav, adobe acrobat reader etc. keeps corrupting them like a motherfucker… while a 10 year old hdd being slow didn’t had installation problems. I know this might sound like a joke but in reality for some stupid reason it isn’t a joke. You win some you lose some. And so far I lost more then I gained, just a story of my life I guess.

Constructive Cuntery says:

You say teardown but you use the screws so you’re just opening them. Such an odd choice of language.

Tobias Schneider says:

Well my Kingspec 2242 SSD was not recognized by my laptop. I wrote the seller on aliexpress about this issue and he refunded me 20€ which is around 70% off.
I was a dumbass and my laptop did not see the ssd, because I put it upside down into it haha
Not it works perfectly, my 128 gb m2 ssd for 14€ lol

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