SSD Review – Which Should You Buy? – 2017 Edition

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zungaloca says:

nice thought it wouldnt include techinical stuff,

AwesomeLorcan says:

I’ve started watching a lot of your videos, in hopes of getting some more information on building my first gaming pc. So far you have explained everything I needed to know perfectly, thank you! I really love these types of videos

Shadow Blade says:

No Drevo X1? It’s pretty much the budget intel 730 ssd

OptimisticPessimist says:

If you’re a prosumer working with heavy files that need to be read and written extremely fast, then you’d noticeably benefit from NVMe. Heavy games will load a little bit faster, but I wouldn’t waste my money, I’d go for a SATA SSD instead. The cost/benefit winner for almost everyone, IME, is the MX300. Esp. in a laptop. It uses the least power on idle and uses RAIN internally (like RAID) with it’s chips as part of a data protection strategy.

dauxanh 64 says:

I need a cheap MLC drive for caching the hdd , any recommend?

benefit thirteen says:

Great video as always. I saw that someone else posted a question on HDDs. I know they aren’t the most exciting aspect of any build, but in that we generally all use them in our systems as storage drives, and knowing we all run external backup drives anyway (right?), I’d still be interested in your opinion. The reliability of these things seem to come and go like waves on a beach. Thanks Tech Deals!

Peter Jansen says:

Excellent job, Tech Deals. Good explanation for beginners and a lot of data.

Hardik Kumar says:

prices of ssd has increased a lot in india in the last 4 months.

Zackery Toler says:

Wow…35 drives tested…Thanks for the dedication and thoroughness Tech Deals!

zungaloca says:

random write?

TheChiefomatic says:

Holy shit, what an awesome surprise! Was not expecting a video that is 100% for me. Great video as always!

Jimmy Gaydos says:

This is such an awesome video. I feel like a hardware pro nowadays. Your format reminds me of the old NewEgg TV and NCIX days. Never change! 🙂

Rodrigo Santos says:

I know you meantioned the SanDisk ultra, but here in Brazil I can only find the SandDisk Plus (which I reckon is a lower tier). Are those worth buying? (also have in mind that SSDs are 5~8x more expensive here)

HS Jason says:

i have already built my computer. have already bought my crucial MX300. Still watching this awesome video

John Smith says:

Does anyone know if I have a Dell XPS does that mean only the Samsung cloning software will work? Also can you clone games and other programs from HDD to SSD?

Tech Deals says:

*UPDATE* – NVMe SSD Review next week, this video is all about SATA Drives…

*NOTE* – Prices change VERY often for these drives, there is a sale on one or more of them almost every week, so check them all to see where the deal is each week…

*35 Drives* – The 35 drives tested ranged from the 10 you see here to other models such as the SanDisk SSD Plus, Corsair Force LE, Crucial BX200, SanDisk X400s, Transcend 370s, Silicon Power S55, and older drives such as the Intel 300 series.

I didn’t include every benchmark to try and keep down the clutter and frankly the ones not included aren’t worth considering, so I focused on the 10 good drives!

Rett Oth says:

I know its an off topic question but the video is new and i hope for an reply, what monitor should i get for my zotac amp extreme 1080ti? For the upcoming call of duty world at war.

Muhammed Shanofer M says:

If I’m going to buy a Intel cpu… Should i go with
(I) Intel i3-6100 + b250 motherboard OR
(II) Intel i3-6100 + H110 motherboard OR
(III) Second option with (save money for coffee lake.

ddmeltzer8 says:

Dont u use the same pc to test all the drives???If so,it renders the test useless.I hope u understand that.

Agza Nisarg says:

Very very useful…Needed much

MrMateczko says:

No mention of TLC vs MLC?

luu saveas says:

please do Motherboard !!!

Ramin says:

Awesome work. Thanks

Mr. Menadžer says:

I recently bought a new laptop,so I was wondering can I play fifa 15 or fifa 17 with 20-30 FPS
laptop spec
Intel Core i3 4005u
intel hd 4400
4GB RAM DDR3,i will also add new 4 GB
Win 10
pls someone answer me

Peter Jansen says:

Good sample size!

Sufiyan Khan says:

Use Mini tool partition wizard’s cloning software.. it works like a charm

Hugs says:

sata drives can’t read and/or write different things at the same time. The limit is SATA. Only NVMe drives can do this.

Serg says:

You have the best bench-marking vids on youtube.

Shaiful Borhan says:

Good video my friend. I owned an 850 EVO and an 840 EVO. Just out of curiosity, why did you recommend against buying the other drives not on the table? I saw some reputable brands in the pile of boxes in your hands. Thank you.

Shadow Blade says:

lol 850 evo is way better than the others

Edgar Wagt says:

So I should get a 500gb crucial mx600 for 150 instead of a samsung 960 evo 250 gig for 130?

Anton Kuznetsov says:

NCIX/Linus – nvme M.2 is the *@%t! If you don’t awn one, you’re behind the time looser!!!! It’s so much faster, it’s not even comparable!!!!
Me: That’s weird, I own both, and I don’t see any difference, I found out my second PC has nvme ssd only because of benchmark…
Tech Deals – nvme ssd IS faster, but you won’t see any difference in regular day to day activity, only in benchmarks.
Me: Oh, it makes sense now…

Avoxs says:

Glad I found this channel many thanks

gwsstar says:

SATA or NVMe SSD will be a better choice? or I just go with NVMe SSD to 2.5inch enclosure?

Andy Rhine says:

I own Samsungs, Crucials, and Sandisks. Haven’t had issues with any of them. Great drives.
Great review @techdeals!

Derek Comingo says:

great vid. i got the adata su 128 as my first ssd. takes about 15 maybe 20 sec to boot. but i cant fig out why it can take minute or two to wake from sleep after work or sleeping. the other day in task manager it had 8 gigs cached data. idk if that has something to do with it.

My Name Tom says:

I love this guy and his videos but does anyone think he looks like Micheal from GTA 5

zungaloca says:

is NVMe worthwhile? i manage a millions of really small files…

Charles Cheung says:

As usual, very clear and concise information. Great job

vbn112233 v says:

why tech deals dont have a discord server ?

zungaloca says:

linux support?

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