The best affordable USB-C SSDs for MacBook Air

Comparing six 2018 MacBook Air SSDs. Which is best? Full post:
— Drives Featured —
Glyph Atom SSD:
Seagate Fast SSD:
SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD:
WD My Passport SSD:
Samsung T5:


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foggyds says:

And for iPad?

Walter says:

So where is sandisc extreme 900?

Braxton Reynolds says:

Not actually affordable… I’m able to find much cheaper options..?

A Clapham says:

The music in the background is completely irrelevant. When I watch comparison videos I’m trying to make a decision to buy a product which involves thinking and the music just does not help. Sorry if I offended you or your fans.

Michael Li says:

What’s the point of comparing those after Thanksgiving? I mean the good deals are GONE by now… It would have been a great help for people who were looking for one external SSD during the Thanksgiving:(

ultramet says:

I have the 2 TB SanDisk. No regrets. I bought a case for it. Love it.

wmosleycr7 says:


Hi-Fi Insider says:

every damn video “reminds” the viewer to Like, Sub, and hit the Bell. Do people still not know about those things by now?

alliejr says:

Jeff. Performance!!!???

Hector Ochoa says:

I have / love my WD 1TB SSD. Great size, fast, light, cheap!

C. Patrick Sadowski says:

Will they work with the iPad Pro?

ShamelessPromo says:

I got the Sandisk Portable SSD (500GB) to put a clean install of MacOS Mojave. Hands down, beats my aging iMac’s horrible 5400 RPM drive. I believe that the SSD will revive my 2013 Mac for at least 5-6 more years. I don’t really care about the water/dust resistance, as I’m not traveling with it, but its a nice feature.

Stan Hughes says:

Is this size of each drive a TB?

Mac McRae says:

dat wadder n dust rating

Zeke Santamaria says:

Very important that an SSD is built “like a tank” due to all the mechanical moving parts it contains!!! LMAO…

Kenneth Humphrey says:

I think it’s pretty stupid that we need these external hard drives. Why are these companies doing this shit?

Fredrik Nyland Tessem says:

I have both the Sandisk and the Samsung. The Sandisk is water and dust resistant, it feels better then the Samsung and is so light that it can hang from the Macbook without any support. It is also small and light, so it’s the best for traveling. This review is not that good…

Geek Jawaid says:

I bought wd ssd 512 games loading very fast

Jose Mendoza says:

Whats the life expectancy for the SSD’s, no point in having precious files i need to keep forever if they get lost after a few years.


I will go with sandisk. Because it’s anti SHOCK for 2 meters. I lose two 1Tb hard disk when fall down

yesisthebest says:


The sandisk looked like an iPhone case to me at first

Janusz Dziedzic says:

Hey, thanks for a video! I would like to point out that some graphs might be misleading. For example write speeds – Sandisk on the graph looks like it is 25% slower than Glyph, but in fact it is only about 3% slower

Le Chen says:

I just bought the sandisk ssd, as a photographer I think its gonna be safe when u put all your equipments in the bag in rush on the go, because it’s soft.

Sujan Sarker says:

Which one is the water profs?

Couper says:

loved the video! The first video I’ve seen from this channel and the cinematography looks amazing! I feel like because the video was about the “The best affordable USB-C SSDs” it could have included the price. Would also have been nice to know that the Amazon links were affiliate links but over all great video. Thanks!

Richard Beljot says:

Is this a Samsung sponsored ad?

chris george says:

Samsung ❤️

Applekothari says:

Is $200 for a 1TB hard drive affordable when you can get one for $50?

during the meanwhilst says:

I use 3 of the T5s with my iMac – they’re permanently attached and hold my video, photo and i Tunes files. Fantastic drives.

Yacob Zuriaw says:

How much of a fool am I for not grabbing an SSD during black Friday?

Frédéric Sanuy says:

You missed to test the G Technology One

Ryan McFarlane says:

You could buy and put all of these amazon associate links on there

DR Creative says:

Thanks Jeff for this breakdown. I just invested in a 2018 Macbook Pro 15″. So I’m new to the USB-C community and eco system. I would be curious to see a video that really explains what makes SSD drives preferable to other types of external drives: stability/reliability, read/wite speed, etc?

Zachary Black says:

these are not affordable

Hubert Śliwka says:

SanDisk will not scratch your MacBook when you pack your things quickly and messy

Mark Wilson says:

I’m addicted to your guys’ videos!!!

L M says:

Love the new graphics

Funny Snap says:

What about internal SSD? i want 512GB internal SSD for MacBook Air. so which is the best for buying?

Patrick Owen says:

How about Gtechnology gdrive mobile ssd R?

Alvin Palanca says:

I bought the 1 TB Sandisk SSD and it was a great product so far have no issue/s with it.

Alan Xu says:

200$ for Samsung evo 860 1T ssd m.2 size and a 10$ case works wonder.

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