SanDisk SSD Plus Unboxing & Review

Review of the Sandisk SSD Plus Solid State Drive

Samsung 850 Evo Review:


sbcontt says:

Samsung EVO’s write speeds are not really anywhere near 500MBps either. Go for this one.

Ida Bagus Adi Pranata says:

what name app u use dude?

Andrew Ball says:

Little bit sloppy in confusing megabits per second with megabytes per second. 500 Mbits/sec would only be about 60 Mbytes/sec.

Shy Potato says:


inlovewithkarate29 says:

Hi would I have to update firmware on the ssd?

Jan Fekete says:

Mine reaches 550 on both read and write -> Sandisk SSD Plus 480GB

Kevin White says:

it doesnt come with any cloning software? dam was hoping it did.

KyleTVProductions says:

so my harddrive in my computer went bad and need to replace it. I have an sshd hybrid drive. should i just be able to pop this one in?

leemark572 says:

Samsung SSD Program is really really very good..and better than others..

rVlogs says:

Which is better, this Sandisk ssd plus or the Kingston uv400 (both in 120gb variants)?

Ege Karacam says:

Can I use it on ps4 please answer I really need to know

Rafael says:

Hi, you can tell me which of these is better? Kingston UV300 120gb or  Sandiks PLUS 120gb?

I know that the SanDisk PLUS is better than the V300 Kingston. But it is better than  UV 300?


got the 120 gb version put it in a macbook pro 2012 boot time went from 1min15 to 17 secs

L. Puma says:

bro what is your keyboard?

Gray R. says:

Holy shit a 14 second intro is a little overkill…

Thatsbananas says:

Would this still be faster than a hdd?

Valentinas Riauba says:

This guy in the video saying you can’t really complain, well by the end of 2018 this SSD would most likly cost like 20 pounds, and HDD drives will be as fast as ssds

scuba453 says:

What’s the difference between this and the Ultra II ? Is the Ultra II faster/better? I am not a gamer or power user, will I notice the difference or can I get the cheaper one? Cheers.

The Worst Jinchuuriki says:

would there really be a massive difference between this and the Samsung 850 when i start up my desktop and games etc? i dont really care if the difference is 5-10 seconds i can live with that.

Khalid290 says:

my case is 3.5 inch hdd size so if i buy 2.5 inch ssd i don’t think i can put into 3.5 inch so need help

TheChosenOne says:

3:26 and move on to the next video

louie gee Tolentino says:

which is much better kingfast f6 pro or
SanDisk Plus SDSSDA-120G 120GB Solid State Drive ?

Alencar Vieira says:

Nice video bro! keep going

qwerty says:

hey dude, im choosing between this one and Kingston ssdnow 300
first priority for me is life time of disk

MisterSir says:

what the heck is going on! I contacted SanDisk and they told me they don’t publish their flash technology details to anyone, retailer or consumer, so is this MLC or not ??

MichaelPN says:

Read speeds are all that matter to me though so… Awesome!

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