SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and benchmarking the SanDisk Ultra II 240GB Solid State Drive.

Manufacturer: SanDisk
Model: SDSSDHII-240G-G25

Full Specifications:


Bone Crushing Metal says:

Actually you got to love technology. The SanDisk Ultra II 480GB I just got on sale for $109. Best Buy and were both selling it for that price. That’s even a better price than the 240GB version. Glad I waited :).

Damjan Oslaj says:

which ssd do you recommend up to 200$ ?

x x says:

Pack mal den Link zur deutschen Version des Videos auch in die Beschreibung, bitte. Ist sonst blöd am Handy.

Yuri F says:

you compared 240 aganst 120 who all known to be much slower.

xerxes876 says:

Great Price, Especially on prime day

Kevin Twiner says:

That is so sexy…what is the lifetime expectancy of this unit? great review I really enjoyed this

CariagaXIII says:

cheaper than samsung

Agentunderscore20 says:

I bought a 960gb ssd and have been using it in my ps4 for 6 months now. last night I got an odd error on my ps4 say it could not find the ssd??? after the usual troubleshooting the ssd is dead and it appears I’m not the only one that has had one of these fail. I must say it’s a bit disappointing seeing as I’ve been using SanDisk usb drives for years with no issues.

Fahad78 says:


Seb M says:

I’m about to buy my first ssd for my HP envy 15 j and I don’t want to space a lot of money but I do want my laptop to be fast, would this be an option? is this close to the speed of the samsung 850 EVO at least?

Saud Saad says:

evo 850 is the best to buy

SoundFX09 says:

Fantastic job on this review. I may consider this for my PC Build…


This thing is super light. But who is trying to add more weight to their cases?

Kamil Wierciszewski says:

DO NOT BUY THIS DRIVE !!!! I had 2 of them all died after 2 , 5 months of use

Crarazy says:

Phew! Ok I know I got a good one and should regret not getting the Samsung. The Samsung was $15 more but it also came with Far Cry 4 so I’d say they are about exactly the same in value with what you get with them.

Kevin Anaya says:

Nice, I will be getting this for my build.

Klooney says:

Would there be a change in performance for Read/Write between the different capacity drives. So would the 120GB give the same performance as the 240GB or 480GB.

Renaldo Xhahu says:

I bought mine 2 weeks ago and here is my experience so far. The packaging and the SSD itself felt really cheap. Its just plastic everywhere and the pins look really cheap as well. But hey you aren’t gonna be looking at the drive all the day its the performance that counts.

And so far it has been great.

My mobo unfortunately doesnt support SATA III (SATA 6Gb/s) so I’m stuck with 200MB/s read/write speeds and that’s completely normal for SATA II (SATA 3Gb/s) but if you have a mobo that supports SATA III (SATA 6Gb/s) than this SSD will reach 500MB/s read/write speeds no problem.

The Sandisk SSD Dashboard is also a huge plus. Its easy to use and has lots of tests and tools to keep the disk healthy.

I bought the 240GB one because I didn’t think this SSD was gonna be that good and didn’t want to waste money but I regret not buying one with higher capacity.

K KK - Gaming, Modding, Unboxing says:

hey I am using this ssd

Imran Mohammed says:

Ill be picking this up tomorrow 😀

Tanish Gupta says:

Can i replace this with my Macbook pro 2010 HDD?



mrxcs says:

I will recomend that SSD to my friends, since I already have a Evo.

funkyflights says:

Will these work good in a PS4 ?

mrxcs says:

Remember to fix/update the fimewire of your evo.

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