TeamGroup SSD Review – Are Budget SSDs Worth it?

TeamGroup 480GB SSD – @NewEgg —
Addlink 512GB SSD – @Amazon —
Crucial MX500 500GB – @Amazon — — @NewEgg
Samsung 860 EVO 500GB – @Amazon — — @NewEgg

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CareyHolzman says:

This was a very good and honest review. If you ever want to collaborate on a future video, please let me know.

Alfie Rivera says:

is your teeth fake?

Computer Geek says:

Good stuff!!! I’m re modding my Ryzen build! Upgrading to a Ryzen 2200G APU, so this Team Group budget SSD works for me.

Robert Drake says:

If you’re in Canada and you care about support and warranty you should skip Crucial and Samsung. It’s nearly impossible to get warranty support on a Samsung here, and Crucial will screw you over when you’re hit with brokerage and taxes on a warranty return.

Frank Degan says:

I have several Team Group SSDs. They work well. I also have NVME TEAM Cardea. It gives the 960 evo a run for its money!

Rufus Dugumphry says:

So I built a budget gaming pc with an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G and a GEFORCE GTX 1050ti GPU. Do you think the TeamGroup would be the way to go or should I be moving in the direction of the Crucial or Samsung? The pc is used for gaming and gaming only.

Tech Deals says:

TeamGroup 480GB SSD – @NewEgg —
Addlink 512GB SSD – @Amazon —
Crucial MX500 500GB – @Amazon — — @NewEgg
Samsung 860 EVO 500GB – @Amazon — — @NewEgg

My Amazon Deals Page —

All of my Storage Reviews on YouTube –

aldo s says:

I used flash drives as SSD, is there any accesories to link two or more flash drive and make them raid0?

Jim the GOD says:

Teem groups sd cards worked so this should be a good dive

Milo Hajek says:

Team Group L5 LITE 2.5″ 480GB SATA III 2D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) T2535T480G0C101

bjascmmas says:

Hey, how about for PS4/PS4 Pro? Crucial/Samsung or the cheap ones?

jAs251000 says:

You should test the Inland professional ssd drive I’ve found them to be great and the cheapest I can find on amazon

order9066 says:

I’m still rocking some 1st generation Intel SSDs.

Mitchell Murphy says:

1st thing i had to do was test my galax ssd lol

unlo ckmy50 says:

Has the addlink s20 256g drive disappeared off the planet? the thing is non existent when searching

Ken Heart says:

I think you repeated yourself at least five times – the video could have been half the length and you would have made your point

Richard Lambert says:

This is good work! Looking at the “Best deal” for most you tubers is just looking for the highest numbers. They seldom even consider what the application needs or the cost/performance ratio in context. I hope you set a new standard for you tube reviews.

Soraa7 says:

The S55’s are Tera-ble.

ptah4000 says:

western digital black m.2’s are worth looking at 1st or 2nd gen nvme are good performance per $

Xellos Metallium says:

one of the review said it died after 2 months.

i dont know if it matter but i no longer put my PS4 or PC in sleep mode. The last time I did my laptop and ssd both died.

Jazz Sinclair says:

Lucky you! Yet another “Branded Comment” from the Jazzman… Seriously though, I really appreciate the effort and information. You’re second to none. Great work. …Peace – Jazz

Milo Hajek says:

Hello, why does Newegg state that these Team Group use OLD 2D nand (Team Group L5 LITE 2.5″ 240GB SATA III 2D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) T2535T240G0C101 )

RnR 09 says:

I love their ram. 🙂

Joshua French says:

What about the inland ssd’s?

khaled saidi says:

My HDD gave me 0.357 On 4KIB Q1T1 does that mean it is worn out ? or is it normal ? is this the cause why i experience some stutter and lag on battle royale games ?

DocBrewskie says:

I put a team group in my daughters build.its been almost a year with zero issues.

cee128d says:

I haven’t tried the Silicon Power S55 drives, but I have had excellent results with their S60 drives. I use their 60 and 120 gig S60s in basic office computers with i3-2120s or Skt 775 C2D/Qs and 4 gigs of ram running Windows, an office suite, a couple of browsers, etc. and they have been quite dependable with excellent performance commiserate for the price. The computers boot to the desktop in about 15 to 20 seconds, are very responsive, and the people using them are extremely pleased with them. So far they have been dependable, but they are too new to have real long term reliability results yet, but so far all looks good.

Maor Haimovitz says:

Addlinkk ssd really good price, I have a high end i7 8700k machine, but I already have a bunch of fast high end nvme and regular sata ssds. I need something really cheap with alot of storage so this is a great option!

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