SSD Speed Test | Samsung 850 EVO – 2017





Hello there Names joe says:

Lamest music overrated lyrics awesome drive

Back Zoo says:

Does it fit with Dell Vostro 5568 ?

Бэн Лайнус says:

America mather fack ! Russia the BEST !

Vetraax says:

chinese bastard

Евгений Никитченко says:

You should buy macbook to start system faster))

Alan Garcia says:

Este video se es explica claramente solo, muy útil para una exposición 🙂

TerraV Slayer says:

I will personally come over to your house and beat the sh*t out of you if you put your com loading screen on your HDD

Kot Лёха says:

Мне кажеться, или таймер реально спешит

Namanit Playz says:


Ruter Luksora says:

nani the fuck

BaconEggsSP says:

Worst music selection I’ve seen in a while

ElmoHentai says:

that was a 5400rpm hdd tho so with a more standard 7200rpm i probably would be faster

abreaD says:

Oh so thats why my PC is so fast yet only has 250G SSD space compare to 1T on labtop but labtop is HDD

pain killer says:

5:25 thanks me now

Septillion’s Soave Various says:

SSD Record is 0:26 HDD record is 0:50
SDD Video tape 5:40
HDD Video tape 5:52

Rohit Kumar says:

Please give some explanation about the device

Technical Galaxy says:

Time wasts video

1969 man says:

Copy rights

Ahmad Firmansyah says:

5″ useless video

Nesan Bhat Vines says:

SSD is a lot faster.

Zue Gamer says:

Se o de 120 e bom imagina de 500 kskakak

Sidney Ken says:

Fuck the first song, man. and also the last one. They’re fucking overused!!!

Abhijeet Singh says:

That fuckin song again

Никола Гаврић says:

No need for comment, you suck.

Jayesh Golhar says:

You asshole…. 75% is useless

Abhishek Sen teach says:

A fuck of relal

Thenanang Tube says:

Too many start up on hdd version. Check video how to download songs on spotify

Rem Cell says:

Man SSD a great thing but too unaffordable for the commons

Erik Markovčić says:

This song gives me the cancer

Takano Ichikawa says:

to avoid bullshit, 5:25

Renan V says:

actually at my startup its like only 10 seconds

Kaine Thomas says:

I dispise the royalty free music

Mr. Elecentric says:

We came for a speed test son of a bitch

Daniel J says:

After 2 years of SSHD I could never go back to spinning metal. BTW, currently 500GB Samsung SSHD’s have gone under the $100 mark.

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