SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison

Rob from ASUS compares the boot times for the ASUS U36SD-A1 with 640GB HDD ($899) vs. the ASUS U36SD-XA1 with 160GB SSD ($1099).

Both notebooks have otherwise identical specifications with 2nd-Gen Intel Core i5-2410M processors, NVIDIA GT520M graphics, and 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz memory.


Ameca Splendens says:


devups says:

that’s why I bought a macbook air, it’s much faster than windows PCs

Can this channel get 1000 subscribers by 2019? says:

Just bought a 240 Gb SSD for 40$


I still use the traditional HDD in my laptop but relocated the pagefile.sys to my 250GB SSD. The PC boot up is done in less than 15 seconds. Application loads faster too (less than 15 seconds). Cheap price with very good performance boost. Don’t fix if it ain’t broke.

People have become so impatient nowadays. What is a thirty-second wait time? Think about it. You don’t have to spend so much that thirty-second wait time.

It’s not the machine that’s the problem…it is YOU. Time to improve yourself. Stop being impatient when you’re using the machine!

Lalboi Manlun says:

But then there are more storage in hdd which cost lower as well.

TsunaXZ says:

What about *SSHD* ?

Abdullah Sulman says:

Just got myself a 180 gb ssd for 40$.

VrizaDaGuy says:

Do you guys realize you can put both into a Computer? Then set the SSD to handle the booting.

neeson ES says:

SSD for system, and HDD for storage. A+

Ubergamer says:


Auto-Motive says:

I’ve been shopping for a PC with SSD for about a few days now. I’ve been seeing a lot of computers that have a low gb SSD for a OS and have a high capacity HDD for additional intermal storage. Is there a benefit to this type of system or Should I just run a full SSD (like 1tb). This desktop will be used solely for creating multimedia.

Sanjeev misro says:

But much difference between the costs !!

Hebrew Lawyah says:

This is one of the best side by side online compare vid ever. Thanks for sharing and how.

sai charan says:

Hdd+Intel optane vs ssd

Marguns21 says:

Okay so my current harddrive is failing, my computer is slower and so on, so im thinking about buying a ssd card instead and replace it. HOWEVER the one im ready to pay for cost around 200 dollars and have 500 gb memory. while my current one that is a hdd has 750 GB. what is agood way to go here? i need advice 🙁

Viklar Exnol says:

I want an SSD, but the storage is so small and it isn’t cheap. I might just use it for my main programs and games.

MasTurbo NoGoleta says:

Grandr porra

Benson Cañafranca says:

Can you make a comparison of same capacity storage like 640gb hdd to 640gb ssd if possible..

Imraan Abrahams says:

Great vid man….

camilo ramirez says:

Hello, I’ve got an ASUS intel celeron 6 generation, is it good to have an SDD ?

Themo Hoyle says:

I hear SSD has only 5 years of life?

Coleção Nintendo says:

Fake ! Hdd is more slow ? OK i agree but this video is ridiculous ! My PC is very, very faster and have hdd 7200rpm 1tb Hitachi!


which do you recomend as first drive ssd or hdd

myplayre 854 says:

if you run out of sdd

hasnat ahmad says:

ssd is sooooooooooooooooooo expensive in comparison to hdd

Harder Harder says:

I didn’t have to watch this video to know that SSD is faster than a traditional Hard drive. Step up to PCIe flash storage hard drive.

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