Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD Review – SDSSDE60-500G-G25 SDSSDE60-1T00-G25

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD is a thin and rugged solid state drive with USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance. See more portable SSD’s : h and subscribe!

00:48 – Build quality
01:34 – Port
01:54 – Included cable
02:41 – Disk speed test
03:29 – CrystalDiskMark
04:58 – 4k Video editing

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lubricentro hotrod says:

still to expensive i’ll wait till prices come down to buy one

Rishi Babbar says:

What a cute 2TB SSD …. Loved it…!!

Weng Munar says:

Please make a comparison review between this and samsung X5

Naldo Francis says:

Good Review

robbiegamingHQ says:

How come you record in 4k but output your videos in 1080p? I would love to see your videos in 2k on my S7 or my 4k tv

Rafal Pi says:

Great review , with one you like better WD Mypassport SSD or Sandisk EXtreme SSD?


Millennials don’t know what SneakerNet is you better make an entire video dedicated to that.


How to format ssd for use mac and pc ?

Injoon Kim says:

Surprisingly, people are selling 250GB version of this drive at 50 – 60 USD at eBay in August 2018, much cheaper than usual. However, 500GB and 1TB prices show no difference from the other stores.

Clinton W Salvato says:

External SSDs are looking better and better. Question though, There is a “Join” button next to the subscribe button. I’ve never seen this before on a Youtube channel. Of course, I’m already subscribed, but what’s the Join button for? Is it a chrome specific thing? using Google Chrome. at the moment.

Peter K says:

I was avoiding clicking on your channel as the logo made me think that it was some geriatric shopping channel. My opinion doesn’t count, but I think you’ll do wonders to modernise it as well as your background (a little less bland and ikea-ish, just don’t lose the retro consoles). Your channel is amazing. Just wish I noticed earlier.

Joe Frio says:

Hey, Lon Great channel Thanks for all the reviews. BTW, earlier today (6:30AM est) I ordered the Sandisk through your affiliate link I had to log in to my Amazon app verses directly from the webpage. I hope your link is persistent and you get credit! Thanks again!!!

Stephen Lo says:

Just bought one of this, i discover the SanDisk logo silver paint had smear off after just unboxing it (it shown in this video too!), i originally thought is the logo design, but it’s not! pretty bad build quality.

Chuckles Nuts says:


Glenn Selby says:

Another good one Lon. I’ve been using the T5 as my Plex DVR storage since your review of it. It works great. This SanDisk looks like another winner. I like the T5 low profile design as it sits next to my Netgear X10 rotuer running my Plex Media Server so my wife doesn’t complain about “more gear” in the den. Again, another well done review Lon. Thanks.

Noah Connor says:

So I ran the same test.. With the same device on a surface pro4
My ssd has 500gigs.
The ruslts are always a bit different from. yours and Iam wondering if mine is bad., could you help. me. out with my question pls because otherwise i will have to bring it back to the store. My results are all about 70mb/s less except tge last one with 4kiB Q1T1. That one is even halb of yours about 17 read and 36 write.

THANKS already

Manuel Dominique says:

Thank you for your review. By the way Can it be connected to a mobile phone through USB type C for data transfer please?

Profa Çatı Sistemleri BRAAS Partner says:

I am in love with it❤️

mikew9788 says:

Only thing about this drive is I wish it had a light so you know when it is reading/writing

Nour Alkhalidi says:

Good job

Rainer Hoeglmeier says:

Thanks Lon for another “Solid” drive review. 🙂

EqualLandFreePeople says:

I was just wondering how long it would hold bitcoin blockchain. It seems it is growing about 50 gb a year. It is presently about 180 gb. 800gb/50gb/yr = 16 years. So until about 2034.

The Pusero says:

Did you tried it on android as OTG???

JDW says:

Excellent review. If you use MacOS High Sierra, do you recommend formatting the external SSD as APFS? Does the disk format affect TRIM support? (My intention would be to use the drive to store video footage that I would actively edit within FCPX 10.4.x) Also, I saw you other video review of the Samsung T5. Which of the two drives do you prefer, or would you say they are comparable in terms of data durability and heat dissipation? Thanks.

staugdogg03 says:

As always, Love the disclosure in the beginning.


Not only is the cable short, the USB A adapter should have a connection so that it stays with the cable, like some other devices. I have one USB C hub and it has a UBS A adapter that remains attached to the dongle.

Brian Cairns says:

As you suggested, USB-A (plug) to USB-C (socket) adapters are expressly forbidden by the spec. The problem is that you could use two of them to make a USB-A to USB-A cable, which has been banned by the USB spec from the start. Plugging to USB-A ports into each other could damage the devices, or they could potentially even short out and overheat.

Uncle Elias says:

SSDs are great. But I can say from my own experience that a known working SSD failed when left unplugged for longer than 2 years. It was stored safely and the temperature was never above 82 deg F. I left it unplugged on purpose as a test because of some of tech specs on retention. Maybe it was that particular drive that was bad or that older generation. Just an FYI to consider.

Félix L says:

Looks neat, too expensive for me

bbgarnett says:

Keep up the great work

Richard Huang says:

“This is a solid solid state drive” got me xddddddd

SoCalFJ says:

BUT can it be directly connected to a Samsung Android phone to transfer files off/on?

Justin Saephan says:

I wanna buy one so bad, but I am waiting on black Friday to pick up an ssd, both external and internal. They are so cheap now!

Chris Pistocco says:

Great review….

Terrry Malone says:

There was no mention of the drive’s price. The price is, of course, a prerequisite of any decent product review. Was this an oversight or intentional because the product was supplied free by the manufacturer who did not want the price mentioned? BTW, the Samsung Extreme SSDs are costly.

nowew owkelw says:

Why isn’t it wireless?

Dennis W says:

I have had good luck with Samsung SSDs

Graph Guy says:

connect directly to an iphone?

abdel aziz ibrahim says:


Mohammed Alahmed says:

Secon coment

Longboycraig's Video Remix says:

A lot packed into a small drive!

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